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Mixed Band Philanthropist
The Impossible Humane

Our 'but what that means for you the listener' Clint had a go at reviewing this but gave up, handing it over to me in despair with the mysterious claim “it’s like Nurse With Wound but kind of funnier”. I’m listening to it now and it seems like he pretty much nailed it. This is franti...view item »

Great Thunder
Groovy Kinda Love

Mr K from Swearin' and Ms K from Waxahatchee have teamed up for this rather peculiar double LP of lo-fi pop experimentalism with emphasis on the "mentalism". As if to emphasise that point, the first proper track 'Virgin Snow' veers drunkenly from weird percussive guitar and bass...view item »

Eugene Skeef & Rae Howell
Heavy Forest Air

Eugene Skeef and Rae Howell recorded this collaborative piece live at the Rolston Recital Hall at The Banff Centre, Alberta in Canada. In a room full of percussion instruments, the project began as a three month study of winter musics. Recorded by Jared Miller, the three collaborators have produced something won...view item »

John Zorn
Fragmentations, Prayers And Interjections

To some it's probably the most terrifying idea anyone could possibly have, but to others, John Zorn making music for an ensemble is a welcome and delightfully disastrous notion. The grindcore jazz maestro made Fragments, Prayers and Interjections to be played by large orchestras with plenty of resources to han...view item »


We've got a couple of old LPs in from German noiseniks Gammelfleisch along with their hypno-themed split LP with psychedelic golden boys Gnod. I'm having a spin of 'Kicker' and it's an entertainingly grotesque repeato racket. The formula is a fairly simple and well-worn one; the bass and drums lock into a primal thumpi...view item »

Ricardo Donoso
Iron / Verse Remixes

Digitalis are on a bit of a roll right now, well I guess it always kinda is, but it seems like the label is on fire right now with great releases these past coupla weeks from Koenraad Ecker and ...view item »

Black Hat
Thought of Two

Seattle resident Nelson Bean a.k.a Black Hat is an experimental drone man working on the fringes of the underground dance scene and producing some pretty interesting and, considering the connotations connected with the style, very rhythmic work. Here we’re presented with three distinct pieces of out there dance music meant for home...view item »

Art of Noise
Live At The End Of A Century

This limited edition picture disc, Live At The End Of A Century, features three tracks from the Art of Noise album Reconstructed….For Your Listening Pleasure, which was originally released in 2004. The line-up featured three original members: Paul Morley, Trevor Horn and Anne Dudley with the edition of 1...view item »

Dimitrios K

Liking the opening track here. This is a 12” of remixes from the self titled debut as reviewed enthusiastically by Brian here. The Van Rivers mix is a nice slab of housey techno with a...view item »

Tax Haven 3

Finally! The definitive collection of Swiss and Lithuanian tax exemption laws. And by Swiss and Lithuanian I mean Spanish and Portuguese, and by tax emption laws I mean bass-heavy music. Ranging from empty techno to funky and playful funky soundscapes, this is an interesting tapas of the Iberian music scene....view item »

Ike Yard
Loss (Regis Remix)

Here's a little one-sided taster for an upcoming Ike Yard remixes album, and it's got Regis reworking 'Loss'. It starts out as a stuttering little techno beat and cut-up vocal sample, but that eventually develops into a pulsating wall of synth bloops anchored by a steady bass drum and snare, a pulsating shivering em...view item »

Joasihno & Jel
Lay Down / Hypnotize

Neat little 7" from The Notwist’s Alien Transistor label. Anticon man Jel constructed ‘Hypnotise Us’ out of fragments sourced from Munich duo Joasihno, while ‘Lay Down’ is a brand new track from the German pair. Looped acoustic strums, somnambule...view item »

Michael D Donnelly
I’ve Come to Love You Forever

From one nightmarish-sounding record to another, I've just tackled the dark recesses of Jakob Riis & Bill Horist's psyches and now I have to dive headlong into the paranoid crevasses of a certain Michael D Donnelly's tortured id. Opener 'With Ease' here gives us electrical crackles and a meandering droned synth melody along ...view item »

Vinny Peculiar
The Root Mull Effect

If you've never heard Vinny Peculiar before, 'The Root Mull Effect' is a great place to get started. The songs span ten years of recordings, and include some of his finest works. He's played in many bands, including with ex members of The Fall, Oasis and The Smiths and has performed poetry, as well as music, on many stages. Available on CD....view item »

Team Spirit
Team Spirit EP

The sleeve of this record looks pretty evil, so I figured it was going to be a bit of a bad-vibes metal band or something, but that’s not the case as I put the disc on the player. In fact Team Spirit are peddling a relentlessly upbeat take on that late ‘90s pop-rock sound, nice chunky rhythm section, S...view item »

