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Noah And The Whale
Heart Of Nowhere

I tend to hate it when bands change their sound too dramatically from when I first fell in love with them. Noah and the Whale have definitely changed, but in a way that still reflects all the aspects for which I first came to be a fan. This album is like a perfect blend of the others, though definitely resonating more with The First Days of Spri...view item »

Coyote Clean Up
2 Hot 2 Wait

I used to listen to SiriusXM's "Chill" channel a lot, and "Awesome Luv" popped up. I liked it enough to sit in the parking lot until it finished, and wrote down the name of the artist. Going online, I was happy to discover that this entire album is excellent deep house, with complex textures and very danceable rhythms, which did not become tirin...view item »

The Pigeon Detectives
We Met At Sea

Leeds quintet The Pigeon Detectives are back with their fourth studio album: We Met At Sea. This record sees the band go back to basics, in a search for the simple indie sound that defined their earlier success. An upbeat sound paves the way on this record; it sees the popular noughties band reach new heights. ...view item »

It Hugs Back
Recommended Record

As It Hugs Back find their voice, they could be a formidable band to contend with in the future. It Hugs Back could be heralded as the next great reverb-drenched guitar/shoegaze band, they released a stellar series of vinyl only singles that all eventually found their way to the CD record room. The title, of course, says it all and a lot more, t...view item »

Control Unit
In The Frame

Control Unit, the duo of Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia, have another LP of their curious post-industrial analogue shudderscapes out, this time on Alt. Vinyl after previous offerings on ...view item »

Shannon Wright
In Film Sound

Atlanta's Shannon Wright's ninth studio offering In Film Sound is a dark, heavy thunderous album. Massive in France but little known over here, Wright has drawn comparisons to Cat Power and PJ Harvey, yet surpasses both in terms of raw, gritty punk rock filth. Unsettling, claustrophobic and altogether b...view item »

Animal City
See You In The Funny Pages

As well as getting copies of the first Giving Up album and the ace new 7” of blazing garage pop from Last Year’s Men, this week Sophomore Lounge have sent us this varied album of indie pop from Chicago qu...view item »


Thomas Klein, as well as being the drummer in the excellent Kreidler, is the main man in Solyst and must still dine out on the fact that he got awarded our coveted Album of the Week with his previous self titled offering. From the looks of things this album carries on from where the last one left off. Natura...view item »

Rich Ristagno
What Would It Be Like To Be Rich

This guy is totally rockin’ a strong moustache and mullet combo in the photo on the inner sleeve. This record was an autobiographical concept album recorded in 1981 in from a Detroit ex-garage-rocker-cum-accidental-no-wave-tourist. The record just oozes an extremely endearing non-pretentious, humble almost naive vibe. Not a single ...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
Crossing A Frozen Sea

Here’s a 12” single which is longer than most albums, featuring an “extended all night version” of Red Stars Over Tokyo’s ‘Crossing A Frozen Sea’ on one side, and a 20-plus minute remix by the German collective Magazine...view item »

Vulgar Fashion
Vulgar Fashion

Ok, outta Denton, Texas (home of Havergal!), I have no idea who these people are. If that is them on their facebook page then they look kind of like Peaking Lights gone feral. They produce a dirty, gritty, grimy electronic dirgey stew full of terrifying synths, one part ...view item »

Young Galaxy

Earlier this week I was temporarily put in charge of a child. Amazingly I got through the whole 30 seconds unscathed and didn’t manage to make any mistakes. I think I’ve finally grown up. From the sounds of their fourth album (fourth? who let that happen?) Young Galaxy are closer to the type...view item »

The Load

New on Memphis Industries, there are a tonne of records out there that sound like this - a mid-fi pop song somewhere between folk and electronica, it has a homespun feel leaving the track feeling curiously unfinished. What it does have is a catchy chorus, and main guy James Mathe has a voice that at ...view item »

The Peoples Temple
Live At Third Man

I like People’s Temple. On their two albums so far they’ve managed to knock out a disarmingly vital mixture of ‘60s garage rock and r’n’b for a sound that’s like Ty Segall knocking out some pepped up ...view item »

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