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Cloud Of Dust, Cry Of Death

Given the name and the fact that the DVD case this CD comes in looks like an aged spaghetti western cover, I initially thought that this CD was going to be in thrall to prolific film composer genius Ennio Morricone, but while his influ...view item »

The Christmas Bride
Planet Earth's Motto: Someone Just Shit Out A Perfect Sphere

Trash-pop doyens Sophomore Lounge’s last outing, the debut 7” from Tropical Trash, totally popped my skull so it’...view item »

Tourist / Sleeper

Hampshire/Berliner James Welch aka Seams is a brand new artist on Full Time Hobby and also to me as I’ve not heard of him before. New music for old ears...nice! This is a collection of two EPs called Tourist and Sleeper. Tourist is four tracks of summery electronic toy...view item »

Saturday Drones

This is literally a CD of drones that Phil Edwards and Wil Bolton made exclusively on Saturdays during 2011, which is a lovely idea I think. Not just for a record but for a nice way to spend your Saturday afternoons. Actually altho...view item »

Wobbly Lamps
Neon Tepee

I’ve had to review a load of “difficult” experimental records all day and my brain is totally mashed so I’m delighted to pick up a couple of gems so late in the day when morale throughout the office was really on the wane. I’ve not heard these Wobbly Lamps bef...view item »

Hand To Man Band
You Are Always On Our Minds

On this record multiple earth humans from famous bands make music which is a little more explorative and challenging than they can get away with in their primary projects. We’ve got Lord Mike of Watt on bass with a keys dude ...view item »

Ape School
Junior Violence

Junior Violence is underpinned by wide influence, but a judicious comparison can be made to David Fridmann's production. Think spastic use of experimental sound and electronic nuances framed by the hook-filled indie rock trinity: bass, guitar and drums. Johnson, a keen but hapless lyricist, has a terrific voice, further hemming a--dare the eclec...view item »

Ashley Paul & Maurey

This awkward little lad comes housed in a very lovely screened/painted sleeve which has been screenprinted by none other than Eli Keszler. On the LP itself Ashley Paul and Sakiko Maurey multi-instrumentalise their way arou...view item »


Individuation, the second full-length by Latitudes, is one of those records that is ideal for looking out at the dreariness of a rainy morning. Throughout, it blends different styles through each track, but overall it's heavy yet beautifully melodic. Even the vocals adds a layer of beauty to the mix, especially on "Imitation Ruin" where Adam Sym...view item »

Timmy's Organism
Raw Sewage Roq

This is another awesome album from Timmy Vulgar (aka Human Eye) and his band TIMMYS ORGANISM! This album is full of noisy garage rock gems. Take the first track "Cats On The Moon" which is full of awesome guitar riffs and weird lyrics. This is followed by the crazy "Bouncing Boobies" which is also full of awesome guitar riffs. Then comes the dar...view item »

Best Of

Ah, Blairmailer. Strummy, tuneful Aussie greats who emerged out of the ashes of Crabstick, a band who single-handedly soundtracked my sloppy drunken late teenage years. Crabstick only released one album in their lifetime (although another two posthumously) but it was a good ‘un. &l...view item »

The Very Best

These guys played at a recent festival I attended. I had never heard of them, but I was blown away. MTMTMK is a terrific mix of catchy dance tunes with more rhythmic tracks featuring experimental sounds. "Kondaine" and "We OK" are about as peppy and upbeat as you can get. "Bantu" is a favourite of mine, featuring a beautiful singer, Baaba Maal. "Ad...view item »

Three Mile Pilot

According to my calculations this is rather pricey for a 20-minute 12” EP, but sometimes you need to pay a premium for quality don’t you? I don’t know, having heard the five all-too-short numbers contained on this here disc I’m still getting one anyway. For those o...view item »


These people are making some kind of synthy darkpop sounds on this record here. Judging by the press release they’ve been going for a while and developed a bit of a following but this is my first time in their company. Sometimes there is a boy singing and sometimes there’s a ...view item »

Halo Halo

This Halo Halo single has some weird skeletal post-punk business with a girl singing and some tasteful minimal Afro-style lead guitar lines. It’s kind of like how I’d imagine a Delta 5 acoustic performance to sound....view item »

The Flaming Lips
The Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends

Now that the panic-buyers and flippers have been milked on the original RSD press of this album it’s getting a regular release anyway so us mere plebs can finally get our hands on a copy, which is nice because I was starting to think I’d never get one. Anyway, over the last y...view item »


I think ‘din’ could be the correct word to describe this mishmash of an album. This is someone out of Pit Er Pat, who were a band with songs etc, who has now journeyed wildly into the world of cut up splintered R&r...view item »

The Fresh & Onlys
Yes Or No

Tim Cohen and his motley crew of lads return for another batch of Fresh And Onlys tunes. ‘Yes Or No’ is the first single from ‘Long Slow Dance’ - th...view item »

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