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The Cubby Creatures
Who Remembers Kathy Barra

From the US of A we have a 10"/CD EP by a band called Cubby Creatures which is lovely. Sounds quite a lot like The Delgados. Classy sounding indie pop with strings, tunes and panache. What more would you need on a friday afternoon? It's called Who Remembers Kathy Barra...view item »

Upside Down

Hoggboy release a new single of catchy guitar indie rock type gear. More poppy than previous outings and it reminds me of the whole Britpop thing from years ago which I don't think is a good thing if I have to be honest. Upside Down is on 7" and CD...view item »

Colour of Fire
A Pearl Necklace For Her Majesty

Speaking of grey here comes Colour of Fire (no of course fire isn't grey  - is it?). Colour of Fire do a brand of shouty emo rock that fits in with the Lamacq grey slabs of dullard rock but this is slightly off kilter and well produced. There's lots of heavy riffing and people getting very angry on the mic. Decent noisy, a...view item »

Jason Forrest (Donna Summer)
Lady Fantasy EP

Jason Forrest is a canny man. Some of his sonic experiments in deconstructed & re-spliced AOR splatter terror have left me with clenched teeth & a poorly mind. He's sure capable of a double-wrong or two on occasion. 'Lady Fantasy' E.P. is , however, initially a gentler beast. Opening with a sort of homage to Blade Runner or somet...view item »

The Bombshell EP

We've also got a jazzy breaks E.P. in by LMD64 which once again may appeal to the Ninja Tune/Vibert set. Once again the Corrugated Tunnel feller shoehorns a mix on here....view item »

Blue Note

Really baffled about bands such as Harrisons. They sound like one of those hopelessly endearing 1 hit wonder barroom outfits of the late 70's that still get an airing from Smashey & Nicey but with a bit of C86 indie jangle. I can hear Boomtown Rats era pub rock, Wah, The La's & a kind of working mans club eth...view item »

The Mighty Roars

I've just scared the pants of Ant with my hilarious Irish accent pretending Daft Punk were from Ireland. Ho ho... it's a barrel of laughs here. THE MIGHTY ROARS have a new single out One Little Indian which is a fast and furious number making me think it's going to appeal to fans of Yeah Yeah Yeahs...view item »

Everyone I Went To School With Is Dead

Kreeps new single on Loog called Everyone I Went To School Is Dead. Sounds like the Mary Chain crossed with The Cramps.. ie fucking noisy....view item »

Trompe De L'oeil

First up is Malajube with Trompe-Loeil which is a chaotic and uplifting pop LP from French speaking Montreal. If you can get into the french rock lyrics its actually got some nice musical moments with subtle and sophisticated chord progressions. Their friendship with Arcade Fire is evident on certain points on the record with the anthemic cresendo ...view item »

Lost Zoo Keys And The Animal Spirits That Haunt Them

Scott Da Ros. Great name, great guy. But it's not his brand of dark, brooding stumble-hop I'm talkin' 'bout today but 3 CD releases on or associated with his fine label Endemik. First up is a bloody great work by Seattle's FILKOE with the delightful title of 'Lost Zoo Key...view item »

Die Helden Sind Nicht Mehr

I could have sworn we'd had things in by Orphax before. The name rang a bell... but after a quick hunt we'd had bugger all from 'em. Which just goes to prove I don't know what we sell anymore... too many records coming out! Well Orphax is an Amsterdam based musician called Sietse Van Erve and he tends to do traverse the droney way of doing thing...view item »

Bomb Circle, The/ Pot Washers Union

In on a new label called Universal Cooler is a new split LP by The Bomb Circle and Pot Washers Union. John Peel has been playing this lots apparently. It's a real odd mix of lots of different styles of music but it works extremely well. Clinton says it's really Schizop...view item »

Sotones Vol II

Compilation albums are always worth a good listen. There's always gonna be some stuff on there you're not gonna like but generally there's always a few tracks which appeal in some sort of way. Sotones Vol II is the name of this particular comp and it's their first label sampler. Yeah I didn't get the whole volume 2 thing either but I figure there's...view item »

Buk Buk Bigups
Buk Buk Bigups

Yeah! This is theeeee SHIT! Wonky, druggy new-wave disco funk. Gimme gimme gimme. This S/T effort is decidedly spilling with odd flavas. A wired, itchy, possessed motorik workout with some proper groovy old organ and tripped out guitar licks all over the shop - this is what a hybrid of Stranger Son of WB, LCD Soundsystem, an almost comatose Do...view item »

