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Adult Life

Cocktails know growing up will kill you, eventually. But somewhere between the mundane strictures of a responsible American life in the 21st century, with its attendant student debt, meager 401 (k)s, and the macro brew-soaked recklessness of youth is a sweet spot. This is where the San Francisco quintet's debut LP Adult Life resides. Gone is the...view item »

Earwax Volume One

Dirty, grotty yet wholesomely uplifting,  Earwax Volume One is a fine mesh of beats and samples to dive into. Featuring the likes of Odd Nosdam, Michael J Collins and Ceschi, it’s a funkily versatile introduction to the unique aesthetics of the US spanning Filthy Broke label....view item »

Beth Orton
Central Reservation - Expanded Edition

It was released in 1999 as a follow up to the acclaimed Trailer Park and received a Mercury Music Prize nomination and helped Beth earn a BRIT Award in 2000 for Best British Female. The album also features in the book, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. The album featured the hit singles Stolen Car and Central Reservation and is n...view item »

The Cameraman ́s Revenge

We've got a couple of fascinating treats from Cineploit this week, the first of which is this LP by Rashomon, the movie-themed solo project of Matt Thompson, who also plays in the bands Zoltan and Cremator. On this LP (and accompanying DVD) he has created scores for two short films by...view item »

Tyler Mae
Warriors / Do Or Die

Tyler Mae have had a run of festival appearances and support slots with Example, Enter Shikari and King Blues and Warriors/Do Or Die has been played on Radio 1, XFM and appeared on the Kerrang playlist. Look out for their tours in 2015. Warriors/Do Or Die is available on 7” single through ...view item »

Blank Slate 004

Mirko is getting all up inside ya on this one. Blank Slate 004 is a big slab of mind melters from the New York label. These four tunes slip n slide around all the frequencies, from the sub-centric "Bergstrom" to the tripped out funk of "Ekaterina" on the A. On the flip he darkens the mood with t...view item »

Tarpits and Canyonlands

Right, well the vinyl of this looks lovely  - its kind of big  - what could possibly be in it? 14 art prints that's what AND a record. I don’t want to open it and spoil it for anyone so I’m listening to a few tracks on good old Youtube. I guess its in the modern/nu folk bracket but its all done with a clattery sense...view item »

Woody McBride
When Good Times Turn Sour

4 slick vintage acid slabs (produced '93-'94) by this Midwest 303 ruler. Pasture's Star Route previously unreleased on vinyl. McBride has released on Drop Bass Network, Bush, Magnetic North, Labworks, Analog, Missile, Generator, Sounds, EXperimental, etc. and of course his own cult label Communique Records. Remastered and pressed on 140 gram col...view item »

Still Life

Sense follow up their gruelling record The Dream with more of the same morose ambient. Still Life shimmers with overwhelming ferocity while harbouring chilling, painstakingly brief vocal samples and icy textures that rush over one another like ceaseless waves of the sea. Still Life&...view item »

Dummy 21st Century Pop Music

Dummy, one of the best and most popular new music websites in the UK, present a compilation of new and exclusive music from the hottest / coolest underground artists for 2014, including music from John Wizards, Empress Of, Real Lies, Tirzah, Larry Gus, Amateur Best and others. Heavy support guaranteed on the website. Limited edition double vinyl...view item »

And The Light Will Swallow Everything

SEIROM is M.C. De Jong. And The Light Will Swallow Everything marks a departure from De Jong’s usual desolate and bleak work, this time he has created something that is bright and glorious, 4AD-ish and cinematic by using elements of shoegaze, post-rock and black metal. And The Light Will Sw...view item »

Love Frequency

I bloody loved that Mercury-winning Klaxons album. I don't know why, I never exactly listened to it much soon after release. Then they had a record with a "catstronaut" on the cover that sold like a bag of greased up adjustable cardboard spanners. Good picture though. These day-glo fools are back and musically they've regressed beyond pop parody...view item »

Bad Brains
Bad Brains In Dub

Since their debut album "Hirntrafo" the band KEIN HASS DA is constantly on tour to promote their German lyrics version of the BAD BRAINS! Their new album, released under the BAD BRAINS IN DUB moniker, celebrates the reggae and dub side of the BAD BRAINS and pays tribute to this important aspect of the BAD BRAINS' musical and cultural legacy. Wit...view item »

Untitled 1-3

Guy Brewer is here with his Relay guise, after recording under his Shifted name for past releases this is more of a minimal dance-friendly couple of tracks. Side-A is all bubbling synths and shuffling hi-hats which certainly gets my feet tapping. Side-B (don’t forget to change from 45rpm to 33 kids!) an...view item »

RE // LC (Clouds vs Papers)

Neck deep in it with RE // LC (Clouds vs Papers). BROS005 is another set of collaborations from the Brothers label. The A side is a straight groover, packed with lasers, grainy interludes and deep percussive stimulation. The B side floats you along with reassuring synths before dropping you back into...view item »


Bristol, the only city in the country where you can get a government grant to help you graffiti the walls of buildings, has produced some majestic music over the years and continues to have a thriving music scene. Here are Dolman, a duo, who each come with a history-  one in Malachai and one in ...view item »


