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Spirit Of The Positive Wind
Spirit Of The Positive Wind

What the hell is this madness? After the Georgia Sea Island Singers took me somewhere nice it's up to this super-group to drag me back to the fierce, nightmarish industrial landscape from whence I came. Then again this isn't the sound of Bradford. I don't know what it's the sound of actu...view item »

Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen

With a name like Casiokids you know what to expect. It's like Twilight Sad calling themselves Noisy, Shoegazey Scottish Lads. This has the feel of a group who have heard that Postal Service album and thought 'we can do that' but forgetting to write any songs (thanks Mike for that analogy). ...view item »

Family Portrait
Dark Roast EP

I'm a big fan of Evan Brody's (a.k.a Family Portrait) self-titled debut on UP. To me it seemed like a coming of age record that paid homage to Brody's childhood influences whilst suggesting what may lie ahead for the artist. The Dark Roast EP differs greatly from his debut in that it seem...view item »

Carlos Giffoni
Little Mornings

What a smart looking thing this is, a square transparent flexi housed in holographic sleeve complete with Gremlins picture insert. Carlos kicks off with a little vocal ditty before heading straight into some modular synthesizer twiddlings. Beginning with some low end oscillations then in...view item »

Artificial Interface

Brad Rose (owner of Digitalist records and member of The North Sea, Charlatan, Altar Eagle) and Pete Fosco (Early Tunnels, Wasteland Jazz Ensemble) have been getting together to knock up tapes for a while now. Their style is synth drone electronics verses telecaster guitar in a longhaul d...view item »

Anthea Caddy/ Thembi Soddell

Room 40 have been delivering experimental music for quite some time now and if you thought they'd been quiet of late then think again as here's a new release by Aussie duo Anthea Caddy & Thembi Soddell. For their second release they're reshaping (and I quote from the press release) 'a...view item »

Dear Prudence

Dearie me. I let the gaffer choose my pile this week and wish I'd never bothered. This 'Valentine' single is kinda Florence & the Machine meets late period All About Eve anthemic tosh that will be filling the airwaves all ...view item »

Observe Ember Weeks

Nice looking record, this. They've all got a total handmade feel to them with the screenprinted covers on thick white paper, and the record's an intimate and personal little thing too, with lots of distant echoey guitars and vocals and some drone and chunter soundscape passages in between...view item »

Object Permanence

You can always depend on Weird Forest to hit you hard with summat super left-field and oddball, be it the madness of Yo-Yo Expressway Diet or the ambient cunning of Lil' B's beat-less synth record 'Rain In England'. Guess you could call the label's agenda post-everything 21st century po...view item »


Despite the affectation many bands are suffering from of having a vocalist who sounds eerily like the Animal Collective guy - those guys really have had an enormous influence over pretty much everyone, though having said ...view item »

Tidal & Rambutan
Tidal & Rambutan

On this very limited split LP we’ve got a long drone from Tidal (aren’t they a rock band? Not this one anyway) and a long drone from Rambutan. The Tidal one is quite new-agey, concordant, shimmering stuff that goes nowhere slowly and pleasantly. The Rambutan one has more new-a...view item »

Saul Ashby

No info on this guy I'm afraid but it sounds like the kind of thing you might be hearing more of in the future so keep an eye out for the name. 'Debutantes' is heavily produced, effectively performed, ambitious indie-pop of the likes we've heard plenty of times before. It's very British a...view item »

Teen Daze
All Of Us, Together

You just know what to expect from Teen Daze before you hear it. Firstly that awful name, secondly the Washed Out-aping sleeve artwork and within 30 seconds the...view item »

Red Stars Over Tokyo
4 Track 12"

Electronic experimentalists, these guys, and on this particular plate they've excelled themselves. The first two tracks covering one side veer between odd grumbling ricocheting IDM breaks and moods leading into a vortex of h...view item »

Signs of the Silhouette
Signs of the Silhouette

I can’t figure out a lot about this duo, but they’re doing some kind of guitar and drum performance art where they improvise along to projected visuals. Well I think that’s what they do from reading their somewhat cryptic press release. Phil says he thinks they wear craz...view item »

Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation
It Takes All Sorts…

Here’s a weird little novelty single. It’s on stripy black and white vinyl like a liquorice allsort and both the artist and song titles are all confectionery-based puns. On the first side we’ve got ‘It Takes All Sorts...’, a bouncy glam pop number with English lan...view item »

Sic Defence
Iron in The Soul/ Maze

On this single here, Londoners Sic Defence play some snotty post-punk music with snarling vocals, hi-gain guitar jangle and a mid-paced punky clatter from the rhythm section. It’s got quite a ‘90s indie feel to it, reminding me of that band Stony Sleep for some reason. Quite garag...view item »

