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Feral Grind

The second release for Ali Wells’s (Perc) Submit label is a 4 track 12” and 11 track CD. Submit seems to be dedicated to exploring the more “experimental” noise/ industrial end of the techno spectrum, the first 12” on the imprint was Perc reworks of ...view item »

Ensemble Economique
no thing-ness

Ensemble Economique are next up on the luscious series of Dekoder 12”s celebrating ten years of the label. no thing-ness branches out from EE’s ambient Not Not Fun jams and into industrial worlds full of foreboding sonic architecture, grey concrete and, er, grist. On a wall-mount-worthy hybrid pictur...view item »


A taster from Lo-Fang’s album on 4AD, Blue Film. Matthew Hemerlein is a classically trained musician who has been inspired by his travels from his home in Maryland to Cambodia and Bali. He plays all the instruments on the album leading to a rich sound taking in everything from drums to piano and cello. On 12&rdquo...view item »

White Haus
White Haus EP

White Haus is the alter-ego of ex X-Wife chappie Joao Vieira, who’s pulling no punches on this debut EP of hard-hitting post-punk house action. The obvious comparison here would be LCD Soundsystem, keeping a chaotic live vibe going with dense polyrhythms and cheeky neon synths and ice cool spoken vocal...view item »

Ski Lodge
Big Heart

The difference between the last track I played on the Surf City album and the first track on this album could probably only be heard by people with dog ears. Its more poppy, indie, surfy stuff with heavy nods towards Best Coast and the type of chirpy upbeat simple indie pop that seems to be de rigueur these days....view item »

Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation
It Takes All Sorts

The debut single from the album ‘The Highs and Lows of Jacques Caramac and The Sweet Generation’ - a London-based Franco-Scottish band, although we can’t hold that against them. Britpoppy with a 197-0’s punk vibe, it’s a great track and a fine example of what the band can do. On bla...view item »


Avian sub-label Mira reaches its fourth release with an impressive 10" from Worn which is an alias of Ventress. As...view item »

It’s Not Unusual

The press release promises that D.O.A.'s cover of Tom Jones's 'It's Not Unusual' has "enough rasp to make even the most hardened punk fan cringe", but let me tell you it's not just the rasp that's making me cringe. This is of course a snotty sub-Snuff pop-punk take on the staple, bolstered by some punchy ...view item »

Open Water

Hand stamped and numbered, strictly limited to 320 copies. The ep’s opening salvo comes courtesy of Killawatt, who brings a dense combination of driving force and technical intricacy whilst Ipman imbues his version with urgent percussion and sense of cavernous tension. The second half of the release sees the debut of Osiris Music l...view item »

Stephen John Kalinich
A World Of Peace Must Come

Oddball 1960's poetry record from renowned Beach Boys lyricist performing some of his very own super idealistic poetry under hazy lights. If you like spoken word stuff about world peace etc then A World of Peace Must Come is the record for you. The main draw for Beach Boys ...view item »

I Do Not Love

This one here is a four-song 7" by Massachussetts indie-poppers I Do Not Love, and it's a breathy and earnest affair with lovely chiming guitars and deep vocals and lots of reverb all over everything, kind of floating around somewhere between Real Estate and The Smiths and the ...view item »

Gang Wizard
Important Picnic

Gang Wizard are not a real gang, or even a real wizard, but a band. There are five of them, three share a surname, they've been going for ages in one form or another and they make up their songs as they go along. Yeah, completely off the cuff, bash 'em out and see what happens style. It's brave, it's difficult, it's not always fun to listen to, ...view item »

What Time Is It? 1000 Bux.

Lying awake at 5.30 each morning certainly gives you stuff to think about. For example,  what is the middle spike bit of a record player called? (A spindle, apparently). Is it possible to invent a band worse and more annoying than Foals? (No). Do music writers by law have to pretend to like Vampire Weekend? (It seems so). And finally how do...view item »

Burnt Friedman & Daniel Dood-Ellis
Skies Okay Blue

More sophisticated electronic creations from Friedman who manages to impute so much subtle complexity into his rhythm that they actually sound like real drummers! There's a tangegible air of jazz fusion about the music which still retains that Berlin dubby edge. Also feature vocals by Texan Daniel Dodd-Ellis, cut-up and reconstructed by Friedman...view item »

Goldring / Thomson
For All #1: Nines

Enablers guitarists Kevin Thomson and Joe Goldring go head-to-head on this one-sided 12" on Lancashire & Somerset, which comes beautifully presented in a two-colour 12"x12" booklet which explains that the pieces here developed from a residency at the Marin Headlands Center For The Arts "to develop musical ideas...view item »

