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Blah Blah Blah

Middleman have single out on Leeds label Bad Sneakers. 'Blah Blah Blah' has hints of electro, hip hop and indie blended together into what appears to be a catchy commercial tune. The Chorus is defo one for the football terraces. I can see legions of men shouting blah blah blah...... That is the only good thing about this..... th...view item »

Misty's Big Adventure
I Can't Bring The Time Back/ Serious Thing

Phil is rather pleased with himself for his obscure reference to Real Tuesday Weld. He reckons that Misty's Big Adventure's 'I Can't Bring The Time Back' sounds like them. It's a quirky little number with some horns and that.... It's a 7" on Label Fandango....view item »

Leonardo Rosado
Studies On Solitude

These Twisted Treeline 3" CDrs are coming thick and fast, with this week's offering from Leonardo Rosado who also records as Subterminal. The title here probably gives the game away somewhat as to what the overall mood is here. Yeah, you guessed it's pret...view item »

After Parties I

Jimmy Tamborello keeps himself busy as one half of The Postal Service, also records as James Figurine and does the Dntel stuff too. At first I thought this was a bit weird coming out on Sub Pop but then the Postal Service connection has cleared that up. Basically these are two really sweet, fairly stripped back electronic EPs of downtempo, moody...view item »

Another Lover

J-Walk has a new 7"/CDs out on East West called 'Another Lover' Now I can't really say anything about this record that may be of any use except that it's everything you've never wanted in your life....view item »

Lachrymose One/ Sansava

Split 7"s eh? We have one here featuring the delightful post Dinosaur/Sebadoh style lo-fi rock of Lachrymose One sharing a sexy slab of sweet vinyl with the much gentler Sansava introducing  their sweet, blissed out Broken Dog/Mazzy Star inspired melancholic loveliness. This is the follow up to that nice...view item »

Lake Trout
Riddle Me

More epic rock stylings from Lake Trout. 'Riddle' a 7" is kind of prog but rather intriguing as well. I like the fuzzy distorted sound & the general all over the place-ness of it. Leaving behind the yawnsome bombast of contemporaries Oceansize & Biffy Clyro. So not entirely my kinda thang but I wouldn't be ashamed to ...view item »

LR Rockets
Personality/ Pincer Movement

LR Rockets... 'Personality / Pincer Movement' 7" on Art Goes Pop in extremely bright and garish sleeve. Fortunately I've not eaten yet. Not quite sure what the fuss is about these but I believe there is some sort of fuss somewhere. There's bits of Dead Kennedy's in there and probably other things too. That's about as much as I can think of on ...view item »

Lord Auch

Lord Auch are 2 ex-Black Wire types & an ex Courtney Love guitarist/slave who've decamped to the slimy streets of London to engage themselves in the assembly of smoky baroque pop. A new 7" on Young & Lost Club, 'Mareado' is full of ominous piano clunks, perky drums, terse string flourishes, ghostly ad-libs and a deep yodeling vocal somewhere betwee...view item »

Volume On

Quite like what I've heard from Tanlines so this 'everything they've released so far on one CD' jobby is just the ticket. I guess they're gearing up for a full length some time in the near future but for now you'll have to settle for this two CD of EP's and remixes. Tanline's stand out tune so far for me is 'Real Life', it's included here and so...view item »

What a Colourful Mouth

This is the second release from this quartet who hail from Caneberra in the upsidedown land. As my brain has turned to jelly I shall do the lazy cop out thing of copying something directly from the press release, here you go: "rework the traditional notion of rock music, approaching tension and repetition with dissonance and metric imbalance - t...view item »

Horse Feathers

The Cascades' 'Horse Feathers' 7" is out. It's a haunting melancholic affair with an extra emphasis on the melancholy. It's quite interesting though, with an almost classical arrangement. It does sound well folky as well. Both songs are pretty good, though It made me want to put on a heavy jumper grow a beard and fashion a shack out of trees. ...view item »

Simon Whetham

This artist has had releases on Trente Oiseaux, Entr'acte, Install, Mystery Sea and Dragon's Eye Recordings amongst others. 'Velvet' is comprised of a single twenty-seven minute composition which was achieved through field recordings in South Wales. It's very difficult to identify t...view item »

Rachelle Garniez
My House of Peace

OK more from this Jack White blue series on Third Man Recordings. As with everything on the label the single is produced and mixed by White and is ludicrously limited. Rachelle Garniez has this lush looking 1 sides etched 7" with a 70's esque ballad which goes all rocky and reminds me of one of the 'fun songs' from Sesame Street. It's fun and ...view item »

Greatest Hits
Freak Funk Boy

YO! Greatest Hits return with another fantastic slab of vinyl. God knows how they come up with this stuff but it rules!!! 'Freak Fun Boy' is a dirty ass funk number that brings to mind Herbie Hancock, Miami Sound Machine, Tito Jackson and a whole bunch of hi-energy electro funk pop pioneers. It's full-on hard gro...view item »

Expansion Hall
Left Behind

Right, first thing's first, there are only 100 of these in the whole wide world. It's very winsome acoustic pop, the lead track shamelessly nicks the melody from Blondie 'Heart of Glass' I think. This nagged at me all day when the promo came in last week but I suppose a nicked melody is better than none at all. The set up is simple, acoustic...view item »

Azalia Snail
Celestial Respect

Azalia Snail = blast from the past! I remember picking up the split 7" she did with Sebadoh back in 93. That's almost 20 years ago. Yikes! Ms Snail has been knocking music out since 1989 and since then there have been 12 albums and countless singles. She may well be a name you've not heard of before but for those who know of her she's their litt...view item »

The Outdoor Types
It Is The Mercy

From Kidderminster, R'n'R capital of the UK, come these Outdoor Types. Once the opener gets kicking I'm immediately transported to the bar at a Wonder Stuff gig in 1989. They've got that big catchy old indie sound, you see, from when I were a kid and that. Rowdy vocals an...view item »

Yannick Dauby
Listen to the Atayal in Taoshan

Five years ago I was reviewing Maximo Park singles. Now I'm here listening to some Chinese dude talking about his life in Taoshan Village, Taiwan. This CD and book tells the story of the life of the  Atayal who are a group of Aborginal folks living in ...view item »

The Strokes

This band The Strokes are pretty popular I think. Not sure why really as I thought they peaked with the couple of singles which came out before the debut album then dive-bombed pretty quickly after that.. 'Juicebox' was alright though, come to think of it. These days they're into spending five years making their records, taking their artwork fro...view item »

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