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Resolution 653

Instra:mental are a solid duo who aren't afraid to sonically diversify and on their debut "artist" album you're taken on a stylistically rich journey, traversing their knowledge of rich, fluid & tough-edged production techniques. As a primer i'd say 'User' is forged from the bones of tough, rhythmic electro, the superb "8" takes on a zippy m...view item »

Land of Bingo
Bottle It In

I keep getting asked to go on holiday in Wales but I have so far refused, my reluctance based upon two childhood incidents - once because when I went on holiday there when I was 10, it rained solidly for two weeks. The second that Malcolm Pugh my Welsh near-neighbour and owner of a white poodle continuously stopped me from playing football in th...view item »

Sharp Ends

Blooming heck, this sounds cool as. Cool as what? Just As. That is the coolest can be. Fast, scuzzy & wired robot garage rock that owes as much to The Mummies as it does Chrome & post-punk. It's got that trashy lo-fi edge that I love but tons of great hooks too and a startling spindly alien feel which makes them sound downright otherworl...view item »

Timber Timbre
Creep On Creepin' On

T.T a.k.a Kirk Taylor returns with a second collection of cosy mis-shapen pop recordings on Full Time Hobby. Anyone familiar with T.T will be aware of Taylor's rather strange take on a classic crooner vocal style. It's part Roy Orbison, part Richard Hawley fighting the power of a couple of strong valiums he consumed earlier in the day. 'Creep On...view item »

Kuwayama Kiyoharu & Masayoshi Urabe

Yes, this is one track. We deem it pointless to offer you a 30 second sound clip of such a minimal sound-art epic like this so instead you get a well balanced, intellectually astute & informative review from my electric fingertips of knowledge. Beginning with the sound of bamboo sticks clattering on the floor and someone running away then le...view item »

Rest In Peace

Mower- Rest In Peace 7" on Transcopic... we wish they would. Actually it's not quite as offensive as the previous singles. Not as in your face pop. But still irritating like midge bites. Ever so slightly guitar folk indie. Like a bad Bluetones....view item »

The Disciplines
Best Mistake

The Disciplines single 'Best Mistake' is the work of Ken Stringfellow who I'm told is big in the powerpop scene. 7" only on Weekender. This is music for men in their early 50's that still wear leather jackets. ...view item »

Sun Circle
Sun Circle

This is the work of Zach Wallace and Greg Davis (who runs Autumn Records)The first side of the record is full on vocal chants and drones to assist you in transcending your failed human shell. They layer them up real nice too. Brett is reminded of a La Monte young piece while Business Lady speaks of didgeredoos. The flip is way more minimal with lot...view item »


This guy has got an undeniable amount of funk. His productions are really deep & sublime - they strut & preen through the neon stained city streets at night. Some of his best work has a faint similarity to Scuba but I think I prefer the Dutch numerically monikered one's productions as there's a bit more consistency and I really like the ...view item »

The Young Knives
Ornaments From The Silver Arcade

I've never heard a Young Knives record before but I feel more very familiar with the band thanks to the exposure and high praise they've garnered over the years. 'Ornaments From The Silver Arcade' is their third outing to date and it's chock full of proper pop music like what they used to make in the mid 80's. They remind me of PiL, XTC and Gang...view item »

Okkervil River
Wake And Be Fine / Weave Room Blues

Don't know a huge amount about Alt. County types Okkervil River though I do recall the Roky Erickson LP 'True Love Cast Out All Evil' that boasts these lads as backing band and producer. Okkers new single is a bold, production heavy affair that tugs right on them there heartstrings. 'Wake And Be Fine' is a striking effort that brings to mind ele...view item »

Lesser Known

Adventure is the work of Baltimore resident and Wham City associate Benny Boeldt. Not familiar with his 2008 self-titled debut but from what I've heard of 'Lesser Known' I'm confident that this lad's got the skills. Boeldt looks to 80's music and video game culture for his influences and, as a result, 'Lesser Known' sounds like a retro-futurist ...view item »


