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Martin Kuchen

This is the new LP from Martin Kuchen, who we in the office have established is a very serious man. You won’t find anything to smile about on this here record, it’s specifically and relentlessly bleak, dedicated “to the American auth...view item »

Edie Sedgwick
We Wear White

Edie Sedgwick is the long-running solo outlet of Justin Moyer, who has also been variously involved in El Guapo, Supersystem, Antelo...view item »

Omega Male
Omega Male

Features David Best from Fujiya & Miyagi it says on the sleeve. Presumably not the David Best I used to work with, a man who coined the ‘shuffling bits of paper around’ phrase that perfectly describes much of the office work I&rsq...view item »


I don’t know a lot about this lady but apparently she’s been having all sorts of superlatives thrown around regarding her act so I guess it’s about time I got involved. What’s happening on this here CD is an album of incredibly slick, heavily vocal-led experimental...view item »

Black White White Light
Infrared Daylight

Phil said that these lot are supposed to sound like Spacemen 3 but come across a bit more REM. I see what he’s saying. The opening track sounds like the type of bands who, in the late ‘80s, heard the REM ...view item »

Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X
Zulu Guru

The production is as always with these two simply amazing. The lyrics are poetic, alive and full of emotion. Plus JBIII does his usual great singing and MeLo-X adds his usual honest and deep lyrics. One thing though, this doesn't feel like a 'collab album', it feels like a Jesse Boykins album with some great verses from "MeLo-X" I love both of t...view item »

Maigret Jnr
Sick Friends EP

Like anyone, I can have a low voice if I want to- especially if I’m in full on seduction mode (readers, please calm yourselves) . I’m not sure how low it would be if my name was Rupert b...view item »

Robust Worlds
Emotional Planet

One of the worst sounds in the world is the sound of Vini Reilly singing. The Durutti Column guitarist has a wonderful dexterity on his chosen instrument but over the years insists on ‘singing’ over certain tracks - all but ruining t...view item »

Josh Mason

I can’t find any info out about this dude anywhere. I’m guessing he’s American as this was recorded in Florida and it’s a personal lament about US TV being a bit shit. I guess if he was from anywhere else in the world then he wouldn’t care. I do like Breaking Bad ...view item »

Ohio Penitentiary 511 Ensemble
Hard Luck Soul

This is a cracking album, a joy listen to, which makes it somewhat at odds with its background. An album originally issued in 1971 recorded by inmates at the institution they named themselves after this is the sound of escapism. Not the sort of leave the 9-5 behind escapism that many bands offer, but a real escape from the cages they were kept i...view item »

Cheval Sombre
Mad Love

The sad horse himself Cheval Sombre is back with another album of slow psychedelic pop, once again with buddies Sonic Boom and Dean Wareham in tow, among others. T...view item »

Matthew Friedberger
Matricidal Sons Of Bitches

One half of the zaniest indie rock sibling crew of all time, The Fiery Furnaces, Matthew Friedberger takes some time away from writing with genius sister Eleanor to do some solo stuff. Matricidal Sons of Bitches is a self-proclaimed horror show of a concept album. His name does not have the word burger in...view item »

Amon Duul
Live In Munchen, Germany 17/11/69

I'm fairly certain that this is actually a bootleg of the Amon Duul LP "Collapsing Singvogel and Ruckwarts",. Since that LP was famously culled from a monster jam session (along with 3 other LPs), I suppose it is technically Live in Munchen... but there is no crowd noise, and the ,music has clearly been edited. Th...view item »

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