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John Cale
The Academy In Peril

Ex-Velvets member and founded John Cale used 'The Academy In Peril' to think outside of the punk rock box and make music informed by classical and instrumental compositions. It answers a fundamental question of life: what would it be like if John Cale played with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra? 'The Academy In Peril' plays high and low at the ...view item »

AJ Davila Y Terror Amor

Puerto Rican fuzzed out groove rock 'n' roll explosions and pounding South American trips from AJ Davila Y Terror Amor. Solo effort from the main wildhead behind Davila 666. If you like your sugar with a sharp hit of lime, then this one is for you. Disfrutar! out on Vinyl and CD from Burger R...view item »

Tank / Beaviane

Only the third release on the Mistry label, Chevel's newest 12” is here to treat all you early Monday-night party-seekers to the time of your life. Accessible by virtue of its fat bass and dirty drums, the two tracks released by the funky Italian will have you moving your feet no matter the time of day....view item »


The weather is always grey and overcast on these dense remixes of Dronelock’s ‘Clusters’ 12”. Mark Broom, Ontal and Rivet each bring their distinctive variations on brooding, rough techno and the orginal mix is kindly included too. The tracks are diverse, but there’s enough shared industrial drone, ...view item »

Peter's Window
Last Summer on Earth / Grapey Day

A pop artist who's as renegade as a TV cop who doesn't play by the rules, Pete Nichols' debut record Last Summer On Earth / Grapey Day combines his love of easy, persuasive melodies and subversive, mislabelled sound effects. It's the kind of pop that sounds pretty and ugly at the same time, whic...view item »

Girls In Hawaii
Hello Strange

Belgian indie pop act Girls In Hawaii do the opposite of Bob Dylan at Newport, ditching the electric jangle pop for something purer and more acoustic. Revising their work here with new arrangements that are equal parts sparse and delicate, 'Hello Strange' is a surprisingly versatile release from a band who's sound has been well worn....view item »

Fadi Tabbal
On The Rooftop Looking Up

Give it up for “the hardest-working man in Lebanon’s alternative music scene.” Ok, that possibly doesn't quite have the fire that James Brown's hype man provided with his similar introduction, however Fedi isn't here to get you up to get down. His sound here is more about staring at your feet rather than moving them. ...view item »


This bright collection of electronic textures -- sustained in the background, restless and ever-moving in the foreground -- comes from Fancisco Borjra, known proudly as Holograma on his newest release. A one man band (but with electronics rather than percussion and a harmonica), Borja sets ambient soundscapes in the back and then lets his melodi...view item »

Torn Hawk
Let's Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time

Torn Hawk conjures up some pretty dramatic imagery doesn’t it? Even the idea of tearing up a majestic bird seems like a pathetically aggressive Monty Python sketch, and judging by the album cover, I bet this guy is gonna actually do it. The US based Luke Wyatt’s inventive names don’t stop there though, the most standout feature...view item »

Ricardo Donoso
As Iron Sharpens Iron…

This is the follow up to Ricardo Donoso’s full length album ‘Assimilating the Shadow’, to name it’s title in full, ‘As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another’ is synth trance with a dark edge, the rhythms play out in tones of synth layers without any percussive sounds so to speak. This is a ver...view item »

Ricardo Donoso
One Verse Sharpens Another (EP2)

Blissed out trance with a dark underbelly from Ricardo Donoso. Completing a duo of EP’s One Verse Sharpens Another continues his epic search for a fresh form of emotive techno. Pulsing and richly atmospheric it’s another sublime offering from the Brazilian composer. Out on 12” vinyl from Digitalis....view item »

Hands Up Who Wants to Die
Vega in The Lyre

Hands Up Who Wants to Die have a solid game plan for their insidious noise punk: they play with the same misanthropy and disdain for their fans as McLusky, scream and cry like goths breaking down in public a la the Birthday Party, and let their guitars run the show, as if ...view item »

