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My Electric Love Affair
If I Lived Here I'd Be Home By Now / Seventh Sense

Righto, here we have the fourth self released, self recorded 7" from Edinburgh's 'premier underground band' My Electric Love Affair. They kick things of with a brooding shoegaze jam in the vein of Brian Jonestown Massacre. It's let down slightly by the recording which doesn't quite capture the psych'd out bliss ...view item »

Deine Eltern

Crackers German 12" by Mit. It's kinda like DFA 1979 remixed by Devo or summat. Enthusiastic fuzz punk with boundless energy & a trashy sensibility. I can see this both filling & emptying dancefloors simultaneously. They're a really young 3 piece by the way & sound a lot more unhinged & real ...view item »

Neverest Songs
Paper Trumpets/ Softly, Quite Softly, Quite Softly

Okay, first thing's first  - I don't like the name. Too much like Everest the double glazing people. But try as I might, that is the only negative thing I can say about this fabulous single. The main track 'Paper Trumpets' is a lovely haunting lullaby of a tune with exquisite picked acoustic guitar and excellent vocals which burst into ...view item »

Trifler Vs The 70's

Here we've got a mega-limited (only 20 made!!) CDr of Caretaker-style plunderphonics from Cauterised. It comes in a super cute handmade little cloth pouch, which is a nice touch. As for the songs, he's been going through his archives and finding a mix of '70s cuts - largely ...view item »

James Pants
Seven Seals

The sound on this thought-inspiring mixup is a big, room-filling flood - the faux-dancey background for the white-walled art gallery-opening in your head. The keyboards are classic, pre-1980s Human League synth; beats are fast, funky and swingy. Big drum sounds rumble through the rocky bottom, crispy snares and cymbals mixed up front. Guitar and...view item »

Black Milk
Brain / Royal Mega

We've got a couple of 7"s from Third Man in this week. I tried to review the Stephen Colbert/Black Belles one first but quickly tired of the TV funny man's cod-Tenacious D stylings (best line of that single: "If I wasn't over you, why would I write this song? Think about it." Honestly, that's all you really need ...view item »

Nova Scotia / Eye
A Million Corpses of Dead Bees b/w High Road

Here's a split 12" by Nova Scotia and Eye who are both underground experimental New Zealand artists. The Nova Scotia side is called A Million Corpses of Dead Bees which is a frightening image. I love bees and the last thing I want to think of is the sad faces of millions of dead bees ...view item »

Astral Social Club / Tomutonttu
Wet Wheel/Hot Wheel b/w Syvät Svyät

Tipped Bowler Tapes hook us up with a 12" 45 loosely inspired by the club format and featuring none other than Tomutonttu and Leeds's very own astral pioneer Neil Campbell. Campbell kicks things off with stuttered interpretation of propulsive dancefloor format. Though the astral tomfool...view item »


Jónsi has a way of writing music that carries the listener to another world. Frankly, the title track "Go Do" is enough to purchase the whole album, but fortunately this album is stellar from top to bottom. The usual traits of beautiful falsetto/countertenor singing, interesting musical accompaniment and otherworldly, ethereal overall fee...view item »

Brain Idea
Cosmos Factory

These guys get compared to a lot of the old NZ bands even though they're from Chicago so should sound like Big Black or erm...Chicago. Were Chicago from Chicago? I'll wager that they were but if I'm wrong I'll accept my punishment. Half a squashed freeze-dried badger in the post to the usual address please. So yeah, they've got one of those ...view item »


John Michelle Jar and his Oxygene sounds have recently become fashionable on the underground. Well, if Tangerine Dream can be trendy why not the audacious Frenchman and his psychedelic banks of luminescent keyboards? The first track on here has a subtle JMJ pulse but the swirling ple...view item »

My Architects

My Architect I'd relegate to the bottom of the review page with the words dadrock, Coldpay, insipid, Starsailor & dull strangling it at birth. But I'm too lazy to scroll down so may as well insert it in here. You get the idea. Limited 7" on Fierce Panda. More like Placid Dodo....view item »

Naked Lunch
Military of The Heart

Naked Lunch have a 7"/CD single out on Weekender. It's called Military of The Heart and it's like a more passable Travis or something.......view item »

OK Tokyo

OK Tokyo! OK Sushi! OK bad music! OK! Not OK! Bad! Sums! Wacky high-pitched squeeky voice! Really 'heavy' guitars! A cool, 'experimental' electronic breakdown! Limited edition orange vinyl! I wish I was dead! ...view item »

Banjo or Freakout
Mr No/ Someone Great

Banjo or Freakout? There comes a point in everyone's lives where they must ask themselves this question. 'Mr. No'/'Someone Great' is a 7" featuring a nicely relaxed and floaty bit of indie on the A-side, maybe in the style of a more distinguishable Animal Collective whose new album YOU ALL MUST BUY, with its echoey vocals and electronically ma...view item »

Carol Kleyn
Love Has Made Me Stronger

Lady with harp alert. We have reports of another lady with a harp releasing a record on Drag City. This lady, is not, I repeat not Joanna Newsom. Is she a fraudster, a charlatan, a trickster?? Is she Mum of Newsom? Nah, not really -  this is one of those lovingly re-released earl...view item »

Larry Sunshine Rice
Here's Sunshine!

"Sunshine"...a name you will remember, especially if your bag in music is communication. It's always refreshing to listen to an entertainer these days who does really have summat to say...and this guy Larry "Sunshine" Rice has a lot to talk about. After his formal schooling he dabbled in various occupations such as landscaping, house paintin...view item »

Lord Foul
Killing Raping Burning / The Devil’s Advocate

Lord Foul was a one-man hate machine operating out of Louisville, Kentucky in the early '90s, and this LP collects both his two demo tapes onto one side of vinyl, with the other side taken up by what I can only describe as a phenomenally shit etching (weirdly enough designed by the same guy who drew the totally sweet foil-stamped cover desig...view item »


here is a 7" by Prop which is nice rhodes piano and questionable twiddling bass. The next track veers into miniature, sweeter Squarepusher territory. Final track funks a bit too much but has interesting sounds and beats. Nebula is 7" only on Inventing Zero records....view item »

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