You better get ready for Juzer. Horseplay is a collaboration from tech hard-hitters Beau Wanzer and Dan Jugel. Paying homage to the late 20th century tech pioneers, these are 4 tracks of no nonsense up front pounders. The A kicks it off with the eerie battery of "Couch Mover" and moves on to the hat-tasti...view item »

Gentle Friendly

The ghost of Animal Collective looms large over a large majority of modern groups. Here is another. Now onto their second record having transferred from Upset the Rhythm to Fat Cat, they are going to have to win me over with tunes as the first few minutes reveals enough annoying noises to make you go runni...view item »

Giving Up
(Peace Sign / Frown Face)

This is the second new one from Sophomore Lounge I’ve reviewed today, this time from a band called Giving Up, who I know nothing about. This is a pretty sweet package - massive and very cute screenprinted poster, little hand-stitched riso-printed photo booklet, download card, lyric ...view item »

Terra Null.

The fourth release by Angel for Editions Mego expands upon their singular combination of electronics, traditional instrumentation and extended technique. The musical reduction & simplicity of Terra Null. is a beautiful and brooding statement on cultural darwinism. At a time when the dominance of capital and greed blanket our world in a singu...view item »

Crafting For Foes
Greenwood Laddie / The Trees They Do Grow High

From the same 7” series as the Nancy Wallace 7” which unfortunately led me to burst into tears earlier today is this similarly folky offering from this duo. They head off into a more psych-folk direction on ‘Greenwood Laddie’, the Eastern flavours and drifting female vocals recalling the likes of ...view item »


I wonder if these guys are named after a particularly volatile and demented Jesus Lizard song, they don't give many clues other than having a singer that hollers and a scratchy, punky outlook. 'Anxiety' is an adrenalised blast of fuzzed-out rattle and roll with dumb catchy riffs and plent...view item »

Ann Leonardo / Bill Johnson Quintet
Traveling Stranger

Two fantastic versions of the song "Travelling Stranger", one R&B, smooth version from Ann Leonardo originally recorded way back in 1957, and a jazzier, harsher vibe from the version by the Bill Johnson Quintet. Remastered to sound extra bold and crisp, on 7” vinyl and limited stock available....view item »

Alan Licht & Brian Chase
We Thought We Could Do Anything

Noisy guitarist Alan Licht teams up with Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer Brian Chase here for an obnoxiously crunchy LP of blazing jazz rock improvisations and feverish noise experiments. On the first side is '18:12' (presumably the length of the track, since it takes up the whole ...view item »

Clan Destine Records Compilation

The Clandestine Records compilation is really good!! It's a scratchy lo-fi offering with a less is more approach. It comes with a little fanzine which is roughly printed, and tells you info about the bands. This was a joy to listen to... all the songs and bands are all over the shop, there are many different recording techniques, ideas and subject ...view item »

Bobby B
History / So True

A moody pair of deep house numbers from Bobby B. After a couple of EPs on 100% Silk as Bobby Browser, Andre Ferreira showcases his deft touch with these blissed-out tracks. A subtle nod to Detroit and an underlying California warmth provide the two poles of this release. The second 12” features intriguing remixes from ...view item »

Eggs, Eggs
Taste of Sundress

Eggs, Eggs are David Russell and a collection of anarchic musicians on everything from synths, violins, autoharps and all sorts of mad screams and peculiar sounds. A spoken word cacophony on this two track album creates a frenetic, uncomfortable sound reminiscent of a contemporary take on Captain Beefheart ...view item »

My Own Blood

Blacksmif is wearing his heart on his sleeve on this one. My Own Blood is the enigmatic Londoners newest single release. Rooted around a gently anguished vocal about self-confessed 'fucked up' family issues, it slowly builds with ethereal synths and minimal housey percussion. Out on 12" vinyl from RAMP....view item »

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Only Run

I've been having a listen to this whilst ruminating on mortality. Its been 10 years since Clap Your Hands Say Yeah emerged and here they are still plodding on, peddling a vibrant kind of Killers-inspired take on flag-waving stadium pop on opening track 'As Always'. 'Blameless' is equally Flowers-lite and I'm likin...view item »

Rumble (Actress Sixinium Bootleg Mix)

The worlds of food and avant garde music collide with this remix of Kelis by electronic mad man Actress. This is the sort of thing that excites me. A relatively mainstream artist who is edging towards the avant garde as it is,  being picked apart and re-assembled by an undergroun...view item »

Joe Mansfield & 7L & Esoteric
The Drumulator

Joe Mansfield’s ‘Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession’ coffee table book is a tasteful little affair that once perused will give you ultimate drum machine jealousy. I wish I hadn’t bought the damn thing as now I spend all my time scouring ebay for rhythm boxes and primitive drum machines. One such machine I’ve...view item »

Pulse Emitter
Crater Lake

Daryl “Pulse Emitter” Groetsch returns this week with more of his cosmic synth meanderings, and y’all have probably long since realised that he’s got some of the peaciest peace vibes on the scene, and if so you’ve got a fairly solid idea of what this album sounds like. This is a concept record of sorts - Groetsch wa...view item »


