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Perfect Symmetry

I Like it so much!!this cd was so perfect!!I Downloaded all the musics and its one of the best cds of this year!! ...view item »

Against 2008: Fukuoka Extreme Music Festival 2008.02.10

Something of a treat here for you noise fiends with 76 minutes of action from the Fukuoka Extreme Music Festival. It's not super pro footage, just a single camera affair but it still looks and sounds very nice. It's a rare treat to actually see some of these guys in action, having been into their records but not got the opportunity to see th...view item »

Gang of Four

Jesus. What are we supposed to do with this? These old-timers don't seem to realise what it was that was so special & unique about their debut album because since the early 80s, they've continually, unopologetically urinated liberally on their own legacy. Like, this new album? I can hear an essence (rare as you like) of their original spirit...view item »

Of Montreal
Skeletal Lamping

The artwork present in of Montreal is garish, colourful, disturbing, cartoonish and entrancing. All of the words I used to describe the art in this band compliments their music perfectly, particularly in their visually stimulating live shows. It's no surprise that the man behind the band's art is the brother of Kevin Barnes (the lead singer and ...view item »

Lee Bannon
Caligula Theme Music 2.7.5

Hip-hop producer Lee Bannon's work extends beyond just crafting the instrumental skeletons for the raps of Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$, and his debut, 'Caligula Theme Music 2. 7. 5.' has its very own purposes, switching it up between a plethora of sounds, both acoustic and synthetic. There are hints of trap and drum 'n' bass in this instrumen...view item »

Lee Bannon

Lee Bannon isn't satisfied hinting at his talents away from hip-hop production -- he's demanding the centre stage, taking the mic from us and letting us know what he can do when left to his own devices. 'Never/mind/the/darkness/of/it' is the follow-up to 'Caligula Theme Music 2. 7. 5.' and blends the same eclectic mix of trap, ambient and E...view item »

Lee Bannon
Joey Bada$$ / ProEra Instrumentals Vol. 1

Lee Bannon has produced for some of contemporary hip-hop's biggest names, providing the backdrop for the wordy poetics of Kendrick Lamar and Curren$y and working on the bulk of Joey Bada$$'s slick, sunny tunes. 'Joey Bada$$ / Pro Era Instrumentals Vol. 1' chronicles his ascension with versions of his tunes that make him the leading man for once....view item »


These things are always darker than dark. Dark text on dark packaging and there's never any words on there. That might seem clever but you try working in a record shop and finding it when someone orders a copy! If you want to know what an ecotono is then read the press release, I'm not gonna tell you. I am gonna tell you that they're a pair of S...view item »

Night Owl

Norwegian jazz not always being my forte I'll describe this in my usual faintly infantile and enthused/bemused fashion Considering I'm in my bed at 2am under a duvet whilst perusing the opening bars of the incorrectly monikered 'Duvet Day, this Scando-jazbo duo are already fondling my irritation glands. Starting the game of with a playfu...view item »

The Wire
Issue 372

Mica Levi (aka Micachu) grins at you from the cover of edition number 372 of The Wire, daring you to ask her just how many fucks she gives. Weirdo pop and modern composition all fall under her purview, this feature will explain more for you. Also includes a big Derek Walmsley piece on the Red Bu...view item »

Lee Bannon
Main / Flex

A producer for everyone's favourite nostalgia rapper, Joey Bada$$ (it's 1999 forever in our hearts!), Lee Bannon is one of the West Coast's most treasured instrumental artists. On 'Main / Flex' he gets to do his own thing, mixing in drum 'n' bass along with EDM into a sound that's totally his own, with a little help from his friends -- of c...view item »

2 Hot 2 Sweat
Half-Assed Rom-Com

2 Hot 2 Sweat. That was me last Summer. Just standing there in my speedos & designer shades smearing myself with fake tan and leering laviciously at all the young totty lining up to kiss my feet. Yeaaaaaaahrgggghhh. Well not actually. 'Half Assed Rom Com' is a 7"/CD by this lo-fi electro trash duo who last time won our coveted SOTW slot wi...view item »

Sob Story

Spectrals are one of those slightly unfathomable success stories. Emerging from somewhere in the outskirts of Leeds, lead Spectral and ocassional Mick Hucknall lookalike Louis Jones swiftly released records on Captured Tracks, ...view item »

The Circle and The Point / Sleepwalkers Local / Chapels

OK, I THINK this is The Circle and the Point who I'm listening to at the moment and they sound like a right bunch of oddballs - in the nicest possible way of course. There seems to be a weird kind of semi-industrial noise drone loop thing going on which is making me imagine a Lucky Dragons remix of a collaboration between Starving Weirdos and so...view item »