She's The Wave

Good lord, this is bonkers. I thought these guys would just be some indie band but instead I’m getting some kind of future-acid techno-rock apocalypse with hyperactive beats and full-voiced female vocals. It’s a whole mish-mash of indie-dance, glitch-hop and a hint of dubstep ...view item »

The London Dirthole Company
Modern Ist EP

Here’s a band who are probably lots of fun to see live. If the record sleeve is to be believed, the London Dirthole Company boast four drummers, three guitarists, a bassist and a rotating line-up of singers, so I’ll bet their shows are real parties. On the first side of this 7&rdq...view item »

The R.G. Morrison

The R.G. Morrison is a lad from Totnes (home of the bickering fair!) who as well as singing in this very un-English sounding group, runs a label, a record shop and has a girlfriend...and all by the age of 25. I say un-English as this brand of gentle country-ish acoustic melancholy sounds like it has eme...view item »

Gary War

Zontag is the totally fun 7-inch single from nutjob Gary War. His output could be impressively termed ‘the most obtuse music produced by a member of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Here he jets in-and-out of cosmic zones in pursuit of his twisted and dense pop muse. Perhaps best enjoy...view item »

Alex Durlak

This is a beautiful looking thing. It’s on one-sided white vinyl with a story extract printed on the other side, housed in a fancy weird sleeve with one translucent side so you can read it. Very classy. Anyway, it’s on Damian Valles’s Komino imprint and it...view item »

Sofa Club
Actual Video

Sofa Club are a trio from Staten Island who play bouncy and slightly saccharine ‘80s-inspired synthpop which brings to mind all sorts of bands; ABC, Duran Duran and The Human League, or more recently Passion...view item »

Flamenco Abstractions

I’m generally happy with anything that makes my life easier. A chair for example. This morning I was moving stock around the stock room, on my feet the whole time. After two hours I could think of nothing other than a nice sit down. Having found a chair, the sit down was just immense! I ...view item »

Let's Say We Did
Hello Creatures

Remember the ‘90s? God, I do. Amongst some amazingly brilliant stuff a lot of the bands from then were rubbish weren’t they? Utter Garbage. We must remember this amongst the clamour to re-listen, re-work and re-issue all things early ‘90s. But that doesn’t stop a whole host of young pretenders being deeply in thrall to th...view item »

Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins
Pop Stopper

This is a radio friendly R’n’B pop tune complete with the usual rap middle part in the same vein as say Mary J Blige, side B is more hip hop related, a rap love song that reminds us, hey rappers have feelings too! Out on SomeOthaShip Connect Records....view item »

Les Conversions

After an impressive debut LP of playful darkness on Decimus’s own Kelippah imprint, No-Necking trio Pat Murano, Jason Meagher and Dave Shuford have teamed up once more as Les Conversions for another go, this t...view item »

Laughing Eye Weeping Eye

“Laughing Eye Weeping Eye transports you to another place, perhaps....... to a magick ceremony with fire-breathing serpents.” Bleats the press release. But why would I want to go there when I could sit at home and watch ‘The Voice’ on TV? Ok then, if I really have to. More entertainingly, on the back sleev...view item »

Grass House
And Now For The Wild

Dead serious these lot. They have a very serious sleeve with lots of smoke coming out of a volcano on one side and on the other a very serious looking industrial area, somewhere akin to Middlesbrough. The song starts deadly serious, however, when they sing cuckold, it sounds rather like cuckoo. The song builds in momentum, the vocals somewhere b...view item »

Net Shaker
I'm So Cold

This is one of those records where you can clearly identify influences and yet the finished product is entirely their own. 'I'm So Cold' is the debut LP from Los Angeles duo Erik Frydenborg and Ernest Gibson and what a glorious mess it is. From the primitive/ crude but functional drum machine rhythms to the stuttering ...view item »

Puzzle Muteson

Isle of Wight singer-songwriter Terry "Puzzle Muteson" Magson returns this week with a second LP of wistful sadpop, a follow-up to 2011's 'En Garde'. This has 10 of his own songs and a cover of New Order's 'True Faith', all presented in impeccably understated arrangements which...view item »

Puzzle Muteson
En Garde

"I thought it was a woman but it's a bloody bloke". So said a million dads as Boy George first appeared on Top of the Pops. I had the same revelation with this wonderful new 7" on Bedroom Community. I had it down as a kooky woman from Sweden, instead its a bloke from the Isle of Wight with a particular high pitch tenor somewhere between Nick...view item »

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