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No Refuge

The new album from Immigrant is quite a gentle offering...which is exactly what I thought it was gonna be like. After all I do know about every artist working in the UK at the mo.Which comes in handy as Immigrant doesn't seem to exist on the old interweb. I typed in Immigrant and the only band called Immigrant th...view item »

Ben Butler & Mousepad
Gif N Run EP

Electro squelch and skwee rhythms are aplenty on this great EP, courtesy of Ben Butler & Mousepad. It's progressive, but without the 15 buses and fur coats, it's techno with a brain. That doesn't mean that you have to sta...view item »


M+A are an Italian duo who make music in the vein of Postal Service, Panda Bear and mebbe even Tunng.They use delicate instrumentation and repetitive vocal loops to create a rich sound that is very nostalgic sounding, yet quite futuristic at the same time. Which makes about as much sense ...view item »

The Hunter Gracchus/ Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau

I don't know anything about Kommissar Hjuler but he seems to like making funny noises on the guitar and battering tapes into submission while his Frau (Mama Baer) does loads of wailing and groaning over the top. Who wouldn't, really? His playing style fluctuates between punctuative improv parps and occasional actual riffage (harsh and heavily di...view item »

World Complete

Software is Mexican Summer's more electronic offshoot run by the Oneohtrix Point Never dude. This 12” is by Harmonizer, two guys from Vermont and one of them has a beard. One of them is also Greg Davis who has hit fame with his various guitar twiddlings over the years. There's a murk...view item »

Garrincha And The Stolen Elk

Christ, this is a tricky record to pin down. Apparently Davy Bui and Matt Kretzmann have been making music together for a decade or so now, but this is their first album together. It seems to be a mix of live instruments and manipulated noise and found sounds. It's pretty minimal, but not exactly a comfortable listen, with weird slowed-down ...view item »

Rent Boys
Rent Boys

This is the debut single from a bunch of noisy lads known as the Rent Boys. I've not seen these guys live yet but I'd imagine that it's a harrowing experience. On record they bring to mind a more fucked up and perverse version of A Place To Bury Strangers with there ramped up vision of psychedelic garage sounding not to dissimilar in parts. The ...view item »

Kill Surf City
All I Heard

Kill Surf City: 'All I heard' (Square Peg Round Hole) Is like the Killers coming on like the Bravery according to the office consensus. Will appeal to fans of The Editors and Interpol as well as all the other fops touting their indie, skinny boys in skinny jeans wares. ...view item »

Heavy Meckle

The Shadetek crew have really embraced the underground UK sound that is Grime and its easy to see why. The beats and basslines in this stuff are just simply so heavy. 'Heavy Meckle' is a mix CD with 41 cuts from the Cream of London producers and MC's like Jon E Cash, Lethal B, Jammer, Shystie, Ruff Squad, Black Ops etc. The first...view item »

Mark McGuire
A Young Persons Guide

This young chap and Dustin Wong are like the new gods of guitar nowadays. Sod writing blazing lead parts and eschewing songwriting in a traditional sense. All you need is a load of delay pedals, a shaggy hair do and a laptop and off you go, right to the top of some poncy magazine /online blogs "best of" lists. This guy play mainly guitar in Emer...view item »

Big Troubles

Happy days. We got a big old delivery of new beach flavours from the ever reliable Olde English Spelling Bee label. First up it's Big Troubles debut LP 'Worry'. Now you may recall me wittering on about B.T's Spector vs. Hannett production sound in the review of their 7" single and I'm pleased to here that theme runs true throughout 'Worry'. ...view item »

Electric Carpets

Well one of the deepest pleasures of working in the independent sector is hearing truly underground sounds; wildly innovative & free musics from every corner & crevice of the globe. This is one of two sibling electronica compilations we have in this week on a really interesting & progressive label we've been supporting for many years...view item »

Iibis Rooge
IIbiis Rooge

It took me far too long to write Iibiis Rooge. I was squinting counting the I's... no need for multiple i's in any band name. For some reason I find it brain-meltingly complicated. Anyhoo the band in question are in fact a collaboration between Neil Campbell (i. e. Astral Social Club) and High Wolf. I'm new to these guys as I've not heard them b...view item »

Truth & Distance

More droney shizzle yeah? So pure man. Glacial as fuck, dude. I'm a bit droned out today, can you tell? I've had one record containing some semblance of groove & rhythm and I'm running out of mental steam - fast. This is a limited white vinyl thang on the Digitalis label. It is a dream-like album, numbering three tracks, spilling with fine a...view item »


There are placid sounding records... then there's this. Deekie don't so much come roaring out of the traps. They come prancing out of the dimly lit bedroom of the depressed. It sounds pretty good though. It's mostly gently plucked guitars and hushed vocals. A mouse might consider auditioning for lead vocal duties next time as I reckon it could p...view item »

Astral Social Club
Metal Oblation

OK before you ask we have none of the metal edition which came with a piece of boiler (no shit). They came and went super quick (in about 10 minutes in fact) as we only had a handful of 'em! But we have some of the regular edition left which has sold out at source as well now as there's only 100. He's a popular lad that Neil Campbell. Here we ...view item »


Machinefabriek has a rather swish looking 7" out on new label Eat, Sleep, Repeat. 'Slovensko' sounds like our man Rutger is walking across town during a trip to Slovakia with a recording device picking up all sorts of sounds around him, you can hear traffic, at one point it sounds like he's passing a construction site, possibly some train soun...view item »

Amanda Blank
I Love You

I expected a much raunchier and repetitive album. Blank's singing voice is great and "Leaving You Behind" is a particularly beautiful and completely unexpected track, considering her nasty-girl antics with Spank Rock - it will be stuck in my head for days. I know with the way that the pop industry sucks these days we will not be hearing Amanda B...view item »

Ryan Jewell
'To Keep Everything From Happening At'

More Blackest rainbow action for ya'll... This untitled CD from Ohio based Ryan Jewell is one long drone piece. We've been listening to loads of drone this week... It's been a right old drone fest. It's a bit of a sinister brooding one this with lots of bottom end rumble... It makes me think that something bad is gonna happen. The sound makes me im...view item »

Terry Riley
The Last Camel In Paris

The somewhat awkward title Last Camel in Paris refers to the Terry Riley masterwork "Shri Camel" here played live (or an interpretation of it, among the minimalists Terry Riley always relied on improvisation and had some grounding in jazz) in 1978. As usual, Terry Riley plays a modified electric organ which is in just intonation and the concert ...view item »

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