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The Bad Statistics
Lucky Town Gone

And over to New Zealand with a belting CD by Bad Statistics who win my vote for best band name of the week. Seriously I can't think of a better band name I've heard all year..... It's arrived in a parcel from Pseudo Arcana who have been peddling their left of centre wares for a good few years now. 'Lucky Town Gone' immediately caught my ear when I ...view item »

Secret Cities
Strange Hearts

I've not heard this band before, just picked this one out of the review box on the strength of its art, which is proper '70s-style psychedelia like I've not seen in a while. Turns out it's actually pretty great, so that's a nice surprise. These guys play drifty falsetto-voiced psychedelic pop, kind of like a much more polished Ariel Pink's Haunt...view item »

Lionel Marchetti
Alpha Z Centauris

Whoa!!! This sounds right up my street. How has this artist managed to evade my radar? Well we are truly blessed that mirror tapes is unearthing and issuing recordings from his archive and if this is anything to go by we're in for quite a treat. There are some wild sounds on offer here created "via an old Radiola...view item »

Cam Deas
Quadtych 2

Volume Two of the Quadtych series is here now. I'm guessing that's the final part as an accompanying CD has landed with both parts on so all you digital guys and gals can get on board the Deas bus! But I'm listening to the LP cos LP's are best.... I remember volume 1 of this being quite difficult and volume 2 appears to be more of the same. Long...view item »

Gang Colours
In Your Gut Like A Knife

Gang Colours make a sort of minimalist ,shoe-gaze type sound that isn't for me. You know, its one of them....sort of dance music with a really annoying off beat that every time I hear it I want to stab myself in the face with a sharpened onion. At least after doing so I could get someone to eat the evidence . It's dance music for people who ...view item »

Interminable Night

This is apparently a compilation of some of their prior material, but despite a slight shift in production and musical style midway through the album, it hangs together very well. The musical shift is from metallic crust punk to crusty death metal, and I really like it. My knowledge of crust punk can be summed up pretty succinctly: I can name-dr...view item »

The Loves

The Loves are champions of the throwback British Invasion sound of the sixties. 'Three' is the third (clever one that) installment of goofy, bubblegum pop from these Cardiff based nostalgia peddlers. It would seem that The Loves have had an illustrious career to date with a number of Peel Sessions to their name and a bunch of singles and records in...view item »

Lust For Youth
Solar Flare

This record is full of analog synths, distorted synths and dark vocals. Tracks like 'Solar Flare' and 'Black Death' are standouts which showcase the breathtaking and chaotic synths and gritty production. This could be filed next to witch-house acts like 'White Ring' and 'Salem'. This i...view item »

Lun Yurn

This is certainly by far the most violent release I've heard this week. Burmese are a five-piece from San Francisco, apparently, although all the text in the artwork is in Japanese except the band's names - Mike, Mike, Mark, Weasel and Tissue. I can't help but wonder if Tissue is his actual name or an elective pseudonym, and if it is th...view item »

Jerusalem And The Starbaskets

Where do they get those names? Jerusalem and the Starbaskets. Right then. Its very messy strung out lo-fidelity pop - the term I believe is shit-gaze, or its sister sub-sub-genre shoe-shit. Psychedelic Horseshit an' all that. There's a lot of 'shit' about these days isn't there? I'm reminded also of playful loa...view item »

Alain Johannes

Alain Johannes is an endlessly talented man who was married to an endlessly talented woman. Unfortunately, in 2008 Natasha Shneider passed away and left a pulsing void in Mr. Johannes life. This is an album inspired by death... which makes its beauty all that more powerful because there are no dirges, no depressive songs... the pain is there, bu...view item »

The Travelling Band
Screaming Is Something

Do you like the group Fleet Foxes? Well, go listen to some of their stuff and if you like it then you will also like this album. Frankly, if I wasn't paying attention I could believe that this is something from Fleet Foxes for many of the songs. The lead singer's voice is fairly close and the phrasing is darn near identical at times. Folksy is a...view item »

Grace Records- The 1st 5 singles

Now a compilation of the label GRACE RECORDS and her first 5 singles that were limited to 300 and all sold out. So here's your chance to own them again on CD for the first time. Featuring FURY OF THE HEADTEACHERS, STOPSTARTS, ORPHANBOY, LINEAR AND THE HOME WRECKERS CLUB. Its a pretty cool release as all the song...view item »

Trilogi Peradaban

Exciting stuff from Dual Plover! A CD by Indonesia's Zoo called 'Trilogi Peradaban' is currently sodomising my ears, shitting bent, gibbering thrash-funk & ranting asylum-core out of our tired, whimpering speakers. They manage to make An Albatross sound relatively conservative with their elastic jazz rhythms and insane vocal gymnastics giving t...view item »

Man Man
Life Fantastic

This is one seriously cool album! The old adage of opening with one of your best songs signifying a poor album doesn't apply here. "Knuckle Down" is certainly the song of the album. However, the listing leads right into "Pirahnas Club," which is just as creative and fun yet a little more bouncy, then mellows with "Steak Knives" showing a differe...view item »

The Bigger Lovers
How I Learned To Stop Worrying

The Bigger Lovers were a short-lived power pop band from Philadelphia. “How I Learned To Stop Worrying” was their debut album from 2001. They released two albums after this before disbanding in 2005. This album does everything that you want a power pop album to do, really. In the vein of Velvet Crush...view item »

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