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Christian Naujoks
True Life/In Flames

This is Dial records getting all modern classical on our ass. And I thought it was an emo-house label, hahaha! Well I've been proven wrong as this was recorded in Hamburg in a big plush Philharmonic hall and all that. The tone is chamber classicism and hypnotic minimalism with piano and sometimes added marimba being the dominant forces...view item »

Yair Yona
World Behind Curtains

Think we've had a 7” in by finger-picking super genius Yair Yona before. This guy is an absolutely killer guitarist and it's all the more surprising due to the fact that he's an Israeli-born composer who seems to have mastered what I'd consider to be a strictly American style. Inspire...view item »

I Am Gemini

Cursive have given themselves a difficult challenge and in a lot of ways it is a triumph. Often hailed as a post-hardcore band, 'I Am Gemini' to me is much more Tim Koster challenging himself to write unique pop punk music. The melodies are catchy, the guitar is fast and unpredictable and the over-arching story is of two twins separated at birth...view item »

Islands (Arcade Fire)
A Sleep & A Forgetting

One of indie rock's most inventive and cruelly underrated bands, Islands craft deliciously kinetic and creative twee pop that careers off for nine minutes or keeps it short and sweet. With members of Arcade Fire and the ability to swap sparsely produced songs for big, boisterous moments, ...view item »

Death By Chocolate

Great little rockers out of Biel/Bienne in the land of Switzerland. I absolutely love this album, it is my favourite out of the three they've released. I love the spoken word 'hotel' pieces in particular. Coincidentally I have a cookbook which have these hotel menus in them (Vincent Price's Treasury of Recipes). Funny. The songs "Bric a Brac", "...view item »

My Best Fiend
In Ghostlike Fading

Well I likes the single and all its post Mercury Rev/Arcade Fire-isms....here's the litmus test. After dulling me out a bit at work I now bring the album home and I'm pleased to report they've not actually front loaded the bloody thing with their best song. After 'Higher Palms' comes 'Je...view item »

Bad Weather California

I originally saw this band opening for the Lumineers some years ago (I can't recall) and thought their name was Bad Weather California and they were from California but then they went on to explain and clarified. They were fantastic, a good bit of variety to their music. I would say the place where they missed though is that a lot of their riffs...view item »

Velvet Davenport
Warmy Girls

Velvet Davenport's experimental pop sounds have somehow passed me by but here they are with thier third release for Moon Glyph. Spear-headed by chief songwriter Parker Sprout, Velvet Davenport have produced their most ambitious and daring collection to date featuring more of everything! M...view item »

Wet Hair / Naked On The Vague

Night-People return with a couple of newies, this one being a split between Iowa's Wet Hair & Sydney's Naked On The Vague. I have faint memories of hearing both these duo's in action but my brain ain' t helping much with the details so I'll have to take this one on face value. First up we have four psych tinged compositions from Wet Hair. Op...view item »

Keith Fullerton Whitman / Mike Shiflet
070325 b/w 080409

The man KFW takes up his side with what appears to be a live recording from 2007 utilizing (presumably) his modular synthesizer setup. He builds from scratch with analogue rumbles that evolve into tweaked sorta doomed out futurist blasts of neon light across a black landscape. It doesn't take long before things get a little nasty sounding with h...view item »

Odessa Chen
Archives Of The Natural World

When I first picked this CD up it had a “review” sticker on the front sleeve. The sticker was obscuring the title slightly, so I thought this LP was called “Chives Of The Natural World” and I thought this was a celebration of all things natural and errmmmm...chive ...view item »

Sundae Club

New on Technostalgic Tunes we have a CD by Sundae Club. Oh I remember this  - its nice. The nearest comparison is Lemon Jelly - the first track has a lovely lady vocal and a tune the size of Swansea. The other tracks are instrumental, a bit jazzy in places -occasionally reminiscent of something which might slip out ...view item »

Pulled Apart By Horses

So 'Tough Love' has dropped and apparently it's make or break time for the band. The name itself may even be a dig at industry pressure to succeed? I don't know? Little fanfare is being made of it but they've managed to secure the production skills of Gil Norton (Doolittle dude) which has help...view item »

Grimm Reality

Grimm Reality takes Dimlite even further out into 'left field', with the grit of "You Very Rich Believer" suddenly turning into a psychedelic pop song. The pop feel returns on "XY," but "Pour Some Blood, We Got This" and "Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur" drift into their own bizarre realms. "Healing a Random Tyrant" has more focus, evoking a post-rock fe...view item »

Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters
Underrated Silence

The Schnausser eh? He's back is Uncle Ulrich and his slippers and pipe Guthrie-isms are as tranquil and balmy as ever. Making the bridge between ethereal shoegazing moodscapes and shimmering post Cafe Del Mar tranquility more sturdy underfoot, his work in the field of glistening cyclical chillout is not to be underestimated. Here he p...view item »

The Plimsouls
Beach Town Confidential: Live at the Golden Bear 1983

By `83, the Plimsouls were a band with a catalog that included an EP and two full albums. Beach Town Confidential is a previously unreleased 24-track collection recorded live in 1983, around the time of their Everywhere At Once album, though the set list includes tracks from all their records up to that point, together with half a dozen tracks t...view item »

John Doe And The Sadies
Country Club

Doe proves himself not just a compelling singer, but an excellent stylist. He's obviously a fan (and in some cases a student) of the originals, but he's not slavishly devotional. This is everything that Doe's fans have waited for over the years: a great set of songs filtered through effortless vocal performances and backed by the encyclopaedic a...view item »


Oh my first non-rhythmical recording of the day from Erikm. On the ever dependable sound-art stable Room 40, this is a mad sounding disc of organic improv, insectoid scrunch, free jazz squawk and shuffle, wild-eyed primitivism and throbbing manic glitch. I always enjoy this stuff more on headphones where it isn't forcing Business Lady...view item »

Akke Phallus Duo
Terroir/ Pissoir

These saucy guys are Jon Marshall who also stars in The Hunter Gracchus, Le Drapeau Noir, Singing Knives Records, Vampire Blues etc and Ben Morris from Chora and Le Drapeau Noir. Here the two experimentalists' swapped recordings with each other and the remit was they could do what they like to each others recordings...view item »

Caroline Park

I bought a tape the other week. Probably the first tape I've bought since 'The Best of The Housemartins' back in '88 or whenever. It was by prime US songwriting genius Bill Fox and caused me to re-configure my sound system in order to incorporate a tape deck so I could hear it.  If I...view item »

Spectral Armies
The Vanished People

I picked this one up totally at random from our latest batch of Alt.Vinyl releases and have subsequently delighted myself by discovering that it features Ben Jones and Sarah Sullivan of the ever-peculiar Jazzfinger, joining Nick Mott (ex of the equally ace Volcano the Bear) to make a load of fantastically odd sounds, ranging from what could ...view item »

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