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My Violent Ego
One Day You'll Laugh at The Sad Saga That Was....

Well, this is a very pleasant CD. It's a collection of warm and immersive shoegaze from a Scot and an Italian who met on the internet and started exchanging recordings a decade ago. They released an album in 2003 and appear to have a new one in the works, but for now they're reminding us of their existence with this odds-and-sods colle...view item »

The Persistence Of Meaning

A hard hitting first track by ITHI, a New York-based duo. The long ear filling drone of black, industrial, electric sounds. Making you feel as if you're in a different world or on some world of substance unknown to man kind. The noises echo around your head going in one ear and coming out of the other as something new. In the third track of ...view item »

Ela Stiles
Ela Stiles

I've been putting off writing about this record for a good couple of days, all thanks to just two words on a post-it stuck to the front. "Entirely acapella" it says with ominous lack of judgement. While they are an emotionally brave move, I often find acapella albums awkwardly intimate and uncomfortably personal. Thankfully ...view item »

Cheap Red
Cheap Red

Cheap Red is a new band formed by 555 lord and leader Stewart Anderson (him of Boyracer fame) and his missus Jen Turrell (also of Boyracer, Possum Moods etc). There's a couple of other folks in there before you think their hogging all the limelight including my favourite named popstar of the week Arland Nicewander. Amazing. This self titled debut i...view item »

Lady's In Trouble

What’s this? Two cuts from a mystery artist released by Domino Records in an edition of 100? The label are fuelling the intrigue by revealing that Lady's In Trouble is a timeless number with shades of Arthur Russell, for the Ariel Pink generation. There’s a b-si...view item »

What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag?

Tjinder Singh of Cornershop has been working on this fantastic project alongside sleeve artist Nick Edwards. It’s a read along book and 7” vinyl featuring spacecraft, dragons and even cult literary hero Kurt Vonnegut. A must-have collectors’ piece for Cornershop fans and a delightful piece for ...view item »

Jørn Åleskjær
I'm So Glad I Spent This Day With You

Jørn Åleskjær needs love; please give some to him. The songwriter has been toiling away for two decades but hasn't quite risen to prominence outside of his native Norwegian shores, in spite of his excellent beard/hat combo. 'I'm So Glad I Spent This Day With You' finds Åleskjær in eclectic form, taking in...view item »

Black Clouds

Post-rock is no longer a blank slate. It’s rare you’ll find a band like Explosions In The Sky in our contemporary landscape, the kind of second generation post-rock act that had a more disciplined understanding of the term “instrumental”: it’s not just a lack of vocals and...view item »

As Old As The Grave

This Leeds lad plays a vibrant style of folk rock that on the title track reminds me somewhat of Jeff Buckley. It has the powerful arrangements and sense of the unease but he ploughs a folkier furrow with some nods towards Fairport Convention and even ...view item »

Tim Wheeler
Sheltered Youth EP

Tim Wheeler is the singing one from Ash. They were a very popular band at one point, appointed to fuck shit up in an otherwise all too polite post-Britpop movement. Now you can hear his solo stuff in abundance. It sounds ok, which is as much as we could ask for. There's an album on its way, but first this 10" will have to do. It's limi...view item »

Joseph Houpert / Norm Chambers

Yet more ambient joy comes from Desire Path here, with a 7" split by artists Norm Chambers and Joseph Houpert. Known more commonly as Panabrite, Chambers crafts Komische-influenced ambient works that synthesise the natural world with a krautish impression of it. Desire Path continue to show off every experimental and ambient act worth caring abo...view item »

Steve Summers
Russian Torrent Versions 13

Bless the folks behind Russian Torrent Versions, who continue to stay busy for days. '13' continues the project by way of producer Steve Summers, who is making his debut for the crew with these three gigantic tunes, which go hard but make sure there's a smattering of melody for all to bask in. '13' is one for the point in the night where things ...view item »

Cleaners From Venus
Extra Wages

Have you discovered Cleaners From Venus yet? If not then you might want to start thinking about doing so. The massive re-issue campaign by Captured Tracks has yielded three CD box sets and countless vinyl re-issues. The latest of which is a vinyl edition of an unreleased LP of material which also makes up CD4 of the latest ...view item »


Scandinavian drone-pop combo Maailma are quite a mysterious bunch but I've managed to establish that they're comprised of Laura Naukkarinen (who you may already know as ambitious outsider pop type Lau Nau) along with buddies and live-soundtracking veterans Matti Bye and Kristian Holmgren, with the combo rounded ...view item »

Pit Er Pat
High Time Remix

Hey hey!!! Here we've got 'High Time Remix', five re-mixes from Pit Er Pat's 2008 release 'High Time'. I'm a big fan of the band but last years LP seems to have passed me by somehow. This i regret as Pit Er Pat are going from strength to strength and these re-mixes are sounding top. 'The Ciaro shuffle' remixed by Brenmar is a tropical multi-tap del...view item »


