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Wounded Lion

As The Cure almost sang 'Thursday I'm in Love', I've made the correct Danish Pastry decision, it appears to be August outside and I've been dragged from my warm bed half way across Yorkshire to tell you about various phonograph records. This 'Wounded Lion' thing is an odd one - it start...view item »

Jono El Grande
The Choko King

Step into the madcap world of Jono El Grande (real name John Sausage Leg), who is a madcap multi-instrumentalist from that cold, unforgiving place that is known as Sunderland (all right, he's from Norway). A self-taught musician, artist, composer, prankster and all round bastard, he's bee...view item »

Raw Geronimo
Faustine / Magnetic Love

I don't know what stone I've been living under but I'm amazed at the price of 7's. And isn't chocolate expensive these days? And beer and sausages? It's everything really isn't it. Here is a nice 7” from Raw Geronimo with is the alter ego of Laena Geronimo. Still a preposterous name...view item »

White Hills
Live At Roadburn 2011

Right. White Hills. We all know they fucking rule! They've got the strength and the sophistication to out-match many of their peers in the world of epic space rock. Their riffage is off the charts, right up there with The Heads, Gnod and Electric Wizard in my opinion. They also have a knac...view item »

Kelly Slusher, Various
The Pet Set Compilation

Also on Pet Set is a crazy compilation of stuff. Its a vinyl LP record and I mean look at this - the sleeve is written with biro. Theres bits of tippex everywhere and half the songs don't have titles! (You just wouldn't get this kind of slovenliness from a professional label like Parlophone ...view item »

Young Guns

The second record from Buckinghamshire based band Young Guns. All Our Kings Are Dead was obviously going to be a tough cookie to follow due to the commercial success it achieved. However, Bones...view item »

Tyme. x Tujiko

Not sure about this, I realise it's probably really good but it doesn't really blow my sausage if you know what I mean? It's a highly polished and densely layered take (supposedly) on a genre called J-pop which is a cult style of clever Japanese pop music if you haven't figured that ou...view item »

Black Light

Diagrams is the brainchild of ex Tunng and The Accidental chappie Sam Genders. It's quite a departure from the former projects of this leftfield songsmith.. His voice is still as strong (yet sometimes fragile) as it was when he was laying electronic folk hits upon ya, but gone is the more ...view item »

Glowing Mouth

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Chris Martin fronted The National? Well, wonder no more, because Milagres are here with an LP where they illustrate this exact fantasy scenario. Bit of a Wild Beasts feel in its more interesting moments, too, but what we're looking at here is epic ...view item »

Golden Calves
Collection: Money Band + Century band

Bit of history lesson, this. Before he was Wooden Wand, James Toth put out a couple of weird little Jandek-influenced psych-folk records under the name Golden Calves way back in the mid-'90s. They contained elements of noise influence within their music and played predominantly within the ...view item »

The Doozer
Keep it Together

The Doozer is an artist who has been on our radar for a while with some delightful limited run solo releases under his belt already, and his persistence has clearly paid off as he's now the first UK artist to have a record put out on the consistently interesting Woodsist label. Unlike his...view item »

Nigel Samways

This is some tasty ambienty 'sound artist' sort of stuff, utilising instruments and field recordings in the creation of haunting, wispy atmosphere that has me thinking of a laid-up version of myself, drifting in and out of consciousness, revisiting long-forgotten recesses of my foggy subconscious.. Perhaps a little bit like Michael Gambon in The...view item »

Harry Deerness

Remember Half Cousin? Well Harry Deerness is the chap from Half Cousin (Kevin Cormack to you) with a brand new project 'o fun. The story goes that Kevin picked up a bunch of cassette tapes during a random trip to Orkney from an anonymous source. The original material has degraded (as ta...view item »

Juan Pedro Fabra/ Jan Hafstrom/ Carl Michael Von Hausswolff
Graf Spee

On this three-way collaborative LP we've got a long track per side, each clocking in just under the 20-minute mark. What we've got on the first side is basically a slow-flowing passage of tonal analogue drone not a million miles away from the likes of Eleh, with a pulsing mid-end tone, a ...view item »

Little Racer
Split For The Coast / The Town

60s infused japery from these surf obsessed Brooklynahs (should that be Brooklynites..?) they appear to be a somewhat newish act as their MySpace page has all the information you need...NOT! Details and pictures of this perky pop act are quite thin on the ground but I reckon I've got what ...view item »

Chuck Bettis
Urgency Renewal

Chuck Bettis is pals with that band Big Blood so they've put a CD out of his stuff on their own Don't Trust The Rain label. Bettis is one of them spontaneous composition types so, as you can imagine, 'Urgency Renewal' is chocker with systematically chaotic compositions. It was recorded over a period of time in different locations with...view item »

Dead Gum

On my lengthy Christmas sabbatical, I toiled away in the sorting department of York's Royal Mail office delighting in my daily dose of 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' and 'Last Christmas' pumping through the tinny warehouse speakers. Either my ears have been softened by the constan...view item »

Yeti issue 7

If you're into the American undergound (like we are) then you should look no further than the Yeti magazine (of which this is issue seven). It's always a good read. There's loads of adverts in there (you can't beat adverts in music magazines!) and you get a 25 track CD featuring tracks by Grouper, Wooden Shjips, Woods, Crystal Stilts, Abner Jay, Zo...view item »

Buffalo Moon
Selva Surreal

Moon Glyph reappear on my radar with 'Selva Surreal', the debut LP from plucky upstarts Buffalo Moon. I'm pretty sure I've heard these folks before and I remember them giving of the same Stereolab-esque vibe they're nailing on opening tracks 'Vida Canibel' and 'Amores Perros'. It's an aff...view item »

Jason Urick
I Love You

Stumbled upon purely by accident, this ambient gem has been a big surprise. There was an immediate sense that Urick’s music wouldn’t be out of place on one of Kompakt’s yearly ‘Pop Ambient’ compilations with its 'blissed-out' layers of dreamy sound. Armed with mantra-like alien vocals and multi-layered samples taken from what sound to be ...view item »

Jacob Olausson
Morning And Sunrise

This Jakob Olausson album opens with a cheery number called 'Don't Drown In Sorrows', in which he borrows the chord sequence from Cameo's '80s classic 'Word Up' and slows it down to a suicidal lollop through the mysterious swamps of this Swedish sugar beet farmer's internal misery. This g...view item »

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