Hounds Of Hate
Hounds of Hate

This lot make me think of Kate Bush which is always a good thing. I love thinking of Kate Bush. She's the friend I never had. The cover of this record is a load of wonky ole snakes which is quite eye-catching and it gives you an idea of the wonkyness within. This is a deep record. The sound is slow and heavy, there's samples everywhere (one...view item »

Walk the River

Guillemots are eclectic, and perhaps the fact that they don't fit nicely into any single-minded category has kept them from being highly respected in the States. This is great songwriting, grand musicianship, pop-with-depth, ingenious lyrics, and moving, dramatic music. If you like Florence and the Machine, or spectacle music, or even Sia-like l...view item »

Walk Into The Light

Automato -a 12"on Dim Mak. You get 5 versions of the came song for your hard earned cash. Its reasonable hip hop. Again its fairly uninspiring stuff....view item »

About Group
Start And Complete

This is a collaborative effort between Poindexter from Hot Chip, Charles Heyward out of This Heat, a Spring Heel Jack and another bloke. Poindexter sings and plays lovely sounding Wurlitzer and Hammond organs, backed up by Hayward's very busy drumming. The effect is something akin to an early Steely Dan practice session. The sound is very raw an...view item »


Just in on Human Shield is a 5 track 12" entitled Momensch by Multiplex. Crisp beats and solid production somewhere between techno and electro. Some great synth lines on here and warm atmospherics. Head straight for the anthemic third cut if you're looking to cold rock the party. Well worth checking this one I reckon. Quality...view item »

Unique 3
Rocks The Bass

Following on from the remixes of Unique 3's 'The Theme' Fat Records drop a 12" of what sounds like new material. It's more uptempo breakbeat techno than the old stuff but the bleep and old skool bass drops are intact. I quite like the energy and although it's nothing jaw dropping I bet it would sound wicked through a big soundsystem. The produ...view item »

Spring Tides
Hostile Takeover

Spring Tides: 'Hostile Takeover' (Blank Tapes), dubbed as "Unreal World Music", the press release says Word but I think it's a typo... first track comes across a tight update on the much imitated of late punk-funk sound with unfathomable African (Ghanaian) lyrics, second track is a melodica & flute led, ahem...melody striding on top o...view item »

The View
Which Bitch

On first listen I was a little surprised and slightly disappointed. It definitely has some of the "typical" View sounds but it had a few surprises. Once I sat down in a room (and not in my car) with the lyrics sheets, I was amazed at how great this really was. The songwriter is quite talented and the way he can write such diverse songs and cleve...view item »

Delayed Responses Vol 1

T-Woc is a Dubliner in thrall to the various contemporary possibilities of Dub, Roots Reggae & Dubstep. 'Dogman' is the A side of this skanking 12" stomper, subtitled 'Delayed Responses' and I've got to admit he splices it all up really, really well, keeping it organic & rootsy whilst effortlessly applying a widescreen technical sheen ...view item »

Shearing Pinx

Shearing Pinx have a great album cover on Weaponry. It's a pastel print of a lion coming out of the darkness and the lion is trying to swipe an 18th century fop off his bicycle! It could be an 18th century fop, or a member of some urchin rock band.. Who knows,you never see them at the same gig. The record's a beast too, a really filthy sound that s...view item »

Nadja/ Ovo
The Life And Death Of A Wasp

No press info for this one but it 'dunt really matta' as i'm pretty familiar with the artists presented here. Nadja are the duo of Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff who kick out two 'movements' here entitled 'A wasp flying around the sugar jar' and 'Trapped in the Jar' that appear to be the musical narrative to the story of a fly's short lived ...view item »

Regional Music

Never judge a book by its cover, or a record for that matter. This superb LP does everything to put you off with its cover image of two topless men blowing saxophones. You immediately think jazz skronk. Inside though on its yellow vinyl you get a series of pop experiments with twisting sinewy guitar, jubilant vocals and all manner of sonic mayhe...view item »

Trenches / Bikini Atol

Didn't realise X-mist was still going so that's some good news right there. Nice! Hiking are a new outfit featuring members of Bad Dudes, Silver Daggers and Bipolar Bear and they make a righteous party racket that sounds instantly appealing the moment the needle hits the wax. The press release suggests that they sound like Les Savy Fav reinterpr...view item »

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