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Hank IV
Depravity's Rainbow

7 inch singles are not really my thing to be honest, you kind of put it on and three minutes later it’s done, what’s the point? But I know a lot of you vinyl junkies out there are probably screaming at me right now!This rock ‘n’ roll punk act Hank IV make just the kind of ...view item »

Beer Damage
Hobo On The Face of Music

You all like weird records, right? Well here’s one of them now. My second of the day that falls into that “bonkers unclassifiable esoterica” bracket after I already had to try to wrap my head around that mammoth Ghedalia Tazartes reissue this morning. We’ve not been sent a p...view item »


There are a few of us here a little bit in love with New Zealand and the music that comes from it. As a young man, once weaned off Farley’s rusks, I graduated to the school of New Zealand skewed pop as performed by the likes of The Chills, The Verlaines, ...view item »

The Switchblade Kid
The Switchblade Kid

This debut album of garage rock/indie noise pop by The Switchblade Kid is full of JAMC/Stooges cliches and this genre is sounding all too done to death by now but I guess everything these days has been done before so why not stick to what you know. Tracks like &...view item »

Savaging Spires
National Supper Session

Here we have a super lo-fi reworking of Savaging Spires’ acclaimed debut album, recorded onto cassette huddled around one microphone this duo take us completely back to basics with these folk/psych musings. There’s no real specific track segments here, just side A and B of a constant flow...view item »

Dog Bite
Velvet Changes

I’m not sure if you are aware dear readers that we have a policy of writing little post-it notes on promos to ‘help’ us remember what they sound like. Brian is extremely prolific at this, typical descriptions include ‘generic lame indie toss’, ‘hideous Chris Rea/Paul Weller...view item »

I'm So In Love I Almost Forgot I Survived A Disaster

This is an excellent release. Indeed the Perfect soundtrack for a desperate ride escaping the end of the world. I was thinking about desert drives in west, the day after. LOVE / DISASTER. Eternal themes served by a very rich wildy-noise experimental music and a very inspired artist. Now waiting for the movie and the next PRAIRIE! recommended....view item »

The Pictish Trail
Secret Sound Vol. 2

My only previous exposure to this Pictish Trail chappie, alter-ego of Fence honcho Johnny Lynch, was on a wacky album he did not too long ago which contained a gruelling 50 30-second-long songs. I didn’t find it a lot of fun to listen to, but I’m obliged to ...view item »

A Little Planet

I missed the boat on Okamotonoriaki’s debut ‘Telescope’ a couple of years ago, although I hear it was good, but now I get to review his new one ‘A Little Planet’ and try to get my head around this Japanese audio-visual ...view item »

Moongazing Hare
The Sunderland Valves

Moongazing Hare is David Folkman Dorst, who hails from Denmark (not Sunderland, as the title might suggest). It's hard to describe the music Dorst makes --  it's part folk inspired singer-songwriter, part drone-based electronica. It's slightly unnerving, slightly soundscapey, very mellow and decidedly beautiful. Actually, i...view item »

Apache Dropout
Magnetic Heads

This is a lot of fun! What we have here isn’t exactly a “new” Apache Dropout album, but a rummage through their early self-released tapes, made between 2008 and 2009. Great stuff it is too! Murky lo-fi noise scuzz and tape murk do little to diminish the foot-stompin’ country-gara...view item »

Les Conversions
Les Conversions

Since I’m a self-professed Decimus fan I get the special treat of reviewing both of his Kelippah label’s offerings today. First was the confrontational creepscapes of his collab LP with ...view item »

Somewhere Else

I was curling my top lip out five minutes ago in frustration, trying to think who the second track here reminded me of. It was then that the dreadful image of Peter Cetera singing a ballad by Foreigner came floating sinisterly into the vacuous and hideously-lit main arena of my mind and I realised this is where the post-...view item »

The Ruby Suns

I’ve had better nights’ sleep. Not a wink ‘til about 2am then a dream about being stabbed to death. Nice, eh? But even with a full night’s glorious shuteye, I would still hate this record with every fibre of my being. From the opening track it’s clear that its horrid vapid pop. I don’t know what it’s aim...view item »

Lonely Hours

Girlseeker are a trio featuring two synthesizists and singer/guitarist Alexander Fnug Olsen, and this is a charming little nugget of lo-fi garage pop which as you would expect is drenched in ‘80s style keys, but that’s offset by quite a buzzy and obnoxious garage guitar tone and a ...view item »

Control Unit (featuring Massimo)
Top Trans

Clan Destine have been sending us a lot of good LPs lately, and this one comes from the shadowy duo Control Unit, with their friend Massimo providing electronics. This little slice of madness is a post-apocalyptic deal full of lo-fi squeaks and creaks al...view item »

This Town Needs Guns

A new generation of math kids is led by This Town Needs Guns, who assess the inventiveness and kinetic energy of bands like Ghosts and Vodka and Minus the Bear by way of the sadder, more melancholy works of early indie rock bands -- take the...view item »

The Children’s Hour

After finding out The Children's Hour opened for Zwan, I immediately explored their self-titled EP. Their first full-length, SOS JFK, is the perfect album for those times when you just need to mellow out, or need good study music. From the amazing harmonies of "Wyoming" to the soft sadness of "Adoption Day", the Children's Hour have this folk ro...view item »

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