Black Clouds

Post-rock is no longer a blank slate. It’s rare you’ll find a band like Explosions In The Sky in our contemporary landscape, the kind of second generation post-rock act that had a more disciplined understanding of the term “instrumental”: it’s not just a lack of vocals and...view item »

Sterling Roswell
The Call of the Cosmos

Three tracks in we get ‘The Girl From Orbit in Dub’ a re-work of a track Sterling Roswell put out many, many years ago. An excellent piece of Spiritualized meets Lee Hazlewood psychedelia with a timeless and twanging chorus. The fact that it’s here at all s...view item »

Null And Void
Happiness And Contempt / Montage Morte

Null and Void were an experimental post punk synth band from California who released two albums, one in 1980 and one in 1982. As the albums are both pretty short they have both been squeezed onto a slab of vinyl one on each side.   Like a lot of these re-issue from the early ‘80’s there is always plenty of comic nostalgi...view item »

Von Spar

Von Spar are back after releasing a live adaptation of Can's 'Ege Bamyasi', here to unleash their own brand of new-era krautrock to the world with 'Streetlife' -- the weirdest of '70s rock, but with some disco too. This record is, as ever, a highly collaborative affair, bringing on board Marker Starling, Ada and Scout Niblett for a variety of vo...view item »

End Times

Debut album on Dial Records from Scott Mou, one half of duo Jane (ft. Panda Bear), ‘Yellow Pages’ begins with an almost Godspeed-like post-rock echo, a lonely g...view item »

Digital Dance
Total Erasement

Digital Dance are a supergroup of cold-hearted post-punks from a variety of chilly coat-wearing acts including Kid Montana, The Revenge and Marine. They know what they're doing, basically, and the dissonance, despondency and general dourness of 'Total Erasement' can speak to their wisdom and experience. This collection of their singles and demos...view item »

Bucky Skank EP 2

'Time is of the essence' review part 1. JD Twitch and D Jah. Clark =lots of gospel type vocals amidst some heavy bleeping, pulsating electronica. Jabru = Skanky dub with some seriously wibb-synth going on. Richmond and Lord Sheraton = electro-reggae/digi dub stylee with synth bass and irritating vox atop like a sausage on...view item »

Percy La Rock EP

Gotta get some hip-hop into the store. With Li’l Biz gone I bet we are going to see even less of it. Opener ‘Choices’ is smooth and Brit-hop sensible but ‘Earthquake’ brings some J Dilla cut ups into the equation. Less gritty, less real, more smooth but I like it. ‘Shadows of Li...view item »

Project Zenit

'Again' offers an unabashed, overwhelmingly nostalgic sound you haven't heard the likes of since you flicked through Europop channels on holiday. With breathy electronica sounds, EDM build-ups and fiery alt-rock guitar that recalls Imagine Dragons, Project Zenit make a sound that goes straight for the heart. Lots of synth, fuzzy guitar and anthe...view item »

Pan & Me
Ocean Noise

Pan & Me is in fact Christophe Mevel, a dark ambient artist who has previously made some seriously droning, evil jazz as part of the Dale Cooper Quartet. His solo project takes more from neo-classical than from jazz, bringing in electronic elements more formally to create a variety of sustained sounds, be they ambient pieces, field recording...view item »


I knew this re-released Onna 7" from 1983 would be AMAZE when I read the Holy Mountain website and it was mentioning people like Les Razilles Denudes, Stars and White Heaven.. Admittedly the latter two was only because a forthcoming compilation features early guitar work from Michio Kurihara, but still. In theory it sounds like a total treat ...view item »

Inter Arma
The Cavern

Well shit. This is ridiculous. One has to expect a lot of black metal tautology and serious sludge lecturing to come from a band like Inter Arma, but 'The Cavern', their new forty-minute composition, sounds gleeful and symphonic, starting with an overture in the proggiest orchestral fashion, then focusing around pounding percussion and the goofi...view item »


