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Death Hymn Number 9
3rd Degree Moon Burns

Death Hymn Number 9 forms an ear-orgy of energy, noise and violence as soon as the needle touches the record with their 2nd album 3rd Degree Moon Burns. After coming across this record in a store I knew I had to buy it, despite only hearing it online two or three times and its only grown on me. The mumbled, screechy vocals on this record are an ...view item »

Of Montreal
Lousy with Sylvianbriar

The somethingth album from the Athens, Ga lot is, despite its title, a generally straightforward affair full of 70's style country rock inflections that may leave fans of their early all-over-the-shop meanderings wondering what has happened. Possibly the point where their penchant for eccentric stagewear was deemed more important than their...view item »

The Herms
Drop Out Vol:1

Here we have a collection of demos, rarities and general oddities from The Herms, a ramshackle bunch of lads that make the strangest of lo-fi garage pop with a surreal edge. I'm always amazed at how a lot of these garage rock/pop bands sound so old, like they've stepped into a time machine and recorded their album back in 1975, I guess The Herms...view item »

Mark Tranmer
How Scarlet The Leaves

Ooh, a new Mark Tranmer LP! The older folks amongst you may remember him from Gnac and The Montgolfier Brothers from the late ‘90s who were popular back in the day (and still should be now!). This is his first al...view item »

Return From The Stars

US producer Strategy gets a release on Chris Farrell's Idle Hands imprint, offering up a 12" slice of downtempo goodness There's a Peverelist remix of Strategy's "Return From The Stars" on offer, and so the sounds begin to mesh and fall out into a wonderful collage of house, dub an...view item »

A Storm Of Light
Nations To Flames

Cruel sonic doomers A Storm of Light continue to drop their music from great heights onto the unsuspecting mass of people underfoot. Nations To Flames has a couple of most metal features on it, with Neurosis' Josh Graha and Kim Thayil from Soundgarden. A no...view item »

Jacuzzi Boys
Jacuzzi Boys

Here’s the third album from Jacuzzi Boys, and they’ve decided to go self-titled this time. Their ‘Live At Third Man’ LP resulted in probably my favourite review in Norman history from the much-missed Dave (f'realzies. Look it up), but what’s in store this time round? Well, it&rsquo...view item »


So it turns out that my memory does indeed work. I remember this lad from his previous ‘Rollerblades’ single and talk of him being the saviour of UK pop...or something. The aforementioned ‘Rollerblades’ turns up three tracks in and it’s very typical of the type of music he produces. It’s...view item »

Up Around The Sun
Up Around The Sun

Formally a member of Texas punk outfit The Big Boys, Up Around the Sun is a different vehicle entirely for singer-songwriter Tim Kerr. He's teamed up with claw hammer banjo-maestro Jerry Hagins and recorded a lively album of old-time songs. Loads of fiddle, harmonica and banjo and a rollicking good thigh-slapper it is. It's on vinyl and it's ace...view item »

Chris Grant
It’s You!

Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Chris Grant's debut album, out on Alan McGee (who signed Oasis)'s 359 label. Formerly a member of the group The Grants, Chris has drawn comparisons with Noel Gallagher. This is the first single taken from his debut solo album 'It's not about War'. Limited to 359 copies. ...view item »

La La Vasquez

I am very excited about this record. It has a genuine old-skool punch-out Jukebox centre hole just like 7"s from the 50's to the 80's had. I think they died with the last Smiths Rough Trade single hahaha! The pressing plant must have reconditioned an original machine to manufacture this single. It really makes my heart sigh in a such a nice way,...view item »

His Clancyness

Fat Cat Records have released this full length album from Ottawan Jonathan Clancy, under his musical moniker His Clancyness. He makes cool, quirky, psyche-pop gems, recording mostly in his bedroom and then jamming out with friends. With previous releases being early cassettes of demos, it's nice to hear Clancy with decent production and a backin...view item »

Sparkling Wide Pressure
Stream Returner

We’ve got a couple of these limited CDs in from the reliable Analog Path this week and one of them is this one by Sparkling Wide Pressure. There are four tracks in all, totalling about 45 minutes of music, which is of the lo-fi droney ambient variety. Layers of shifting, shimmering synths are joined by echoed, unintelligible vocal ...view item »

Alex Chilton
Electricity By Candlelight – NYC 2/13/97

It's nice to have this little document of an intimate night in the presence of Alex Chilton. After a power cut at the gig, Chilton decided to carry on with his acoustic guitar. He improvised a few covers to a delighted crowd. it's fun, not brilliantly recorded but again nice to have. Tagged on the end is a supe...view item »

Week Of Wonders
Piggybacks / End of the Day

I wonder if this band Week of Wonders have taken their name from that Czech cinema classic ‘Valerie and her Week of Wonders’ or if it’s just a coincidence. It’s anyone’s guess really. What I do know, though, is that this lot are from Seattle and there are three of them and they have links to ...view item »

Doug Tielli

Doug Tielli lives in Toronto, where he is a well-known name on the underground music scene. Much of Kerelsey, though, was conceived in a rainy two months spent in the suburb of Coventry, England, with the same name. English folk influences are audible on the album, alongside African and Brazilian vibes. On CD or vi...view item »

These Days

The playful, sophisticated dance pop of Italian duo M+A's second album These Days is so seamlessly hooky and compelling that upon listening it's hard to imagine a world without it. It's a perfect distillation of a yearning for endless summer. M+A's 2011 debut Things. Yes was an inventive and spirited exploration of an organic, heartfe...view item »

Hazy Lights

Experimental, hazy folk stripped bare, with breathy female vocals and a slightly unnerving feel. Much more ambient than the previous release 'To the other side', 'Hazy Lights' is meditative, subtle and minimalistic-sounding. Slow-burning, melancholic and emotional. Vinyl LP on the Boring Machines label. ...view item »

Wax Idols
No Future

Once again HoZac give us some gold, this time in the shape of San Francisco's Wax Idols, who play girl-fronted post-punk that could have come from any point in the past 30 years. The drums and bass are thumping and the guitar is skeletal and all the songs have catchy tunes and big choruse...view item »

Kaboom Karavan
Short Walk With Olaf

American folk music stretched beyond all point of recognition. The drones on display on Short Walk With Olaf bring together the disciplines of New Weird America with the stuttering sounds of a fragmented recording session: pianos that recall A. Silver Mt Zion sparkle then die out, as v...view item »

Aisha Burns
Life in the Midwater

Violinist and vocalist Aisha Burns is from San Antonio, Texas. A former member of folk rock bands Alex Dupree and the Trapdoor Band, and Balmorhea, this is her debut solo release. Dealing with the themes of love, loss and the loss of feeling immortal that comes with hitting your mid-twenties. Vinyl or CD on Western Vinyl. ...view item »

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