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Bluesky Research
Fittest of The Fittest

Another 7" on Regal from BLUESKY RESEARCH entitled 'Fittest Of The Fittest'. It's meat and potatoes gear this. Safe, over polished. How can you polish something so much and still make it dull? It defy's the laws of modern science. This sounds like a really lame cross between Jane's Addiction and Oasis but lacks the power and energy of either. ...view item »

This Way / That Way

The Bangbangbang 7" on New Slang Records. It's called This Way and it's a direct cross between The Bellrays and The Gossip. Loads of energy in the female fronted indie pop thing. I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who would love this. I'm not really one of them. ...view item »

Assembly Now
Graphs, Maps & Trees

Assembly Now with Graphs, Maps & Trees on Kids. Quirky thoughtful pop with a chuggin' bass and pained vocals doing the indie pop 3 minute thing with MTV2 on their minds. B-sides another reverbed out guitary thing with big solo and anthemic cresendo. The lads are saying a post rock Prefab Sprout annd Manic Street Preachers.......view item »

Applicants/ Open Mouths

Again on Brainlove records I have a split by THE APPLICANTS and OPEN MUTANTS a rock and roll affair. Notice on the cover they're got the worst make up job ever. Looks like its been done by a drunk. Sounds like a lot it was a lot of fun to make but singing about "crappucino" by the Applicants is...view item »

Air Cav
Alliance/ Branches

Firstly, a 7" by Air Cav. Manchester's latest colossal grey hopes release 'Alliance', reportedly the highlight of their mucho buzzed about live set. They've blatantly been swotting up on very early New Order (Movement/Everything's Gone Green) , trying to blend a contemporary euphoric pop sound with a sturdy 'lectro/rock twist and coming up wit...view item »

Randan Discotheque
Daily Record

The Randan Discotheque is a curious 7". 'Daily Record May 18th 1993' appears to be an homage to what happened in that very newspaper on that very day. It's produced by Neil Landstrumm of all folks so that's gonna get a few people interested from the start. Initially it makes me think of that Dan le Sac 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'. It's kind of simil...view item »

Sonny Knight and The Lakers
I'm Still Here

Sonny Knight has been diverted from his trajectory as an artist and singer a few times in his life, having quit music after various life-calls moments in the 80s. The aptly titled 'I'm Still Here' serves as a revival, bringing him together for his first record with new band the Lakers, who help him craft evocative and often danceable neo-soul tu...view item »

Ashrae Fax
Static Crash

This is the first of several reissues on Mexican Summer of the work of Ashrae Fax. No, me neither, but it turns out they were a pumping synthpop band from the early 2000s when synths were pretty out of vogue and have since been celebrated retrospectively. It&rsqu...view item »

The Bjelland Brothers / Taste of New York
Sparkling Apple Juice / Can We Stay With You?

What’s up with Americans? They just do what the hell they like sometimes. Not like us uptight Brits. This 7” put a smile on everyones face here. Drag City are trying to pretend that this is stuff that they’ve unearthed from the 70’s but the credits include Brendan Canty (Fugazi) on drums and...view item »

The Eye of Time

Marc Euvrie used to be a hardcore kid, but he knows a thing or two about another side of musical misery: drone. For his solo project, the Eye of Time, he provides dark sounds for darker times, mixing up industrial and ambient into the sound of a terrifying night alone. 'Anti' is recommended for fans of musical dystopias....view item »

Time For Rodeo
So Toxic

Time For Rodeo are a Leeds band & have their spiffing debut 5 track E.P. released on the superb Misplaced Music. I'd like to think of the bands that inspire them but some clever nitwit has gone & put a sticker on the front to like, totally assist me!! So if you fancy a delightfully catchy amalgam of  &qu...view item »

Remixes (Cut Hands, Steve Bicknell, Ulwhednar, Florian Kupfer)

Fishermen’s tracks are of the catchy kind, the kind you want to preserve and improve and then listen to some more. So that’s what these guys did. Cut Hands, Florian Kupfer, Steve Bicknell and Ulwhednar remixed Serpents (2x), Dyspnea and Sunken Mosque respectively, ju...view item »

Last Year's Men
Clawless Paw

I like this instantly! Here’s a 7” from Last Year’s Men on Indiana’s excellent Sophomore Lounge label, with huge drums and handclaps and saturated, fuzzy, overdriven guitars over yelping tuneful vocals which bring to mind Ty Segall’...view item »

Justin Velor
2013 Remixes

For me this is all about the Psychemagik mix, and extended treatment of Flameout designed with sun dappled times in mind. Its a proper balearic chugger, with nice uplifting vibes throughout an ideal tune to soundtrack a sunset, hell even a sunrise as you head on your way to further adventure after a night of hedonism. Epic. On the flip y...view item »

Mind Over Mirrors
Check Your Swing

Cosmic harmonium dronesmith Jaime “Mind Over Mirrors” Fennelly (also of Peeesseye and Acid Birds) is back with his third LP in two years, ‘Check You...view item »

Vectors 2

The 2nd Vectors compilation 12” from the Power Vacuum roster, welcoming five new producers on board. Mighty techno and electro sounds from the likes of Jerome Hill, Vacated, Cylob and Anklepants; not to mention a spoken word(!) track from Cornwallis t...view item »