Tone-worshipping Chicago duo Cleared are back this week with another LP of their distorto-drone compositions, mixing electronics, guitars, and lots of sounds whose original sources are pretty much anyone's guess. After starting out with a passage which is certainly guitar sounds, they drift into a kind of dystopian ambience that is both deeply...view item »

Two Wings
A Wake

Always happy to hear a 12 string as there is on opener 'Peace-Fear' but this lot are steeped in the folk tradition having had backgrounds in Scatter and Trembling Bells amongst others. You are also going to struggle with singer Hanna Tuullikki's voice unless you are a dog, i...view item »

Covered In Black

On Sounds Familyre, the label run by Daniel Smith the mostly bonkers leader of Danielson. Its a nice suprise to hear a lush sounding album of '60's influenced acoustic pop as the only video of them I could find on that thing we call the internet showed three or four girls clawing at a rather worried looking pian...view item »

Ryan Russell
Continental Obscura: From Birmingham to Bellingham

Can't review it as such as its a book of photos .....and its sealed but it looks like a beautiful thick package, 176 pages  and it comes with a bonus 7" featuring Manchester Orchestra and Minus The Bear. Get it on the coffee table. ...view item »

Ma Turner

For my money Louisville's Sophomore Lounge surprise and delight more consistently with their weirdo indie rock discoveries than any comparable DIY label active today. If you don't believe me, try to think of a better one. Theirs is a diverse roster, ranging from minimal psych experiments (PC Worship, ...view item »


Ahhhh, fuzz. Not to complain about my lot in life or anything but Perfect Pussy 7" aside I've not heard enough distorted guitars this week...until now! Trouble In Mind have sprung to the rescue with this triumphantly enjoyable debut by London bedroom pop newcomer Tyler Zypreska, whose opening instrumental 'Shooting Chickens' has fuzz by the buck...view item »


Falty DL (a.k.a Drew Lustman) hits us with a two newies on Swamp 81. Can’t say I’m a big fan and I recall ‘Hardcourage’ being particularly dad sounding. ‘Huff & Puff Bruk’ is a smoky jazz meets breakbeat affair making use of trumpet samples and subtle beat programming. It’s a crisp, modern outing tha...view item »

Midnight Passenger

Grimy psych-garage post-punks Ex-Cult are back this week with the follow up to 2012's self-titled, Ty Segall-produced debut. The garage rock wunderkind isn't twiddling the knobs this time but 'Midnight Passenger' is nonetheless a shuddering juggernaut of slamming repeato rhythms and shattered-glass guitar....view item »


Imagine calling a band Brett. Just imagine. Out of Washington (DC not Tyne and Wear) they peddle an in-vogue style of 80’s influenced post chillwave pop. Opener “Chalon’ sounds like Small Black interpreting Heart’s ‘These Dreams’, it has a...view item »

Beautiful Boy
Home & Love Me More

Y'know, after that Pains of Pure at Heart record I don't have the energy to get annoyed at anything else. This is heartfelt, thumping sub Mumfords folky stuff with lots of 'woaah' singalong bits. Middle of the road but at least its rousing.  ...view item »

Tom Williams & The Boat
Easy Fantastic

Got a CD of pedestrian blues rock business here from Tom Williams & the Boat. It appears to have angered our post-it sprinkling stockroom goblin who simply says "Bluesy R6 rock, Gomez meets oh fuck". Gomez is a fair comparison, as are Razorlight in the...view item »

Pulling Out The Light
Radiant Color

Two sides... erm obviously as it’s a tape. The first side ‘Light’ is not quite as fluffy as the title suggests. An unnerving sluggish heartbeat drum machine thud is the pulse which is the backbone of zingy live jammed sounding analogue synth explorations. Over on ‘Dark’ things take a similar path, sans the drum puls...view item »


Further Records aren’t dishing out much info on their latest batch of tapes which is all good because I read so much bullshit hyperbole press releases it almost puts me off listening to stuff. You can preview the tapes in full over on the labels Bandcamp page so they’re really letting the audio s...view item »

Changing Light

Always fond of the first clutch of albums by this lady, a kooky New York diva who seems to have spent almost her entire career on K records of Olympia, WA. I cannot even recall quite what her last one was like through the dense mists of time but I'm not sure it was as commercial is this latest collection. She's not dressed up like some w...view item »

Secret Cities
Walk Me Home

After nine long years of making music together, Secret Cities have finally made an album with all three of them in the same room. 'Walk Me Home' is a gentle bit of indie rock with boy/girl vocals and a chameleon-esque changeability, although the songs are without exception smooth and pleasant. Sometimes they're opting for windswept ...view item »

Principles Of Geometry

A 12” vinyl from Principles of Geometry, here we have the single Streamsters, a lush '80s synth tune which flirts with soul through the vocals of 1970s/80s duo the Alessi Brothers, and it even breaks into some kind of sonic trance music with those glistening synths building ever higher. Re...view item »

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