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Yva Las Vegass
I Was Born In A Place of Sunshine

Apparently Yva is a motherfucker says the press release. Bit harsh possibly when you're trying to get folks to buy the record? Who wants to buy a record by a motherfucker? Well this particular MF used to be in Sweet 75 with Krist Novoselic of Nirvana fame. They never took off as you well k...view item »

Notes to an Absent Lover

Barzin have a rather splendid and lovely new long player out on Monotreme on LP and CD. 'Notes To An Absent Lover' really grabbed my attention when we played the promo copy. Now my personal tastes are often light years away from singer songwriter stuff but every now and then something will come along and stand out. This is one of those records. The...view item »

The Mercury Craze

Speaking of SUBTLE they have a new single out called ' The Mercury Craze' which features a Soft Pink Truth mix and a guy from Wolf Parade singing on some track or other. I could be more informative but hey that's why you love us right? We don't care. Honest.... I quite like this but mainly cos I'm a fan of Dose One...view item »

Lunar Roulette

I used to be terrified of free jazz. Now I regularly go to dingy strip clubs with my mate Free Jazz Joe & we recklessly snort heroin in the humid, filth-caked toilets whilst talking about destroying form & structure & just letting rip on a piece of well-oiled brass and, like, letting your mind transcend your body and that kind of thi...view item »

Liam The Younger
Clear Skies Over Black River

Is there a mid-point between Jeffrey Lewis and Will Oldham? If there is then this guy surely inhabits it.  He has that sorta nerdy narrative style of Mr Lewis at times but seems to be more at home singing about rivers and rural back porch worries than city and social anxiety.  It...view item »

Tall Firs
Out Of It And Into It

These are faves of tall, fir(ry) man Thurston Moore. They were playing about 10 mins from my house last night so was I correct to stay in and watch 'Dad's Army' repeats instead?  Possibly. Opener 'Suffer So Long' sounds not unlike the kind of pastoral acoustic drifting Moore faffs abo...view item »

Julien Demoulin & IA
The Bay

This is one of two quite wonderful CDs in this week on the fine, somewhat under-the-radar French label Basses Frequences. We like saying that do Phil and I, in an excitable, passionate cod-French accent. It sounds great. I'd love to imagine Jerome from the label imitating our gormless Nor...view item »


Not heard these guys before so I thought I'd check 'em out. Firstly some facts for you..... there's 300 copies of this baby.... 150 in a green sleeve and 150 in a red sleeve. We have a handful of each but there being only 300 I can't imagine it hanging around for too long. I thought these ...view item »

Mike Wexler

On first listen, this is very lovely stuff - we'll see, over time, whether its pleasures are passing or permanent. For now, though, Wexler's sounds to me are not too unlike, say, Nick Drake taking the vocal spotlight on a John Martyn album circa 1973. But more than either of thos...view item »

White Rabbits
Milk Famous

After a debut riddled with ideas, but lacking any concrete direction, White Rabbits turned to Spoon's own Britt Daniel for assistance. The result was 2009's It's Frightening, an album with far more focus, but less originality. In fact, with the exception of the explosive opener, "Percussion Gun", most of It's Frighten...view item »

Jennifer Castle

The signs aren't good on opener 'Summer (for PLC)' which drifts along with the word 'summer' in every line which grates on these ears, as does Castle's voice on 'Neverride' which just a little too Newsom for me but things really come together on 'Powers' which is a gorgeous slice of atmos...view item »

New Build
Yesterday Was Lived and Lost

Al & Felix have put together a gem. In the jangley synth bounce of "Schism of the Mind" and the pop flecked warm buzz of "Do You Not Feel Loved?" especially, fans of Hot Chip will find a familiar something to love. "Miranda, Be My Guide" takes you back to 80's pop and the album keeps at least one foot there unt...view item »

Drip Haze

Ooh, bit of a surprise, this one. I was expecting some straight up indie pop clattering, but instead it's quite a drifty psychedelic thing with Hooky-style bass chords and washed out vocals and bright, chiming guitars keeping the melodies focused. I'm really impressed, actually. Quite an unus...view item »

Christian Naujoks
True Life/In Flames

This is Dial records getting all modern classical on our ass. And I thought it was an emo-house label, hahaha! Well I've been proven wrong as this was recorded in Hamburg in a big plush Philharmonic hall and all that. The tone is chamber classicism and hypnotic minimalism with piano and sometimes added marimba being the dominant forces...view item »

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