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Whole Voyald Infinite Light
Circumambulations Parts 1 & 2

This one here is the first ever vinyl release from Winebox Press, best known for their tapes in fancy handmade wooden packaging. On this one Whole Voyald Infinite Light knock out two fuzzy dual-guitar stoner jams....view item »

The Loch Ness Mouse
The Jazz Mouse EP

Bit of a head-scratcher, this. Norwegian jazz/r'n'b types The Loch Ness Mouse are dropping a couple of tracks. The A side starts out pretty jazzy but then quickly transforms into quite a poppy old-style r'n'b/psychedelic pop type number with gospelly vocal harmonies and stuff. It's remind...view item »

Dead Dog
Dead Dog

Yeah, this is a likeable old-skool indie romp full of rough and ready DIY anthems laced with an endearingly shambolic and effervescent punky nature They remind me quite a lot of bands like Shrag. This is either a posthumous album or a...view item »

The Bastards of Fate
Who's A Fuzzy Buddy?

What the fuck is this? I genuinely can't tell if this band is trying to be annoying or not. They're doling out a brand of bouncy, brash indie pop with impossibly irritating yelpy vocals delivered with absolute full-throated confidence and conviction. The tunes are actually dead catchy but...view item »

Foot Signal

On this album here duo ROM are throwing down 12 quite lively instrumental tracks with a stumbling physicality mixed with whip-tight grooves for a weirdly sensual mix of experimental rock and Euphone-style dancey times, with sy...view item »

Last Days Of 1984
Wake Up To The Waves

Judging by the cover of this CD I thought it was going to be some kind of twee psych-pop, but actually what is on the disc is Balearic hippie ecstasy music. Lotsa synths, echoey motivational vocals and lazy summer holiday beats. It's alright....view item »

Altar Of Flies / Mirrors Are Black

French label Tamed Records are only in their infancy but they have impressed us weirdo snobs at Normans so far with those two bong-tastic 'Chaudelande' LPs from Gnod and a spook...view item »

G is For Deep

Been awhile.....been a loooong while. The last time I paid too much attention to Adam Drucker (aka avant hop wordsmith Dose One of cLOUDDEAD, Themselves etc) was the last Subtle album ‘Exiting Arm) which slightly meekly followed ‘For Hero For Fool’ which should have been a...view item »

Aaron Roche/ R. Stevie Moore / Shahzad Ismaily
Cylco Cardoray/ Synth Essiah

I've already reviewed the Ariel Pink/R Stevie Moore tape today so this is the second offering from “our Stevie” that I've had to tackle today. It's very far from being more of the same, however. On this ...view item »

Louis Xavier & Synchro Rythmic Ecclectic Language

Jazzman have put out some cracking reissue 7's out, this isnt one of the best. Its a decent double header of percussion driven jazz funk with nice organ work doodling away over the rhythm section. Sounds a little like Money Mark in his Mo Wax Keyboard Re...view item »

Talibam! & Sam Kulik
Discover AtlantASS

I'm coming straight into this record from the meticulously crafted insanity of the new Darth Vegas CD and to be honest it sounds pretty retarded. Seriously some of the silliest, dumbest, most nonsensical experimental music you'll h...view item »


Recently voted best new track by Pitchfork, the lead track here sounds like a depressed beyond tablets Justin Timberlake after he’s just missed a birdie putt on the 18th green. A nice melancholic r & b swinger in the place where chillwave meets Neptunes style haunted soul wave. ...view item »

Mirror / Echo

This is the debut offering from Steve Gribbin, under his pseudonym theapplesofenergy. The title apparently refers to the fact that the album was recorded half in Gribbin's tiny flat and half in the open wilds of the Campsie Hills in Scotland. I'm totally enjoying how this has been construc...view item »

Allo Darlin'

Allo Darlin' don't really suit my musical sensibilities and there's probably better people out there to review this record so apologies in advance. As you're probably aware, Allo Darlin' are the darlings of the UK indie-pop scene. Formed and fronted by Austr...view item »

Deadbeat Echoes
Surge Of Youth

Deadbeat Echoes are apparently 17 years old and from Cheshire. If this was released on anything but Wise Auld Owl John Robb's new label then I'd be a more than a little suspicious of it being a bunch of here-today- gone-tomorrow also-rans with exp...view item »


Belgium dark ambient label Testtoon treat us to a remix EP featuring extended cuts of 'Positronium II' the highlight of Ouby's Testtoon debut 'Terra Incognita'. Here we're treated to a Substance remix of the track as well as two variants by the artist himself. The substance mix is a dark,...view item »

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