I've been enjoying this for a few weeks now and whenever I've fancied listening to something a bit more upbeat to keep me going through a particularly busy period I've put on the Wols CD and almost everytime someone has asked 'what's this?'. Usually a good sign but then you also want to know what something is when it's total gash just so you don...view item »

So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite

Dreamend are a Chicago based outfit featuring members of obscure synth-o's Black Moth Super Rainbow with assistance from members of The Appleseed Cast. There's also a little production assistance courtesy of Black Moth dude Tobacco and mixing duties are taken care of by John Congleton of The Paper Chase. So that's the credentials out of the way!...view item »

Anne-James Chaton
Evenements 09

I'm quite fond of the Raster-Noton sound. These days that often stands more for sparse, metronomic techno with very minimal melodic phrases and a distinctive clinical sheen which, whilst not exactly forming floor destroying tunes as such, certainly offers up some delectable forms of hypnotic rhythym. This CD does not contain music to play in a c...view item »

Giving and Receiving

While not as musically interesting as Lake's other releases, this album's lyrics have a little more occasional bite to them as well as a bit more humour. There are not a lot of surprises on this album if you've already listened to the band, but it is nonetheless a nice addition to their previous works, offering more enjoyable lo-fi odes to bette...view item »

Circle Bros

This is gradually weaving its way into my head in a lovely subtle fashion. The guitar melody and the repetition of opener 'No Turning Back' are seducing me, eventually when the slightly mumbled, disembodied vocal comes in I'm hooked. This is like a ambient / drone / folk hybrid, all super dreamy and subdued. I think the label's comparisons to Ri...view item »

The Human League

Credo is not The Human League's best work but it is also not their worst. It falls somewhere in the middle. At first listen, I did not like Credo, but with repeated listening, I began to hear the hooks. The production isn't nearly top notch as Secrets is, but it isn't horrendous. This is a great album from Human League, more modern but matured. ...view item »

Dead Peasants

Now these guys sound pretty cool, albeit play music that absolutely screams 1999. You know, The Redneck Manifesto, Billy Mahonie, El Hombre Trajeado & Reynolds - that sparse instrumental post-rock stuff. This CD is forged from a single 27-minute long jam that has some nice intertwined guitars, jazzy inflections & steady quietly dynamic d...view item »

Trembling Bells
The Constant Pageant

I'm the only one who likes Trembling Bells here. They all think Lavinia Blackwell's startlingly hearty, tremulous & powerful range recalls the kind of "shitting out the window" folk which you equate with Aran jumpers, beards & real ale. Which is bollocks. There's something undeniably piercing about the outer reaches of her vocal chor...view item »

Alchemic Heart

A self-described "brutal orchestra", Vampillia collects a noise artist from just about every walk of life you could ask for and chucks them in a single band: you've got members past and present from Boredoms, Swans and Inswarm in this thing, as well as freaking Merzbow. I could describe some of the instruments that actually go into comprising th...view item »

Paris Effect / Neat in the Street

Athens GA kids these. The A side bobs along in a meandering/ploddy/sleepy slacker fashion with a head-noddy "good-bye" vocal refrain. It's quite an unremarkable tune but has a nice loose feel & a warmth - I dig the dusty, homely production too. I'm totally baffled by the other side. She's got some awful Grace Slick/ Joan Jett/ Suzi Quat...view item »

Terror Bird
Waiting For Nothing

Minimalist spacious songsmithery from Terror Bird who are from the good ole US of A. They have a stripped down sound that relies on space and mood. The title track "Waiting For Nothing" is three (ish) minutes of lush melodies and sparse arrangements. I quite enjoyed that. It's not like a million instruments clamouring for your attention - just a...view item »

Archipelago Vol. 1

The Origami master returns with another lovely CD in custom handmade packaging. What we have here are soul stirring classical pieces along with semi-improvised tracks. Using Pedal Steel, Zither and layered guitars Ratatask's world remains melancholy throughout. It must be said that this chap Rhodri Viney has much to say as he channels his hopes ...view item »

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