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Sog (aka Wolfgang Voigt)
For The Love Of God

Bit of brainy minimalist repeato-techno business from the reliable Wolfgang Voigt here. This is a record that’s well represented by its artwork - a photograph which has had squares dragged around on a computer to c...view item »

Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti

On this CD we’ve got a neoclassical/dark ambient collaboration between that clarinetist Gareth Davis and that cellist Frances-Marie Uitti, which runs the gamut from slow, malevolent, breathy scrapes and scrapey breaths to s...view item »

Spaceships Are Cool
We Were Here

These guys Spaceships Are Cool have sent us a couple of albums. Their old one and their new one. It's my job to write some words about their new one, which comes in a really nice two-colour screenprinted red card sl...view item »

Jimmy Edgar
Let Yrself Be

'Let Yrself Be' is the second single to be taken from Jimmy Edgar's critically acclaimed album 'Majenta'. Don't let his lack of spelling put you off, as the title track of this single is an excellent "beatific cruise through stabs, chords, claps and slaps to a place where '90s house meets garage vocals". Fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise wi...view item »

Invisible Sports
The Future Tastes

How many guys out of Volcano the Bear are releasing solo albums this week? I think this is the third and possibly the weirdest - though the others are not exactly chart fodder. This is basically a jazzy romp through the neth...view item »

Bloc Party

There are some definite 4-star songs on this album as well as some 2-star songs.... which brings me to a lower 3-star rating for Four. Mostly I'm just confounded by the disjointedness of the entire work - it's Bloc Party in places and just very odd experimentation in others. I'm all for a band branching out but when you release an album it shoul...view item »

Rudi Zygadlo
Melpomene / Arrows

Not the best of weeks for singles but I’m liking this. On the A side there’s an instrumental of partial interest with a slight neoclassical sound to it - it’s not unlike U-ziq with some engaging vocals pop...view item »

The Magic
Ragged Gold

I don’t know how this has happened but at least three of us recognise immediately the first song on this, seemingly without having previously heard it. ‘Lightning Strikes’ is a very strong opener, a direct cross between Junior Boys...view item »

Gary Sloan and Clone

Now this is interesting. Coming out of Alaska in 1980 this a rag tag hybrid of of synth pop, New Age, lo-fi blues, techno, folk funk and prog rock, throughout its extremely melancholic and affecting. Opener ‘Harmonitalk’ is like Devo and Kraftwerk collaborating to play the Theme f...view item »

Blanche Blanche Blanche
Wink With Both Eyes

Ooh, I don’t know a thing about this band but these Night Peoples tend to be right about a lot of things so I’m all ears here. What’s going on on this record is a nice big slice of ‘80s-influenced lo-f...view item »


Tarantula is Ride's final album, recorded amid growing tensions and released after the band had split. The band's sound is markedly different from previous efforts, being more straightforward rock than the swirling psychedelia of past efforts. Also, the lyrics are rather weak, on the whole, on this record. That being said, this is a good album, ...view item »


For today's reviewing session we're without internet so I am having to write these reviews based entirely on the music, without the aid of any supplementary handy facts to pad things out. Here's a new one from the increasingly unpredictable Sub ...view item »

Jannick Schou
When Life Mirrors Itself

Those nice folks at Blackmoss who brought us the unsettling Umberto 12” intended to soundtrack the last 15 minutes of your life are back with a new CD by drone...view item »

Lower Dens

Baltimore's Lower Dens return with their sophomore effort on Ribbon music, hitting us with a meticulous and well thought out follow up to 'Twin-Hand Movement'. I'm not a huge fan or owt but I reckon they've got a pretty neat style....view item »

Van She
Idea Of Happiness

Let's say you planned a trip to a tropical island. You decided to take this trip by yourself. I'd say this album will completely come along with you, when you're on the beach, in the sand and sun. This is pretty much the soundtrack. "Jamaica" is a hit from the 80's. Pretty much the first single style. But that being a great cut, itself does noth...view item »

Central Living
Dune Church

Aw yeah. I wish I was on enough drugs to enjoy this album properly...it features the dusky twinklings of Steve Gunn getting up close and personal with the electronic twitchings and dronings of a man I’m less familiar with n...view item »

Ether Island
Season Of Risk

I’ve been beggin’ and pleadin’ and wishin’ and hopin’ for a record for a record to call my own and just like last week it turns up at the very last minute. Here is a duo from New Mexico whose sound is as foggy and  murky as a wet November morning on the ...view item »

Yek Koo
Love Song For The Dead C

Yek Koo is the alias of Metal Rouge's Helga Fassonaki, and this LP is vaguely dedicated to NZ weirdos Dead C, wi...view item »

The Secret Society of The Sonic Six
Pick Up

Who the fuck are these weirdos? This is one of those mad records that sounds like Add N [to X] at first with banks of gurgling, fizzy chattering bulky synths entwi...view item »

Whole Voyald Infinite Light
Circumambulations Parts 1 & 2

This one here is the first ever vinyl release from Winebox Press, best known for their tapes in fancy handmade wooden packaging. On this one Whole Voyald Infinite Light knock out two fuzzy dual-guitar stoner jams....view item »

The Loch Ness Mouse
The Jazz Mouse EP

Bit of a head-scratcher, this. Norwegian jazz/r'n'b types The Loch Ness Mouse are dropping a couple of tracks. The A side starts out pretty jazzy but then quickly transforms into quite a poppy old-style r'n'b/psychedelic pop type number with gospelly vocal harmonies and stuff. It's remind...view item »

Dead Dog
Dead Dog

Yeah, this is a likeable old-skool indie romp full of rough and ready DIY anthems laced with an endearingly shambolic and effervescent punky nature They remind me quite a lot of bands like Shrag. This is either a posthumous album or a...view item »

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