Right you lot. Just 300 copies of this from a fresh faced bunch of electronica types who succeed in bringing something to that well worn table. Opener ‘Apologies’ is lively and busy with spliced beat jiggling around cut up electronics to disorientating effect. There are a multitude of sounds bleeping away and at times across ...view item »

Entrance (incl. Sleeparchive remix)

Proper nice slice of liquid techno here from PMH. A clean, airy and steadily paced track with a subtle dubbed-out undercurrent. Gently propulsive stuff that could easily work as a back room mood-setter or, due to its more horizontalist subtleties, as a piece of atmosphere-laden home/headphone listening. Some very cerebrally engaging touches and ...view item »

Teenage Guitar
More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush

I once spent a good week trying to seek out the crown jewel of all drunken Robert Pollard recordings, the delightfully titled, presumably spiritually enlightening 'Relaxation of the Asshole'. Released in 2005 -- prime time for Robert Pollard to fall apart on stage and start rolling in manure, considering he'd disbanded the legendary ...view item »

Skogen Brinner
Mr. Fantastic

It's time for some heavy metuhl from Sweden! Actually, Skogen Brinner look to be in slightly better spirits on this 7" release: 'Mr. Fantastic' is a colourful blend of feedback-soaked guitars and silly vocals. It's a rather glamorous take on the proggy band that is Skogen Brinner, and there are, I'm sad to report, literally six hundred and sixty...view item »

Emotional Oil

Coming in from Sounds Familyre the label run by Daniel Smith from off kilter oddballs Danielson Famile you might this it would be some folky pastoral weirdness but no, its nothing of the sort. Its a spiky and angular post punk affair full of pummelling rhythms, bulldozer like riffs and lo-fi distorted vocal scrawls. Ands thats just the first tra...view item »

Apache Dropout
Heavy Window

Gritty, barely-produced garage rock is best when it sounds loose and thrown off, a la Jay Reatard’s one minute half-songs, but there’s something about Apache Dropout’s set up that makes them sound like the world’s tightest performers, structuring their...view item »

Hollow Sunshine
Held Above

I seem to have found myself with lots of metal in my review mountain today, so I was expecting this debut LP by Hollow Sunshine on Robotic Empire to be pretty straightforward chug'n'howl business but I'm pleasantly surprised to discover that it's actually pretty weird and...view item »

Dam Mantle and the Free Association
Heavy Velvet Affair

Belting collaboration here between Glasgow people Dam Mantle and the Free Association. One side is taken up with this stealthy locked-down house stormer that seems to go on forever in the best possible way. Plenty of subtle knob-twiddling, pure percussive force, off-set rim-shots and dubbed-out delay make this relentless snake-in-the-gra...view item »

Pressure Wassure

Strategy has long been one of my favourite producers. His early dub-techno influenced release ‘Drumsolo’s Delight’ on Kranky remains one of my favourite records many years after its release. Over the years he’s moved more into a house vein yet still with those dark atmospheres at large. Hell,  he’s even put stu...view item »

Francisco Lopez

This is one of those CDs that you put on your player and then think "Is this CD actually playing?...And where's that weird noise coming from?", opening as it does with the muffled rumble of distant thunder, but before too long Lopez's serene drones start to materialise in the soundfield like abandoned panpipes playing themselves in the wind....view item »

For Moussavi Atrium

ELEH walks into a bar and asks for a pint of beer, the barman scowls at him and refuses. When pressed as to why, he says "I don't like your tone." Meanwhile a drunk in the corner tries to start a chant of "ELEH, give us a wave"...probably a sine it's time to leave.   Yup, here's another tonal meditation from extrem...view item »

John Wesseltoft / Okkyung Lee

Jon Wesseltoft and Okkyung Lee team up on this limited 12" from Italy's mighty Holidays Records this week, which contains a side-long drone piece carved from hypnotic cello and harmonium, humming and scraping in a trance-like unison for the best part of 20 minutes.   It's fair to say this isn't for everyone...if sc...view item »

Shareek Hayaat

Oh nice! I’d heard that this was happening so it’s a pleasure to see the finished article plonked in my review pile. Safiyya is the remarkable combination of two of your favourite prolific and mind-bending minimal dark ambient arty types; in the red corner we’ve got Brad Rose aka The North Sea...view item »

Breakthrough feat. Essa

I'm enjoying the music on this new 7" from this Welsh duo who have released a couple of well regarded records on Great Pop Supplement. Haunting gleaming glint-tronica with plinky harp-like textures. I'm finding the rapping by Essa just a little too close to that found on a well meaning educational video aimed at getting young inner city kids off...view item »

