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Terror Bird
Waiting For Nothing

Minimalist spacious songsmithery from Terror Bird who are from the good ole US of A. They have a stripped down sound that relies on space and mood. The title track "Waiting For Nothing" is three (ish) minutes of lush melodies and sparse arrangements. I quite enjoyed that. It's not like a million instruments clamouring for your attention - just a...view item »

Archipelago Vol. 1

The Origami master returns with another lovely CD in custom handmade packaging. What we have here are soul stirring classical pieces along with semi-improvised tracks. Using Pedal Steel, Zither and layered guitars Ratatask's world remains melancholy throughout. It must be said that this chap Rhodri Viney has much to say as he channels his hopes ...view item »

Small Town Boredom
Autumn Might Have Hope

A vinyl only release of sadly hushed singing tones, quietly strummed acoustic songs and moody bedroom recording experiments. Fans of Hood will appreciate the down-tempo vibes and ambient waves. If I was forced to come up with a new genre of music I'd call this lo-fi bedroom folk. If I was being belligerent (which I admit I sometimes am here at the ...view item »

Raymond Dijkstra
L'opus L'H

This chap is exploring the depths of sound through improvisation using a minimal setup of harmonium, scraping metal and glass. He gets some weird and strange sounds going and the overall effect is kinda surreal. There is also some tuba and strings making an appearance. At various points I'm reminded of some Nurse With Wound material and also Eli...view item »

Nice Nice
See Waves

Nice Nice's sweet new fucking cut is fantastic!! 'See Waves' has an afro-beat meets Battles sound and nearly made me wet mi pants!! The production's lavish and is full of different instruments. It sounds a bit like 'Biko' (the song not the political prisoner). The B-side is ace too, it washes over you with its cinematic scope and stays with you lon...view item »

Stuart Sweeney

Well a quick one is due for this baby. Opening with sweeping waves of neo-classical inspired ambience it's clear that Mr Sweeney's opening release for the new Oomff imprint is going to be quality. Producing the sort of considerate & evocative drone music such as this requires more of an understanding about how your source material can affect...view item »

Dead Air

Heatmiser on Dead Air strike me as a jaded ballplayer nailing fifteen machine-thrown balls in a row out of the park. Each song is a loud, thundering crack of pop-smeared beauty. The blurry guitar work is spot on, but Smith and Gust's fat and gritty fuzztones add a punk garnish to a pop platter. It's Elliott Smith...view item »

Drums Off Chaos & Jens-Uwe Beyer
Drums Off Chaos & Jens-Uwe Beyer

Really enjoyed this Magazine series so far. The 'Cologne Tapes' super group affair was a particularly appealing listen and from what I've heard so far this collaboration between Drums Off Chaos & Jens-Uwe Beyer is another winner. Drums of Chaos is a loose collective of percussionists founded by Jaki Liebezeit of CAN and this is their first p...view item »

Horse Latitudes

Horse Latitudes' Gathering is fairly heavy, slow doom that is reminiscent of Reverend Bizarre and Electric Wizard. For the most part, the vocals are clean, but at times it is buried in the general murk, but they sound epic at the same time, especially on songs like "Seas of Saturn" and the title track. All but one of the songs on Gathering are a...view item »

The Chapman Family
Burn Your Town

I've seen a couple of interviews with these lads which have made me chuckle, sound like a canny bunch. Having read one of them being angry about almost everything, ever has made me want to like their music. It's going to be a bit of a struggle. It's angsty rock music that sounds like a cross between an early, angry Maximo Park and a furious Twil...view item »

Charlie Nothing
Outside / Inside

It's been quite a while since I heard it but I clearly remember having the impression at the time that 'The Psychedelic Saxophone of Charlie Nothing' was a weird record.. Especially for Takoma. This one's a reissue of his second album which I'm completely unfamiliar with but my vague memories are telling me doesn't sound hugely dissimilar to tha...view item »

Parts & Labor
Constant Future

Having been a fan of Parts & Labor for years now, seeing them live in small and large venues, I was originally wowed by their powerfully thrown up walls of noise, their anthemic joyfulness of their experimental “noise rock”. But Parts & Labor seem to have raced to bring out album after album and in their last outing...view item »


Band leader Josh Hodges has stated that he wanted to see how big a band could get with a name like “Starfucker”. With the release of the group’s third album Reptilians we could hopefully see them achieve more fame than Hodges though. Reptilians continues with the synth/pop musings that Starfucker are oh so good at producing. Le...view item »

Different Thinking People

'For Fans Of: Chrome, Devo, Cabaret Voltaire, Ralph Records, and SF Artpunk'? Sounds pure hard body. Count I in for some o' dat. To be honest, from what I've heard of this so far I barely need to add anything to that first line.. You've got your clangy, trebly basslines, your primitivist cut 'n' paste surrealist touches, your Residents-style pla...view item »


I had to be the man that forced Business Lad(y) to don his/her personal headphones in protest this Wed lunchtime, didn't I. This sensitive colleague of mine quite despises left-field sound-art and much of the experimental noise genre. I quite enjoy it but wouldn't take it home to meet me mum. Or anyone else's mum for that matter. This is pretty ...view item »

Downliners Sekt
Dangerous Ground

I am happy to say that Dangerous Ground is a good effort to say the least. More than proves this long-running R&B / freakbeat ensemble is still very much able to deliver the goods. CD cover for this piece was done by Art Wood (R. I. P.) who was the vocalist for the short-lived R&B / freakbeat band, The Artwoods, as well as Ron Wood's bro...view item »

Lights and Offerings

I happened across Mirrors by accident, listening to an indie label's online station. On Lights and Offerings there isn't a song I would skip over on a long drive and that is saying something. The music builds and swirls and takes you on a ride, while keeping your feet tapping, and your heart happy. It's old school and new school in the best poss...view item »

Beady Eye
Different Gear, Still Speeding

After the break up of Oasis, everyone knew it would be the last we heard of the two Gallaghers. Yet this album has its few moments such as the belting track 'Four Letter Word', this album truly lacks any form of forward motion. it's an extremely one-paced heavily Beatles influenced album. For me it is the worst full...view item »

Human Figure In Motion/Chance Remark

Disconcerts are without a doubt my favorite new band, and this is a good example of why. The strange, post beat drumming, the spoken word vocals hiding just below the surface... it has it all. ...view item »

Sondre Lerche
Dead Passengers

Next up is Sondre Lerche 'Dead Passangers' EP. This is some folks from the same town as Royskopp and Kings of Convenience out there in Norway. Its more like KOC in that its light jaunty pop with a bit of a bossa nova feel but then it breaks into some kind of rock solo half way thro...view item »

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