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers
Die Gute Besserung

With a name like The Splendid Ghetto Pipers, you don’t know what to expect. But it certainly isn’t an epic hour-and-a-half long drone fest, which is exactly what Die Gute Besserung is. Recorded live, the CD takes you through layers and layers of noise, static, hauntingly subtle melodies and tenderly quiet gu...view item »

Pyrolator's Traumland

The Ata Tak label founder and experimental musician known as Pyrolator strayed off his usual path with his 1987 album, Pyrolator’s Traumland. The album was more of a conventional pop/jazz effort which could have seen him break the charts. The album polarised opinion between fans and critics. This reissue gives eve...view item »

Russian Torrent Versions 6

With an album name that is almost as hard to torrent as Album by Girls, Karlist has a brilliantly named series underway. Add to that the fact that the music is also tight, sounding like it was commissioned by an early 80s factory overseer who wanted his workers to even harder after he had them ingest sp...view item »

World Arena

Bronze impressed us a lot when they released 2011's 'Copper' LP but nobody else seemed to be paying much attention so they're back at you with another one, 'World Arena'. I'm going to review it as if I didn't already know what they sound like since nobody bought that last one. This lot have a clever and woozy aesthetic which pairs repeti...view item »

Ruby Friedman

Life is the first single by New York based singer/songwriter, bandleader and composer Ruby Friedman to be released on Room 609 Records. It is her fourth single in total, the previous three being self-released. Her songs have been used on TV shows such as America’s Got Talent, Sons Of Anarchy and Justified. ...view item »

Forever Singles

Delightfully green limited edition LP from the good people at Suicide Squeeze. Forever Singles brings together all the singles the label has put out, by bands including Meat Market, The Coathangers, and Dirty Beaches, whose Stateless album has been going down very well in 2014....view item »

Spectre Folk

Its not just some guys jamming. Its Pete Nolan from Magik Markers, Steve Shelley from the Sonic Youth, Aaron Mullan from Tall Firs and Mark Ibold from Pavement. They do an ancient sounding ...view item »

Greg Ashley
Another Generation Of Slaves

Greg Ashley seems a bit vexed out about something. I'm not sure what, I mean he's got his record deal with Trouble In Mind and he seems to have a lot of friends who want to play with him but still, something's just not right. He's telling us all about it on his new album 'Another Generation of Slaves' which imbues his ...view item »

Blood Oranges
The French Word For Love

Leeds very own Blood Oranges have a newy out on Things To Make And Do and it’s purest twee/indie-pop all the way. No harm in that mind, especially for fans of the genre. Personally I thought Blood Oranges had split up or at least change their name but here they are with a t...view item »

John Zorn
The Hermetic Organ Vol. 2—St. Paul’s Chapel

Someone unsuspecting fool gave John Zorn access to an organ, which he took full advantage of for The Hermetic Organ, Vol. 2 - St. Paul's Chapel, a work of improvised compositions that coalesced at the eponymous chapel. Zorn moves from dramatic suites tantamount to religious experience to quiet, ...view item »

Nicolas Bernier
frequencies (a / fragments)

Get ready to stroke your beard, there's a new CD from Line in the office! This one's from Nicolas Bernier and contains a combination of sine wave drones and "a series of custom made devices in which computer-controlled solenoids activate a variety of tuning forks", it's a detailed exercise in high pitched, glassy drones in which the physical rin...view item »

Throats / Maths

Widely regarded as a bedrock of the Holy Roar label’s back catalogue, Split served to thrust the two bands, Maths and Throats into the public arena. Split features five songs by each band. Maths engage the listener with their brand of melodic, complex noi...view item »

Mick Turner
Don't Tell The Driver

We’re not perfect. In the rough and tumble day to day existence of life in the hurly burly world of record selling we tend to miss things or forget about them altogether. I realised to my horror when filing away some old promos that we have yet to tell you about this super little album by one of the men from the ...view item »

Arthur Beatrice
Working Out

Working Out is the new album by English indie-poppers Arthur Beatrice. The band Formed in 2010 and were awarded the accolade of the Guardian’s New Band Of The Day in 2011. They have been compared to The Sundays, The Smiths and The XX but all you really need to kno...view item »

Operations (Monoton aka Konrad Becker)

A thumping, groovy beast from electronic arts pioneer Monoton. For Operations he teams up with Viennese vocalist Sela to present a unique project fusing modern technology with ancient communication techniques. Taken from the vaudevillian live show it’s a dark trip into the Twilight Zone. Out on 10...view item »