The evil cackling that introduces Wampire's 'Bazaar' makes me think one thing: fucking kill me now. This band's brand of psych pop feels like a variety shows performance of the genre, as if they'd mixed up what psych is, listening to a bunch of Darkness and Hoosiers while hauled ...view item »

We Were Promised Jetpacks

Would you look at that record sleeve! It's a veritable party for the eyes, that one. Sadly it's the most exciting thing about the new offering from Scottish bland'n'earnest types We Were Promised Jetpacks, who are unsurprisingly delivering another album of earnest and grandiose indie pop which brings to mind F...view item »

Melted Toys
Melted Toys

You've got the old-school options of either vinyl or cassette for the debut Melted Toys album. These cats are from San Francisco and they play a sun-hazed slacker pop that falls somewhere between the easy-going MOR Of the likes of Real Estate and Triptides and the wibbly psy...view item »

Yoko Ono / Thurston Moore / Kim Gordon

This is a dream line up for someone out there I’m sure? You know it‘s gonna be a difficult one to plough through though if nothing else. Yoko Ono has yet to make a listenable sounding record (that I’ve heard anyway!) and ...view item »

The Bad Joke That Ended Well
Alta Loma

Alta Loma sees The Bad Joke That Ended well adding elements of 70s psychedelia to their garage rock sound. Long drum solos and theremins are added to the mix. The album takes its name from the hotel in John Fante’s brilliant novel Ask The Dust. Available on limited edition transparent vinyl with r...view item »

The Stroke Band
Green and Yellow

Now this was met with confusion and negativity in the office but I immediately loved it! The Stroke Band's only album stems from the year of 1978 and is a ragged, shambling, spindly art-rock/eccentric folk-pop gem that could only be from the fertile CBGB's era. The legendary Don Fleming is heavily involved as is...view item »

The History Of Apple Pie
Feel Something

Expensively produced shoegaze is dish of the day at the moment and History Of Apple Pie fit right in with that aesthetic. They have a nicely polished sound reminiscent of the early 90’s likes of Lush and Curve particularly on opener ‘Come Undone’ which pretty much does all ...view item »

Vektor, Echo West, ICK & Terroritmo
The Perils Of Paradise

The Perils Of Paradise: 'Vektor' (Elitepop), A four track limited hand numbered edition, including Elitepop manifesto booklet and an exercise in the aesthetics of repetition that comes across like a certain Thomas Koner. Further on there's more tribal beats, Cathedral like sonics and 'voice of god'- like vocals. Kinda like Laibach. ...view item »

The Unknown Prankster
Sealion 1

Ltd repress white label from the Sealion imprint. Unknown Prankster keeping true to his (or her?) moniker, with no hints given whatsoever, just two audio clues on two sides of a stamped 12” Vinyl. From cheeky, party ridden, Chicago focused techno to heavily filtered boogie house. Anonymity sure is a curious thing....view item »

Pitchfork Review
Issue #2

The second edition of Pitchfork's print supplement features another lovely 7" of music from indie slacker Kurt Vile, as well as Watery Love. Aside from that, all the usual contributions come from the site's staff writers, including a profile on Kate Bush, a piece about Ellen Willis and a reflection on gangsta rap by Michael A. Gonzales....view item »

Russian Torrent Versions 12

More from Russian Torrent Versions here, '12' offering up some new work from techno vortex ripper Karlist, who provides a strict and disciplined A-side based around a straight-and-narrow synthline and immediate percussion. The flipside is also a heavily percussive affair, with plenty of kicks to get you through the otherwise extremely ...view item »

Dark Dark / Manhattan

Just 200 of these bastards. On the sleeve some kind of marvellous concrete tower, on the disc a weird brand of pulsating rock music that is an oddball mix of Kasabian, Faith No More and Bowie-influenced fuzzy new wave. On ‘Dark Dark’ the s...view item »