Jesse Ruins
Fractured Holy Symmetry

'A Film' was a record by shoegazing, pop dreaming, electronica-tinkering band Jesse Ruins, and 'Fractured Holy Symmetry' is a companion piece for all those who loved it, featuring remixes by artists such as Soft Metals, Naliza Moo, Radio Friends and Diane Halls, as well as six new Jesse Ruins tracks. A varied offering of noise and synt...view item »

Buffalo Tom
Big Red Letter Day

Buffalo Tom's fourth record was their stab at the 90s alternative mainstream. After the critical success of Let Me Come Over (a great but slightly bloated record that suffered from murky production), they hired the Robb Brothers; the production team who had brought sheen to the sound of the Lemonheads. The hope ...view item »

Dazed Gauntlet Archive
Beat Sessions Vol 1

A lost seminal classic of the whole 'wonky' hiphop thing. Drum machine beats by Ed209 (Crazy Robot Productions/ Stupid Fresh Crew) refixed using a guitar pedal by Bobby Void (Stupid Fresh Crew).Also dig for the ED209 solo EP and the frankly amazing 'Ice' by the now sadly disbanded Stupid Fresh Crew. Both 7s on Dazed Gauntlet records....view item »

Mesa Ritual
Mesa Ritual

We've an LP of slow, subtle dark atmospheres here from Mesa Ritual, the duo of William Fowler Collins and Raven Chacon. Like many things I've had to review this week, this isn't for people who like "music" per se, rather a textural exploration of hiss and crackle and static and buried, wavering drones. Buy this album expecting pop songs and you ...view item »

Ian Drennan
The Wonderful World

R&J Foods, your flapjacks are bizarre. I’ve just bought one from the corner shop and I would dare to say it’s full of salt. I’ll probably enjoy it when I’m 80, I read the most depressing thing that as you get older you put more salt and sugar onto food as your taste ...view item »

John Davis
Spare Parts

This is the first album from singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist John Davis in over 15 years, apparently. As a spring chicken of only 30 years myself, I suppose that gives me a good excuse to never have heard his music before, so if this review seems unresearched please forgive me. I’m quit...view item »

Okkervil River
I Am Very Far

Okkervil River’s sixth album “I am Very Far” begins with rhythmical opener “The Valley”. This is a song which builds with layers upon layers of texture added by extra instruments and increasing gang-like chanting vocals. “Piratess” stalks along like a panther and has an eighties-ness that almost makes yo...view item »

Os Ovni
Let's Leave Reality

Os Ovni are an electro-pop duo from Florida. Let’s Leave Reality is their debut album. Psychedelic synthesizer experimentation with glistening harmonies -- speeding through space and time --portray a future world in which we’ll all be looking over our shoulders. Let’s Leave Reality is ava...view item »

Sewn Leather
Freak On Hashish / Longboarding Is A Crime

Are you angry? Had enough of your job, your life, your broken down car and your girlfriend/boyfriend not putting out and not doing the dishes? Haven’t we all. Are you looking for a theme tune to aid you in your rampage as you sort out your life while spewing angry, long syllabulled rants at passers-by a la Mike Leigh’s Naked? This is...view item »

Ford And Lopatin
Emergency Room

This is a pretty little thing. The new Ford and Lopatin single is a picture disc 12" that comes in four different variations. They're all pretty similar, though, so I'm not sure I'd recommend shelling out the full fifty-six smackers for the set...the only variation between them is a different X-ray picture on the B-sides. Musically, we've got th...view item »

Hisato Higuchi
Otomeyama Bottoms

Japanese lo-fi singer songwriter Hisato Higuchi brings you his latest album for the 8mm Records label. This is a delicate sound of one man and his guitar, so intimate you might as well be sitting on his lap, like the kind of thing you might play on your guitar late at night after a f...view item »


Cool field music type stuff here called 'Project' by AER. It seems as though it was composed as the soundtrack to a video installation so maybe we're only getting half the story here, but all the same this is an enjoyable little listen. I say 'little' because there's only the one track here with one side mixed for listening on headphones and o...view item »

Let's Wrestle
Let's Wrestle

The Let's Wrestles return this week with a new album on FortunaPOP!. They seem to have matured from their obnoxious early shamblepop into a more polished kind of indie-pop, tightly delivered and full of falsetto vocal harmonies. I'm eating tacos with my housemate and he just said it sounds like the Kaiser Chiefs...view item »

Alice Cohen
Pink Keys

Alice Cohen returns with her second album for Crinoline assisted this time by the newly revived Olde English Spelling Bee. Anyone famili...view item »

John Cohen
Deaf Arena

It took me a minute or two to even figure out who made this very mysterious-looking CD, with the artist name and title relegated to a single mention on the insert, but it turns out it’s the work of John Cohen, aka one half of Dead Fader. It’s largely beat driven stuff ...view item »

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