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Teen Daze
Four More Years / Tour EP

Teen Daze is the kind of band name that makes me do a little sick in my mouth. That aside I'm not having too much trouble with this compilation of Jamison's 2010 EP releases. It's Chillwave. It's Glo-fi. It's easy to define (and listen too) electronic music much like Washed Out, Memory Tapes and Neon Indian, ie; the professional, slic...view item »

Horse Feathers
Cynic's New Year

It's the usual folk toy story of magical banjos and fiddles and acoustic guitars, each instrument used more pastoral than the last, each adding to the fond feeling of rurality Horse Feathers have become obsessed with. Cynic's New Year shows the band as deft as ever at their genre revisionism, though they ornament these so...view item »

Steve Roden / Machinefabriek

I don't find ambient music/sound art all that easy to write about at the best of times (it's peaceful, not much happens, there's soothing tones and field recordings, I get it already), and it's even more obtuse when you're listening to sounds which have been created for art installations ...view item »

Sister Chain & Brother John
The Androgyne Show

I'm not quite sure I'm ready for Parlour Punk. I mean wtf dude? Streampunk is hard enough to deal with but a Victorian punk themed duo?!? Nah. Well, Berlin based Sister Chain & Brother John are on to record number two now so someone must be listening and, if I'm honest, this is pret...view item »

Advance Base
A Shut-In's Prayer

So this is the new project from the man who brought you Casiotone For The Painfully Alone and its a beautiful collection of downbeat torch songs which brings mostly to mind Magnetic Fi...view item »

Rivers Home - Vol. 1

If you've not been squashed and disfigured by the EU drone mountain then here's some CDs which fell off the Australian drone mountain. The Rivers Home series are 5 x 3” CD sets and there's two sets...view item »

Public Image Limited
This Is PiL

On asking whether the new PIL album was due this week I was met with a chorus of disapproval from colleagues who had heard and been horrified by the (now mysteriously missing) promo CD. Yet, the reviews of this first...view item »

Human Don't Be Angry
Human Don't Be Angry

It's kind of difficult to tell why Malcolm Middleton has chosen to change his name to Human Don't Be Angry...apparently a direct English translation of the German name for board game Frustration. Presumably this is supposed...view item »

Recyclist- Malorix Recycled

I'm having a hard time actually figuring out what's on this record. It's some kind of remixes by the looks of things, but whether it's Malorix remixing other artists or the other way around is difficult to fathom from either the artw...view item »

Pleq, Hiroki Sasajima and Spheruleus
Time & Language

Well this Time and Language thing on Felt Collective is a wondrous thing to behold after the bloody tussle with terrible commercial music that I've just had. Pleq and two people with hard...view item »

Eye Can't Take It

Aw yeah, always good to get a bit of garage punk in your reviews pile to blow away the cobwebs. This week it's the turn of boy-girl duo Cyclops. These funsters knock out a hyperactive drums/guitar/dual vocal attack of snotty fast-paced punk which reminds me a little of ...view item »

Stolen Years

Wow! This looks great! All exquisitely printed foldy card sleeves replete with eight double-sided two colour prints that are all stunning. Like good enough to frame. Pretty packaging aside, this album has a heart-breakingly frustrating story behind its genesis. Jonathan Lee, the man behin...view item »

Bobby Conn

Everyone's favourite entertainer Bobby Conn is back with another album of his wacky politically-outspoken genre-jumping synthetic soul-pop for your ear cavities. I'm struggling to find things to say about this one because I'm pretty sure you'll a...view item »

Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka
The Anecdotes

This lovely record is somewhat hard to pigeonhole. At its heart is the folk songwriting tradition, and the casually melodic vocal delivery of Seamus Cater is central to this eerily nostalgic collection. The minimal accompaniments conjured by himself and Viljam Nybacka are much more skele...view item »

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