Camp Sophisto
Songs In Praise of The Revolution

Camp Sophisto is a new wave/industrial/electronic project by German musician Peter Hein who was the singer of punk band Fehlfarben. Songs In Praise Of The Revolution was originally released on the legendary Dusseldorf art/punk label Pure Freude in 1983 and at the time received r...view item »

Clipd Beaks
You Can't Hide Your Love Forever Volume 10

Couple of tracks of woozy experimental rock from Minneapolis veterans Clipd Beaks on this new 7". On side A there's a number called 'North Hard Daze', a blurred, dreamlike bit of psychedelia with all the sounds strangely muddied. There's a simple drum groove and the bass guitar gets quite lively in places, but everything else is fucked with unti...view item »

Red Monkey
How We Learned To Live Like A Bomb

Formed from the ashes of riot grrrl nearly-folk Pussycat Trash. Red Monkey threw a spanner in the works of both what was expected of them and what was hip at the time. Their output comprised of anti-corporate 'up against the wall' polemic lyrics backed with unorthodox key chan...view item »

Made To Break
Cherchez la femme

Here's a pretty crazy LP from sax wizard Ken Vandermark's latest project, an electro acoustic whirlwind of bouncy and melodic free jazz and minimal electronic experimentation. There's one track on each side. 'Sans Serif' on side A is dedicated to Betty Page and Sleater Kinney and in honour of their favourite ...view item »

Mungo's Hi-Fi
The Stinger / Dem Stylee

The Stinger is so dirty, it stings. That’s why they call it The Stinger. Mungo’s Hi-Fi pops up with a filthy, buzzing, drum-computered dance-hall piece of swing. Dem Stylee features pleasant wavy electronics and soulful singing. Acquire only if you want to swing - sitting still is not an option...view item »

Joan Cambon
Reshaping the Seasons for Kaori's Body

This is an interesting piece of music made for contemporary dance, each track of which represents a different part of a dancer's body (Kaori Ito), with titles like 'Plexus', 'Lung', 'Hair', 'Blood', 'Chest', 'Hand', 'Ears', etc. There are 11 pieces in total and they're constructed from samples of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons', hence the title. ...view item »

Sun Araw

Any music fan will tell you it's not the notes that matter, it's the space between the notes - and very few people have more space between their notes than Sun Araw, whose skeletal post-dub explorations are comprised of roughly half silence. Given that he's been around the block a couple of times now, you probably think you know what he sounds l...view item »


Lots of found sounds and field recordings on this latest disc from Time Released Sound. It has that frail Japanese prettiness all over it combining the crunching sound of leaves, the sea, faraway traffic with semi-random piano prettiness and distant violins. The whole thing is akin to listening to someone play the piano in some rural Japanese en...view item »

St James’ Gardens

Ah its about time I got an ambient album to get my head around. This is the second full length collaboration between Wil Bolton and Phil Edwards. Wil has had several solo releases out on Hibernate and Time Released Sound whilst phil under the moniker PJE, has recorded on Cathedral Transm...view item »

Blood Of The Bull
Bend Over

There are four songs of indie rock on this 12" EP. It's quite a simple aesthetic - chunky fuzz guitar, Doorsy organ playing and simple Meg White-esque drumming, with Hillary Van Scoy (who also played all the instruments) leading it all with her strangely sing-song voice whose tones blend with the organ in a really strange, almost unnerving way w...view item »

John Wizards

The chunter. Its the chunter that gets you. Chunter on this chunter on that. Lets remove their tongues and enjoy the music. John Wizards are a band not a man but the singer is called John. They come from Cape Town in South Africa and their sunshine-infused music has recently been heard opening up for Jagwar Ma o...view item »

Death Comet Crew
Ghost Among The Crew

The Diagonal release schedule has increased momentum recently with stuff from Shit & Shine, Prostitutes and now Death Comet Crew. I must confess to having never heard...view item »


I’ve been looking and listening to this record for a few minutes now whilst mentally composing a complaint letter to the buffoons at Coastliner buses; primarily about the bus going the wrong way. Its taken me a while to work out who the record is by but even longer to try to work out what it actually sounds like. Fis is one Oliver Perryman...view item »

New War
New War

The eponymously-titled album by this Melbourne quartet is a real blast. It's one of those multi-faceted treats that come out of nowhere and begin to persistently beg to be put in the player whenever you pass within three feet even when you have loads of other things you really should be...view item »


Second album of Thisquietarmy from 2008. They surmise Blackhaunter as “a relaxation tape for demons”, and words like “Lynchian” and “gothic” will forever pepper their reviews. Denovali present this on double 180 gram vinyl with luxurious packaging. Comes with a f...view item »

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