Vaghe Stelle
Sweet Sixteen

Italian electronic artist Daniele Mana releases this is debut smattering on a white vinyl LP with no sleeve or credits, a plastic dust cover the only thing separating the vinyl from the cold, hard ground. The opening ‘My Birthday’ sounds like a cat clawing at a synth and doesn’t bode well but ‘Sweet Sixteen‘...view item »

Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs
Highwaymen EP

I'm not familiar with Andrew Paine although a quick search tells me he has a few records out and I've just not been paying enough attention. Richard Youngs I do know though, since he brings out a new album of his mind-melting experimental singer/songwriterisms every three or four months. This is not the pair's first collaboration. Their 'Rotten ...view item »

Juan Wauters
N.A.P. North American Poetry

I went dog-eared into the cinema yesterday to watch ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’. Two hours of unrelentingly bleak Coen Brothers brilliance which exemplifies the struggles of the solo singer songwriter troubadour, as true today as it was in the ‘60’s in which it was set. The conclusion being  - if you aren’t ...view item »

Mississippi Sheiks
Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order Vol 4

Jumping into my time machine for another one from that ace Third Man reissue series of the people who influenced the people who influenced your favourite musicians. This is the fourth volume from the Mississippi Sheiks with recordings spanning 1932-34. This crew had a fluctuating line-up mostly consisting of members of the Chatmon family - cousi...view item »

Lazy Smoke
Corridor of Faces Demos

Psychedelia you can tell back-in-my-day stories about; from way back in 1967, Lazy Smoke were a short-lived group who made pop an eccentric and exciting thing. Corridor of Faces Demos shows the band in their early inception, and also features two songs made before the band were ever known as Laz...view item »

Le Travo
Erring And Errant

Back from the late 80s heydays of synthesizer post punk experimentation, Le Travo is finally reissued for all you happy campers who missed their first opportunity at this groundbreaking record. Released at first as a split ep, Erring and Errant is now available on its own ground, with 3 added bonustracks....view item »

Hathir Sakta

Malkuth launch a treble-heavy experimental black metal assault on your ears with their album Hathir Sakta. The New York trio comprise two untamed guitarists and an equally wild drummer who are let loose on the world - there’s no bass to hold things together. Hathir Sakta is available on vinyl LP....view item »

Swearing At Motorists
Burn Down The Wire

Swearing At Motorists, aka Dave Doughman, a very friendly man with a cracking moustache, hasn't put out any records in a while, but now he's back with a new single right now and a new album quite soon, which is exciting. I have a bit of a head start on this review because these songs have been available for a while online, but I'm happy to see t...view item »

Yuri Landman Ensemble (featuring Jad Fair & Philippe Petit)
That's Right, Go Cats

What a collection of interesting characters on this release! Yuri Landman is a maker of experimental electric stringed instruments, Jad Fair is in Half Japanese, and Philippe Petit is a turntable-utilising sound artist. That’s Right, Go Cats captures the ensemble ...view item »

Jeffrey Novak
Lemon Kid

Cheap Time frontman Jeffrey Novak drops his third solo effort this week, and it’s a rambunctious trip through the psych-pop backwoods as you would expect from this chappie, only this time round he’s reined in his more anarchic instincts to put together a collect...view item »

Hatti Vatti
Worship Nothing

It's taken me a couple of listens to get my head around this album, not so much because of what goes on as because of how little happens, but it happens in a very tasteful and listenable way, especially enjoyable whilst cooking dinner I found. Hatti Vatti seems to be re-disturbing the soil under which the short-lived post-driftstep movement of a...view item »

1 (FXHE 10 Years Mix)

Celebrating its 10-year run, FXHE has decided to treat us to a sweet little mix CD. The first half of the song comes from the hands of our long-time pal Omar S, who's invited some buddies along as well to turn this birthday treat into one tight electronic thumper. Includes both classics and young releases!...view item »

You're Not Gonna Get It (1978-81)

Chicago's Epicycle were much lauded in the late '70s scene they sprung from, but fizzled out before they made any significant impact on the musical landscape of the time. HoZac haven't forgotten them, though, and here's a collection of their studio recordings ready to be discovered by fresh ears. The quartet barely look old enough to shave on th...view item »


A few years ago, Noah and the Whale had enough of their quirky folk pop and decided they wanted to be Bruce Springsteen. The former We Are Augustines have had a similar light bulb moment between their previous ‘Ris...view item »

First Base
First Base

HoZac have some hot platters for us this week in the shape of a couple of new additions to their Archival series, resurrecting some overlooked power-pop by Chicago's Epicycle and Toronto's First Base. Oh wait, what's that? This is a new album, apparently. You wouldn't know it to listen to it, though - this is by-...view item »

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