Manni Dee, Jeroen Search, Mike Parker and Gareth Wild

Here's the inaugural release from MLTred - Malta Red - which is a spinoff label of LDNwht - Loudon Wainwright. It's an international four-way split 12" which showcases Manni Dee, Jeroen Search, Mike Parker and Gareth Wild, with each giving their own hard and energetic take on pulsating techno beats and bleepy repetitive synths....view item »

Angus Tarnawsky

Angus Tarnawsky gets welcome to the electronic stalwarts at Inner Surface Music with 'Pitched', an EP of disorientating rhythms, syncopated drums and stern synthesizer work. The A-side features the title-track as well as a remix from dub techno master AnD. On the flip are three more dark tunes with the occasional inclination for the dancefloor.&...view item »

The Youth
Nothing But...

It's pretty hard to get excited about a band who seem to think wearing suits and well-shined shoes is actually more exciting than making the music that goes with it, but that's never stopped us appreciating the National or the Walkmen. Still, the Youth seem to try pretty hard w...view item »

Ruby Fray

It's a pretty hard lot in life to be an artist on K Records called Emily Beanblossom -- that surname is the kind you'd give to an indie pop Pokemon -- but under her new alias, Ruby Fray is on a mission to Escape From Twee Pop Castle. Doing away with the expectations of her usually quite silly label, 'Grackle' is built on dark tones and sparse te...view item »

Skeleton Soul

The kind of rock band you have to employ different spellings of the word for -- like rawk, or rockin', or rock 'n' roll -- Cowbell mix a quick-hitting brand of garage rock with elements of blues and a good few moments of twang. On 'Skeleton Soul', the sound is a little less immediate, with a few flourishes other than guitars and drums creep...view item »

White Manna
Dune Worship

Strangely enough I actually saw White Manna just three or four nights ago at Leedsverpool Psychfest Leeds at the Brudenell on Sunday that had all the Psychfest bands playing. Anyway, I was pretty faded and it was about midnight and I totally tranced out to these guys, who play a fairly traditional and formulai...view item »

DJ Maestro
Bethlehem Blends By DJ Maestro: Day & Night

Best known for his 'Blue Note Trip' compilation series, DJ Maestro returns here with some adventures in the back-catalogue of another legendary label, Bethlehem Records. Founded in the 1950s, Bethlehem was home to such legendary artists as Nina Simone, Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus - and with the encyclopaedic noggin of Maestro showing you r...view item »

Dream Boat
The Rose Explodes

If Beach House were part of the Elephant 6 Recording Company, they would sound like this: dreamy and full of ethereal dread, but eased back from space to earth with xylophones and acoustic percussion. It figures, then, that half of Elephant 6 actually feature on Dream Boat's 'The Rose Explodes': helpin...view item »

Glass Ghost

Indie pop band Glass Ghost is host to singer and master of the keyboards Eliot Krimsky and drummer Mike Johnson, who made their new record 'Lyfe' with a sprinkling of indie rock royalty: from Sharon Van Etten to members of Here We Go Magic. Glass Ghost's idiosyncratic take on indie and synth pop styles -- throw in some harp for good measure -- m...view item »

Dusted Lux

'Neverended' begins with some rumbling granular fuzz, meandering exploratory string picking and what sounds like a crazed whirring oscillator. It binds the worlds of experimental folk, proto-electronics and lo-fi drone beautifully. Lovely folk musings on the title track next with a deep sad gently-reverbed vocal. Onto the hissy dictaphone music ...view item »

It Is What It Is

Oldmate is a solo guise of Adelaide/Melbourne musician Pat Telfer (of Bitch Perfect). On 'It Is What It Is', his debut solo album following a number od EP's and 7" releases, sees Telfer joined by a host of guest musicians including members of Peak Twins and Wireheads. Epic opener 'Medicine Man' se...view item »

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