Second Family Band
Veiled Gallery

It's proper tape central for this reviewer. This little piece of plastic comes from the label Brave Mysteries, who have just released a plethora of tapes for those people who still have those old style Walkmans that were about 18 foot long. The Second Family Band are a collective of musicians from Wisconsin, they have an ever changing line u...view item »

Moon Rabbit

From Kohn comes this collection of recordings taken from his live shows. The artist name of Jürgen De Blonde, this album is an exploration of synths and psychedelic sounds of the mind, building up from almost nothing to a transporting harmony of calm and space. On cassette tape. Limited edition....view item »

Club Shock! EP (inc. MGUN and Analogue Cops Remixes)

It's one of those inaugural releases for a new record label! They sure do happen a lot. This time around, ISTHEWAY welcomes its own life-giver Shinoby, who got started collaborating with producer Parris Mitchell a couple years back. On the 'Club Shock!' EP he brings together two of his more club-ready tunes and lets some friends run wild with th...view item »


Dubstep artist Spatial bursts from the genres seams with records of introspective afterthought and meditation, and with 'Primitives' he shows himself to be as far removed from electronic music's traditions as possible. This record is an ambitious audio-visual work with short films that are as every bit as essential as the 4/4 belters they accomp...view item »

Mark Templeton + Kyle Armstrong

In an attempt to dissuade us from ever posting on Twitter again, conceptual electronica bandits Mark Templeton and Kyle Armstrong combine forces on Extensions, an audio representation of Canadian media commentator Marshall McLuhan’s predicted ‘digital collective consciousness’. If such a thing as cerebral noise exists,...view item »

The Men

Given the rate at which they’ve been accumulating plaudits and column inches over the past couple of years for their gnarly post-grungey noise rock dirge-pop, on the back of two excellent albums on Sacred Bones, it’s no surprise to see that The Men’s out...view item »

Hymns A Swinging

Aw man, this is what you want. No cookie-cutter drone, no haircut indie, just pure fucking hymns. A swinging. Hymns a Swinging by The Ted Taylor Organ Sound. Featuring Tubby Hayes and the Mike Sammes Singers. Another short sentance. This is the sound of God flying down from heaven on a dragon wielding a possessed and flaming katana to slice up ...view item »


Math punk. Is that a thing? Apparently so, it's just like math rock but punkier. This lightning-paced riff-loaded offering from London-based Axes (a four-piece hailing from Scotland, Denmark, Iran and... Essex) is fast, frantic and very fun. The sleeve features the band members on horse back. I hope the noisy music didn't scare the poor things t...view item »


More interesting stuff on Chicago based tape label Baro, this time from Bre’r who trade in murky, swollen guitar evocations which churn slowly around. The comparison that springs to mind most immediately is the Japanese guitar manipulator Hakobune. Shoegazing guitar swells are utilised to create big billowi...view item »

Button by Button

The 1970’s…... flares, the three day week and rampant paedophilia. It was a strange time to be alive but groups like Mud, Bay City Rollers and The Sweet made it ok to be alive. The fine line between power pop and glam rock was straddled ...view item »

Dismantle / Music For Vampyr

So good to get some more stuff from Lebanese producer Rabih Beaini so soon after his magnificent ‘Albidaya’ album for Annihaya released under his own name. This however has him back in Morphosis mode with five track...view item »

Bugs & Rats

An obnoxious kebab of unrest from Bugs & Rats. Adidas is a bilge pump of evil hardcore/punk-rock with a seriously demented garage ascetic. Overblown with distorted-to-the-max guitars, muddy vocal squawks and a battery of drums. It's somewhere between Converge and The Sonics. Out on vinyl LP from Feeding Tube Records...view item »

Sinner DC
The Ambient Mixes

A longform collection of re-imaginings from 2012’s Future That Never Happened LP, The Ambient Mixes is an 80-minute minimalist trip. Geneva-based Sinner DC take cues from their relationship with Sonic Boom to transport the mixes to new psychedelic depths. Out on CD and 12” vinyl from Mental Gro...view item »


It might be harsh to say that this time of year brings out the dregs of the release schedules but its kinda true.  There are a couple of items in this week from Not Not Fun and I’ve drawn a straw with this one. Not sure if it’s a short or long straw; maybe it's a medium one. Opener ‘Candle Station’ recovers f...view item »

Raw Material

London label EarToGround with their first release from German techno duo dualit. Four tracks and two locked grooves (so you can listen to the brutal beat forever), the shuffling brittle rhythms are combined with enough dynamic range and out-there weirdness to keep everyone happy. The label’s last release of 2014 with real ...view item »

Tuff Sherm / Dro Carey
Scope EP

Uniting two aliases on a 12” vinyl split EP, the rough, mechanical house of Tuff Sherm competes with Dro Carey’s off-grid experimentalism. Despite the different titles, nothing Eugene Hector produces ever really conforms to genre distinctions. Samples are mangled, jackin’ drums are raw and its ...view item »

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