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Derek Piotr

Not heard either of Derek Piotr's first two records so I’m a little lost for reference. He was nominated for the Rix Ars Electronica for Digital Musics prize last year so his music is definitely recognised within it’s field but somehow his output has passed me by. Sorry Poitr lad. His digital cut-up approach makes for a slightly diso...view item »

Living Music
To Allen Ginsberg

This is an odd little number. A bunch of Italians setting the poems of Ginsberg to tribal, psychedelic music. Why should this work, how could it work. Well around a minute and a half into the opening track 'Howl' and you begin to see how the simple, repetitive beats are the perfect platform for the strong vocals wh...view item »

Alastair Galbraith - Jean Jacques Palix - David Watson
Pure Speculation

In a sad indictment of some of the bollocks that passes for music these days I’ve just hurled the last three records off the stereo and out of the window (I wish). I’m only sticking with this as I’m a fan of Alastair Galbraith and once the bagpipe has done its thing it gets pretty interesting. Yup, the one long 22 minute piece ...view item »

Nat Baldwin
Dome Branches: The MVP Demos

Western Vinyl release 'Dome Branches' by double bass/singer-songwriter Nat Baldwin, a collection of demos from his 2008 album ‘Most Valuable Player’. As well as performing with such critica...view item »

Moods of Future Joy

Bristol's vast ocean of dubstep music throws another wave our way with Gudio, who's on his second record at this point. Moods of Future Joy follows-up the intricate Anieda, a full-bodied and difficult-to-categorise record that brought out the "post-dubstep" fangs. This one continues to show ...view item »

Wet Salt

Here’s the latest single from indietronic-pop duo Psapp, who also have an album out this week. On the A side we’ve got ‘Wet Salt’, which mixes tinkly calypso rhythms with a bright synth melody and silky almost Saint Etienne-ish vocals. You probably know the s...view item »

The History Of Apple Pie
Don't You Wanna Be Mine?

Released on Marshall Teller Records this is just a taste of what’s to come on The History of Apple Pie’s much anticipated forthcoming second album. ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Mine’ is a psych/garage pop song with a little '60s hammond organ fe...view item »

Star Spangled Banana
Pebbles 2000

Claiming to be the creators of a whole new genre called bubble-grunge, and then claiming to be the pioneers of said paradoxical genre, Star Spangled Banana play a kind of gorgeous alt rock that uses low-end and gruesome amps to a joyous end. Pebbles 2000 is a tribute to a bunch of fun-time old p...view item »

The Cyrillic Typewriter

Supposedly the soundtrack to an unreleased horror film, this album is a bold new step from The Cyrillic Typewriter. Evoking flowing rivers, exploration and a Heart of Darkness-style plot with a final, dreaded discovery, this album, which may or may not be an experiment in cinematic experimentation, is limited to...view item »

Holy Fire / Live At The Royal Albert Hall

The ever evolving Oxfordian quintet decided to accompany the release of their third studio album, Holy Fire, with a CD and DVD recording of their live performance at The Royal Albert Hall. For any Foals fan, this is a must. See the trailer....view item »

Richard Chartier
Interior Field

Field recordings from Richard Chartier from a variety of spaces around the world, large and small, have been converted into a minimalist album that needs space, peace and quiet to truly absorb. The layers and sounds build up to a sedate soundscape well worth exploring.  CD on Line, limited to just 500 copies....view item »

Neil Mcsweeney

Third studio album from Sheffield folk singer-songwriter Neil McSweeney. Sweeney has been making increasingly big waves on the English folk scene with his fresh take on the genre, including collaborations with (among others) Matthew Boulter and Brooke Williams, and a recent tour supporting Richard Hawley. CD on Harbour Song Records. ...view item »

Bass Clef
Stenaline Metranil Solar Flare (Bass Clef Remix / Pev Remix)

Deliciously titled single from Bass Clef. This 12” presents two different remixes of Strenaline Metranil Solar Flare (a track from Clef’s 2012 Reeling Skullways album), one by the man himself, and one Peverelist, boss of the Punch Drunk label that is releasing this ...view item »

Cut Copy
Free Your Mind

Cut Copy have been searching-out the new party and they think they’ve found it on Free Your Mind. It exists somewhere in Melbourne. It evokes UK acid house. Phrases like “higher states”, “warehouse parties” and “becoming at one with the music” were offered; Cut C...view item »

Dead Gaze
Brain Holiday

Dead Gaze is the brainchild of Mississippian Cole Furlow, turning out for his first collection on Palmist. Cole sounds like he has honed his craft tinkering in the bedroom with eyes fixed firmly on the stars, with big fuzzy hooks on humble budgets. This is super-catchy stuff to file in-spirit next to 2014’...view item »

Saint Rich
Beyond the Drone

Superchunk's own Merge Records releases this debut album from Saint Rich, a band started by former Delicate Steve songwriters Steve Marion and Christian Peslak; after jamming in Marion’s studio in their native New Jersey they had written ...view item »

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