Toro Y Moi
Causers Of This

In the top ten of pretty much everyone's 'one to watch in 2010' lists, Toro Y Moi (a.k.a Columbia, South Carolina's Chaz Bundick) has alot of hype to live up too on his debut 'Causers Of This'. Mashing up the sounds of Psychelia, Indie Rock, Electronica, Soul and R&B into an accomplished pop smoothy Bundick's music sounds informed and modern, a...view item »

Some Tracks

No nonsense rugged techno action from Detroit’s Manuel Gonzales. Beginning with the tough 4/4 stomper ‘Extort’. A brutal drum track with rough filtering that pounds away showing zero mercy for frazzled minds on the dancefloor. Then there's the stuttering muffled electro of Mean While’ with a delay affected vocoder vocal h...view item »

If You're Reading This EP

If you are reading this you must be either our proof reader extraordinaire Mike or be very bored indeed. This is my last review of the day and it will be followed be a big juicy sleep if I have my way. This is a record that I know little about, the label is Don’t Be Afraid and Mgun are back on there after being somewhere else for awhile. T...view item »

Prins Thomas
Bobletekno & Flau Pappadans Versions (By Kambo & Fettburger)

Great remixes from Prins Thomas second album, interestingly named '2'. 4 tracks of deepness suitable for cosmic dancefloors anywhere. The Kambo Super Sound Bobledub remixes are deep dubby affairs, still set for ghe dancefloor, but with a lilting reggae touch. Flau Pappadans and Bobletekno are more typical deep ...view item »

Deptford Goth

Here we have the 2nd album from London's Deptford Goth, the tantalizingly-titled Songs. This is problematic because I much prefer instrumentals, but here goes anyway. These are indeed songs, along the emotional electronic ballad vein featuring the crooning voice of one-man-band Daniel Woolhouse asking questions like “Where can I g...view item »

Oh! Pears
Wild Part of the World

Corey Duncan may have chosen one of the clunkiest recording names in the history of exclamation mark rock -- it’s worse than Los Campesinos! and probably isn’t going to reach the iconic heights of Godspeed You! Black Emperor -- but his mus...view item »

Keath Mead
Sunday Dinner

“I was just about to sit down and have me Sunday lunch” said Peter Hook on the moment he received the phone call to break the news of Ian Curtis’s death. And as we know there’s nothing better than a good Sunday's dinner. It’s not like any other dinner. You wouldn’t have Yorkshire puddings on a Saturday for exa...view item »

Denney and the Jets
Mexican Coke

Here's the latest from Burger Records and it's some straightforward rock'n'roll business by Nashville's D-D-D-Denney y los Jets. It's produced by an Alabama Shake and it sounds like the last 50 years never happened. The sticker on the front references "Merle Haggard, Jason Isbell and The Stones" and that's pretty much bang on the money. ...view item »

Shivum Sharma
All These Years EP

Produced by the geezer (Liam Howe) who did the recent FKA Twigs killer and some Tom Vek stuff, All These Years is the EP follow up to Shivum Sharma’s debut album Follow. It’s some good old angsty electro indie pop in the vein of vomitingly dull ...view item »

Jib Kidder
Teaspoon To The Ocean

I'm not in the ideal physical (nor mental to be honest) place for reviewing music. A could draughty warehouse with a computer dating from sometime in the late '90's. The least ideal place in fact to pick at Domino's latest signing  Jib Kidder. That name won't mean much to you but this US based multi instrumentalist comes up with an unusua...view item »

Toro Y Moi
June 2009

This is a collection of more “lo-fi” songs recorded by Chaz Bundick in the summer of 2009 alongside the commercially released Toro Y Moi stuff so while it's still got many of their trademarks it's a slightly ...view item »

Mark Rogers + Mary Byrne
I Line My Days Along Your Weight

Debut album from the duo of Mark Rogers + Mary Byrne. They’ve used a barrage of interesting old instruments (including a “tricone resonator” and “golden-era flattop” - sounds delicious) and Mary’s rich voice to make these ten, close-feeling tracks. Mostly recorded live, for th...view item »

She's All Over You

Got loads of 7"s in this week, many of which you can't buy anymore as they've sold out. This slice of retro rock and roll is one of them you can still get and is fairly enjoyable with wheezy Del Shannon like organs driving a gritty track which some propulsive percussion and 60's guitar twangs adding to the general feel of being in the record boo...view item »

Bjorn Torske

Supremely smooth vibes for all who feel best served in the morning by coffee and dub: Trobel is Bjorn Torske offering us a wild ride but then flattening it out into sweet, inoffensive beats; he carries out a few controlled synth implosions here and there, keeping the mood light and easy. A little bit...view item »

Room 101
Vox Humana

Room 101’s Jason Williamson hates bands. And by the sound of Vox Humana he hates a bunch of other things as well. Packing all his aggression into the One Man Band results in a 7” jammed to the last groove with energy and punk disdain of anything remotely resembling authority or organized coh...view item »

Live At The Paramount

Apparently Nirvana were only ever properly recorded to film on one occasion, and guess what? This is the DVD of that occasion! In 1991, the year of Nevermind, the band were on their way up, up, up, and Live At The Paramount captures them on electric form. HD footage transferred from 16mm film and with a 5.1 sur...view item »

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