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Carol Kleyn
Return of The Silkie

Another lass wi’ t’harp. Done back in '83 when Joanna Newsome was still gurgling (some may say that she never stopped). Nice, folky, New Age-y harp music that had I heard it when ‘The Milk Eyed Mender’ came out would have probably led me to brand Newsome as a copycat rather than harp innovator. Nice....view item »


I had a Pikelet album ages ago but I don’t remember it sounding like this. Then again I can’t remember what day it is, or which way round to put my trousers on. Anyway this is their third album. They met when working as backing musicians for Ariel Pink (good luck ...view item »

Wymond Miles
Passion Plays

Former Fresh And Onlys guitar player Wymond Miles releases this single on the Sacred Bones label. 'A' side ‘Passion Plays’ is a gritty slice of goth/post-punk that sounds amazingly like an Interpol song. 'B' side ‘Bat...view item »

Ashes Of Ares
Ashes Of Ares

After leaving Iced Earth for the second time, Matt Barlow shows us that his voice is as unfaltering as ever with is new project Ashes of Ares. It is indeed a power metal album at heart, so expect powerful vocals, pummeling riffs, and thrashing drums throughout. With the help of Freddie Vidales (also formerly of Iced Earth) and Van Williams (Ex-N...view item »

Antecedent Conditions

I love my ‘Hibernate’ mug. It’s not actually my Hibernate mug, it belongs to the office but I do insist on drinking out of it at every opportunity. Coffee tastes better out of it somehow. Thank you to the nice people at Hibernate for such a wonderful mug. Hibernate, of course, is a label based ou...view item »

National Jazz Trio Of Scotland
Standards Vol. II

Slightly misleading name there Bill. Bill comes along and Bill writes lovely slices of music, Bill has beard, Bill tends his beard, Bill gets Norman involved. Bill writes lovely piano tunes and Bill asks lady to sing sweetly, Bill covers Moondog, Bill thinks about Moondog’s beard. Sorry....sorry, I thought I w...view item »

Ghosts On Tape
No Guestlist / Still Got the Feeling

For the uninitiated, Ghosts on Tape as a moniker seems incongruous to the floor-filling sounds he doles out here. Those after some Hauntological expeditions best cover your stylus in moss if you accidentally buy this. No Guestlist gets worked over a couple of times here, taken deeper, then taken to the play...view item »


Ambient-heads with long memories will be aware of Audela’s Black Death series, of which this is part 7, coming a mere four years after 5 and 6 dropped in ‘09. Here we have a CD with bonus limited 3” CD in which we stare into the void with them once again in yawning expanses of frosty darkmospherics with static hisses and metall...view item »

Monopoly Child Star Searchers
The Garnet Toucan

Toucan eh? According to the press release the toucan is a mediator between human and nature. Next time I want to discuss something with a tree I’ll know who to ask.Anyway this is the project from Spencer Clark who is one half of Skaters alongside the rather more well known ...view item »

French For Cartridge
Boxes/ Piff Paff Pow

Housed in very nice thick card. Very good girth. Last night we had a storm of epic proportions, the rain pounded down. I walked to the open bedroom window and said to my accomplice that “it hadn’t been this hard in years”. Well I’ve not seen anything this thick in years. What’s going on with the music though? ...view item »

Andrew Cedermark
Home Life

Those underwater people at Underwater Peoples rarely disappoint. Here’s the latest from them - the second album by Andrew Cedermark, former guitarist from celebrated indie rockers Titus Andronicus. He’s playing some ...view item »

Pete Um
Babysitting The Apocalypse

Lo-fi contrarian and tireless enemy of mundanity Pete Um is back with yet another limited LP of his oddball ramblings and stuttering sample mayhem (nice to spot yours truly on the thanks list “for probably stocking 5”, too). There are 21 songs ...view item »

Golden Suits
Golden Suits

When Fred Nicolaus was in college, he started a little band called Department of Eagles with his roommate. The band was a moderate success, and while they're still nominally `active', they haven't released a proper album since 2008's In Ear Park. Golden Suits offers up a lot of the slight askew indie-pop that the duo do so well. There's a good b...view item »

Emerald's Edge

Philogresz unleashes this nice 3 tracker on Echocord, the lead track of which contains pummeling drumming, a nice stretched out synth melody and a good pinch of icy European bleakness. Its less dub-techno-ey than a lot of the stuff on this very consistent label. The B side starts with a Mikkel Metal remix -nice...view item »

Black Rat Speedway Machine
No Gears, No Brakes, No Brains EP

Total DIY noise punk with just a hint of 50’s greaser thrown in for good measure, Black Rat Speedway Machine give us this 8, YES 8 track seven inch (although none of the tracks here are longer than 2 minutes long). The sound of this EP is that of absolutely no high production values whatsoever, this is downright dirty and loud, jus...view item »

The Wire
Issue 355

This edition of The Wire is coming straight outta Bristol, with a cover story on the Young Echo / Livity Sound crew. Furthermore, if you feel underinformed about Sheffield legends Cabaret Voltaire, you came to the right place: there is a Cabs Primer within these very pages. Oh a...view item »


This is a very fun and interesting recording. I honestly do not know how to describe it, but you can go to bandcamp and listen to it. It's an amazing drummer and a great keyboard player. It's not dance music. It's not rock, I guess it's just Zorch. I saw these guys live and they put on a great show - where live drumming meets inventive multimedi...view item »

Found A Flat / Ride The Horsey

The immediate thought that popped into my head when I listened to this was that it sounds like a slightly less developed LCD Soundsystem. The track 'Found A Flat' successfully keeps the tension which the song creates throughout.This is done with joyful synth layers that continue to build. The second song is a stab at a more dancey atmosphere, wh...view item »

Teenage Guitar
Force Fields At Home

More home-spun nonsense comes from Robert Pollard, who is frankly terrible at post-GBV retirement (which he has evoked twice now). Force Fields at Home sees his newest moniker Teenage Guitar spinning through jangle pop tunes similar to those of old, but without the same spr...view item »

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