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Sky Burial
Aegri Somnia

When I think of Hawkwind I think of huge riffs, beer, long hair, motorbikes and tits and I'm reasonably sure that's what every other sane person on the planet thinks of too. Move the clock forward to now and ex-Hawkwind ledge Nik Turner has a new thing out on the doom laden Utech label. It...view item »

An Album By Korallreven

Korallreven brings you An Album By Korallreven, which makes perfect sense, I suppose, and it starts off with the gauzy layers of "As Young As Yesterday," which eventually resolve into a perky piece of shoegaze pop. The dreamy "Sa Sa Samoa" and sparkling "The Truest Faith" are full of hope. Not everything is all peachy, though: "Keep Your Eyes Sh...view item »

Carter Tanton

I listened to the rest of this album after catching the waning moments of the opening track on satellite radio. The last few chords struck me, and I was optimistic that there was more attached to them. Damn, was I right. The first track, "Murderous Joy," should have been all over the radio, but I do not recall having heard it anywhere. The songs...view item »

Small Black

Not the best song off the album but a good example of what they do which is determinedly in the chillwave bracket - basically its China Crisis playing in a wind tunnel, the B side is a Best Coast cover thus making Best Coast the most mentioned comparison band over the past two weeks, probably because everyone is starting to sound/look like ...view item »


I don't have much to say about this one, Classic is a fairly typical hip hop album, simple and plain. The production has more of an underground and laid back feel, a rather Madlib type of feel as he produces the majority of the tracks. The beats are solid, utilising heavy bass and M.E.D. aka Medaphoar delivers average lyrics with a nice flow. Th...view item »

Silk Flowers
Days Of Arrest

The last of this weeks Captured goodness comes courtesy of NY trio Silk Flowers and aren't they the lucky ones, getting the deluxe 12” single treatment. They've upped their game with opener 'Brush Fires', bringing a hi-end production to their ragged punk informed synth-pop and trea...view item »

Cousins Of Reggae
Disuelvos Ensangrentados, Inhalantes Perdidos

Oh yeah I totally dug that Mouthus/Cousins of Reggae split LP from ages ago on OESB so I'm buzzing to announce that those tracks are now available on CD in all their discordant spuzzed-out clattering glory. Those tracks however only make up the first 5 of 14 mind-warping cortex-melters that comprise the 'Disuelvos Ensangrentados, Inhalantes Perdido...view item »

Ghost Eyes
Phantom Mountain

I put this on at the wrong speed at first and thought it was some kind of totally cracking dub pop weirdness, but then Dave went and shattered my illusions by pointing out it should have been at 45. If you do purchase it, I strongly recommend you give the A-side a go on 33rpm. It's still a meaty and unconventional slice of synth pop, though,...view item »


Visitations have a charming CD / LPout on the ever magical Time-Lag label. Their eponymous album is housed in a lovely psyce / forest folk printed floral sleeve. I might play this to the hedgehog in the garden, I bet he / she'd would be down with some forest folk. There are straight up moments but then you get a strange far out weird bit. The haunt...view item »

Kissing Gate

Strange one this. It sounds like The Pogues hanging out and making music with some pop punk act. Which either way you look at it is a damn fine idea or the worst idea since my uncle decided to cut his fingernails with a scythe. It's pretty upbeat and direct and you can imagine somebody so...view item »


For an EP's worth of material, this is as diverse and lengthy an offering as you're likely to find. If you aren't familiar with Coliseum, it's a tough band to describe, as they tend to not pigeonhole themselves. Are they punk? Sure. Are they hardcore? A little. The confidence exuding from the curveball awesomeness of "Ghost of God", "The Fiery E...view item »

Honey Ride Me A Goat / Mothguts

What's this!!! It's a fish head…with spilt guts. Ok it's a split 12” on red vinyl by HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT and MOTHGUTS. First up I have HRMAG with every beat and pulse matched by guitar, bass and occasional sax. It's a craaaaazy wig out by talented musicians with a lot of time on ...view item »

Erleen Nada
Peachy Keen

Erleen Nada looks pretty cool. She looks like the missing member of the B-52s...after hanging about with Lestat and incurring a bite from the foppish vampire. The title track is called Peachy Keen and is like a spoken word piece set to quite minimalist techno. It's not something you could play to yer Dad. It's all "cunt" this and "fuck" that...view item »

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