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here is a 7" by Prop which is nice rhodes piano and questionable twiddling bass. The next track veers into miniature, sweeter Squarepusher territory. Final track funks a bit too much but has interesting sounds and beats. Nebula is 7" only on Inventing Zero records....view item »

The Procession
Don't Let Go/ Don't Hesitate

The Procession 'Dont Let Go' single somehow managed to evade the reviews last week so it's getting mentioned briefly here. If you like feelgood American radio pop in like Weezer, The poppy Beach Boys stuff etc then you might well dig this. 'Don't Hesitate'on the flip is like Mungo Jerry or 70's era Elton John...view item »

Psychic Powers
Wellington / Foreign Photograph

Psychic Powers provide us with the latest installment in the Geographic North 7" series, subtitled 'You Can't Hide Your Love Forever'. 'Wellington' is a strutting electro rock piece that kind of reminds me of Flock of Seagulls and Electronic. It's got a bit of an old Euro pop pulse & at one (very brief) point recalls the terminally useless White Li...view item »

Roman Ruins

Everything on this label comes on coloured wax with download codes. That's because they care about you. Instantly you feel loved and that's no bad thing. This oranged up beast is one of the chillwave variety. Smothered in 80's synth washes and that acceptable cheese sound of chill wave I'm immediately thinking Washed Out and folks like Toro Y Mo...view item »

Biotron Shelf
Cloud Banks And Arabesques

New on Boltfish, this is the debut from Biotron Shelf, one half of which is the man from Cheju who also doubles as the man from Boltfish. It's a CD jam packed with beautiful, warm semi-organic electronica...view item »

The Suffrajets

THE SUFFRAJETS have a single out. Actually it's not that bad. I was pleasantly surprised I have to say...  I thought they were more rocking... more metal y' know. Well it's got a slightly raucous, dare I say it almost raunchy chorus. But the verses are quite sedate and simple sounding tune indie gear which makes me think of The ...view item »

Short Breaks

STOPSTARTS have their second single out on Grace. 'Short Breaks' is more of that smooth, itchy compressed radio indie rock with post Futureheads/the Feeling kinda harmonies & a bit of a mid seventies FM vibe all mangled up with a clean cut new wave style production. There's lots of "oh-oh, oh oh-oh" style adl...view item »

Antn Hrkwk

Aside from the completely unpronounceable name the thing I really like about this is that it comes with a small but informative insert. Wouldn't it be good if people came with them? You could check their insert and see if you're wasting your breathe talking to them or not. It would save loads of time and potential future life badness. The chaps ...view item »


Shangri-La by Yacht gets a double white vinyl reissue - the first time it’s been available since 2011. Shangri-La was the band’s second album to be released on DFA records following 2009’s acclaimed album See The Mystery Lights. Shangri-La saw the band making...view item »

Sons And Daughters
This Gift

After the tremendous comeback single 'Darling', Our fave barbed Glaswegian Sons & Daughters stomp back with their 2nd full lengther, 'This Gift' & to these ears it's a blissful, harmony stuffed triumph. It's all in the feisty lyrics spat with an irresistable sultry sneer & the simple but glorious post Spector 60's sheen that's condensed...view item »

Gorge Trio/ Uske Orchestra

Cor blimey are we on part 6 of Ache Records' Divorce series already???? This split is by Gorge Trio who do a Jazz improv drum-athon called 'What We Agree On'. It's like The Denison Kimball Trio collapsing in on themselves after being spiked with strychnine. Uske Orchestra do a number called 'Billlling- Billllong' which is quite funny, reminding me ...view item »

Jeremy Warmsley
The Boat Song /Temptation

Trangressive are back with a new single by Jeremy Warmsley. It's called 'The Boat Song' and it's got a lovely picture of a boat on the cover... not one of those fancy new boats.... it's a right old boat with loads of sails (I was gonna say wings...), in fact it's HMS Victoria!! Here Jeremy has a lady with him singing along... in fact their both sin...view item »

Scattered Dreams / Hourglass

I feel like I should know this band but I don't?!? How strange. The press release tells me they are a Stockholm based quartet influenced by 80's Britpop and damn, does it show. A-side 'Scattered Dreams' is pretty much a lost Smiths song with hints of Orange Juice (the guy's voice is half Edwin, half Morrissey pretty much) in there for good measu...view item »

It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever)

Indie, Ambient, Post Rock with a Little Dream Pop. The artwork looks just like how this sounds, distant, blurry, longing, ghostly, fading in and out of focus (it also reminds me of my favourite SunKilMoon album Ghosts of the Great Highway). Reminds me of a few other bands for example: La Altra (practically her brother here), Radiohead (the more amb...view item »

The Chain
Lostwithiel EP

The first track here is an absolute stonker. Using some kind of clattery bell-like noise it bursts into life with skittery drums, rave-influenced basslines, squelchy acid squiggles and cut up female voice. It bounds along like...view item »

The Yell
My Baby's Into Witchcraft

Funtastic single from THE YELL on Marquis Cha Cha that sounds like Art Brut doing a Fall inspired chunk of discordant space surf garage. 'My Baby's into Witchcraft' is utterly effortless & mercifully trend free. These fellers have been listening to lots of 60s garage, a dollop of B-52s & loads...view item »

The Reigns / Full Turn

Not heard of these guys before. I've almost got a clean sweep of new artists this week. I love it when that happens! Wreathes seem to make some weird medieval dark folk with a hint of gothicness and just a tiny smidgeon of middle earth. It's the kind of old odd sounding folk record that will give you the black death after you've listened to it. ...view item »

Blah Blah Blah

Middleman have single out on Leeds label Bad Sneakers. 'Blah Blah Blah' has hints of electro, hip hop and indie blended together into what appears to be a catchy commercial tune. The Chorus is defo one for the football terraces. I can see legions of men shouting blah blah blah...... That is the only good thing about this..... th...view item »

Misty's Big Adventure
I Can't Bring The Time Back/ Serious Thing

Phil is rather pleased with himself for his obscure reference to Real Tuesday Weld. He reckons that Misty's Big Adventure's 'I Can't Bring The Time Back' sounds like them. It's a quirky little number with some horns and that.... It's a 7" on Label Fandango....view item »

Leonardo Rosado
Studies On Solitude

These Twisted Treeline 3" CDrs are coming thick and fast, with this week's offering from Leonardo Rosado who also records as Subterminal. The title here probably gives the game away somewhat as to what the overall mood is here. Yeah, you guessed it's pret...view item »

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