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Rain Drinkers
Urthen Web

Rain Drinkers are busy this week! Not only do we have this new tape in, there's a pretty ace CD on Reverb Worship that just dropped too. That one had almost a kinda Godspeedy vibe to it, but this one's a bit more introspective and measured. It has a kinda spaghetti western vibe going on...view item »

Other Minds Meet Inner Space

Wow, some weeks the calibre of stuff we get in is amazing. Here's the new album from Edibles. They're from Portland and the press release describes them as 'trance boogie', which on one hand is pretty accurate, but also kind of makes it sound like they won't be as good as they actually are. The cover's thi...view item »


Twisted are a band from round these parts and they offer a rather Northern take on emo. I'm not saying that they yelp on about pie n' peas but they are from round here so there you go. All songs on this single are quite good. The song structures are taut and the musicianship's competent. I hope they don't think I'm being too harsh and start self ha...view item »

C. Spencer Yeh

Loving the photos of a completely fucked piano on the cover of this album for starters, really evocative imagery and the colours are great. Aside from that, the music on this CD is not what we've come to expect from Mr Spencer Yeh, who we know best for his playful screeching free jazz/n...view item »

Mike Rep and The Quotas
Stupor Hiatus

Man, i hate it when someone's entire career seems to have passed me by, especially when it's someone as crazy as lo-fi pioneer and mad ranty man Mike Rep. I know fuck all about this guy but he sounds like a genius. I guess he may have come to prominence for his production work with Guided By Voices, Strapping Fieldhands and Times New Viking but ...view item »


You should know Jim O’Rourke and Chris Corsano by now, if you’ve been doing it right. The other player in this free-improvising trio is Darin Gray, reportedly O’Rourke’s favourite bass player in Japan. As Osorezan, they have made Mimi...view item »

Thee American Revolution
Buddha Electrostorm

This Kentucky debut is a stunning, raw, in-your-face psychedelic guitar pop/rock explosion that combines powerful melodies with ripping, acid-drenched leads and an irreverent attitude. These psych-pop acid rockers move from druggy Mellotron pop to concrete slabs of fuzz guitar without effort. Led by Robert Schneider (...view item »

Neon Indian
Era Extrana

Neon Indian is back! In fairness though I didn't really get on the boat first time round so I'm having to rely on what Business Lady says about the previous record to some extent. She says it was a totally great slice of bedroom pop from around the time that Washed Out and Passion Pit were also putting out their high quality debuts. She also...view item »

Dead Gaze
Dead Gaze

Fat Cat/Palmist have plucked this dude from a Mississippi backwater and brought his catchy songs out of hiding. In some ways a bit all over the place, there seems a unhindered approach to Dead Gaze’s fluid pop-song culture cherry-picking. However, it’s all held together by a fuzzy be...view item »

Kate Wax
Dust Collision

Upon first listen, the album reminds me of a darker, mellower, less dancefloor friendly version of Lida Husik's Faith In Space (even down to the similar record covers) Yet the combination of Wax's vocals (which sounds very similar to that gal from The Knife) and subtle hints of guitar and piano take Dust Collision into a darker place. Dust Colli...view item »

Locus Suspectus

So, looks like there's only synth records coming out this week. Feel like that's all I've been reviewing recently. Where's the punk rock? Where's the noisecore? Where's the new DOOM record? Probably not important right now. What is important is that Under The Spire have forked out the big ...view item »

Attar Cups

More weird and wonderful vinyl from Blackest Rainbow with an almighty Attar Cups Ltd numbered 'Untitled' LP which is a collaboration of Nemo of Drona Parva and man behind Time-Lag Records, Sparrow Wildchild of The Bummer Road, and the guys from Visitations. This is a jam based record (jam based products rule, just think of the Jammy Dodger) but is ...view item »

Archers By The Sea
They Were Floating Over The Mountain, They Were Kings

Ahhhh the sound of waves cascading, fizzing and retreating while strange bells chime... This record is sounding blissed out. Our Brian once "I feel like I'm a muntered robot sipping White Russians on a beach in Honolulu" while listening to one of their records and I reckon that's an adequte description of the vibes these guys emmanate as I'm hav...view item »

A Story of Rats
Thought Forms

A Story Of Rats is the work of experimental musician and visual artist Garek Druss. You may be aware of Druss due to his involvement in Seattle duo Dull Knife and Portland's drone metal beats Tecumseh. 'Thought Forms' is his debut LP under his solo moniker and is a tour ...view item »

T.H. White
How Bad Do You Want It?

Call it Club or Dance or even Disco. It's not like anything else I can find, the closest is the red-hot Pretty Lights "Finally Moving (Jim Brown remix)." Mr. White's better, more classic, more diverse instrumentation. I have listened to a few T.H. White albums and this one is maybe my favourite. The whole thing flows really well and he really br...view item »

Ural Umbo
Delusion Of Hope

Sometimes music can be brilliant and uplifting. The world can feel like a much lighter place to live in when you hear a Motown track, or a really sharp blast of Bob Pollard or mebbe a slice of Fine Young Cannibals and hey presto...everything's probably gonna be o.k. Then sometimes music ca...view item »

Sky Burial
Aegri Somnia

When I think of Hawkwind I think of huge riffs, beer, long hair, motorbikes and tits and I'm reasonably sure that's what every other sane person on the planet thinks of too. Move the clock forward to now and ex-Hawkwind ledge Nik Turner has a new thing out on the doom laden Utech label. It...view item »

An Album By Korallreven

Korallreven brings you An Album By Korallreven, which makes perfect sense, I suppose, and it starts off with the gauzy layers of "As Young As Yesterday," which eventually resolve into a perky piece of shoegaze pop. The dreamy "Sa Sa Samoa" and sparkling "The Truest Faith" are full of hope. Not everything is all peachy, though: "Keep Your Eyes Sh...view item »

Carter Tanton

I listened to the rest of this album after catching the waning moments of the opening track on satellite radio. The last few chords struck me, and I was optimistic that there was more attached to them. Damn, was I right. The first track, "Murderous Joy," should have been all over the radio, but I do not recall having heard it anywhere. The songs...view item »

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