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Bad Days / Eve's Child

Heb Hex is a collaboration between Hebronix (ie the fella from Yuck) and Neil Michael Hagerty (Royal Trux dude). ATP have decided that 'Bad Days' is good enough to release onto a 7” and they have pressed up 500 copies. S...view item »

Love Is Suicide

Finally on tangerine vinyl is a 7" by Headtapes called 'Love is Suicide'. Reminds me a lot of the darker side of New Order with bits of Soft Cell, Nine Inch Nails and Ladytron. A bit rock, a bit goth - some of the melodies remind me a bit of Maps but a much more gothy Maps that have spent time trawling around the fringes of the city in long ov...view item »

Francis Harold & The Holograms
Hang The Goat/ Invisible Empire

Rowdy, confrontational, hypnotic and strangely alluring...any way enough about me, and more about this group of noisy fucks. The Francis Harold and The Holograms single sounds like it was recorded inside your Dad, using his spleen for for a drum mic and his pancreas as the control booth. It has sort of noise/psych leaning and it's fairly imm...view item »

Gossamer albatross
The Ground Will Take Us Down

We got our mitts on the debut 7" from Gossamer Albatross. 'The Ground Will Take Us Down' was recorded and mixed by Hugo Manuel of Jonquil fame. This is essentially a folk pop record with acoustic guitar and fiddle, brimming with heart and soul. This isn't a genre I'm particularly fond of but this is a decent tune. Good honest music with a slig...view item »

The Flaws
No Room

The Flaws are another of these 'The' bands and they have a debut 7" out on Sound Foundation Records. All of these are starting to sound the same these days and to be honest I can't tell 'em apart anymore. It could be good? It could be bad? I've no idea.... You're usual indie affair though.......view item »

Farmer Dave Scher
Bab'lone Nights

Farmer Dave Scher apparently used to be in Beachwood Sparks and All Night Radio who I can't remember ever hearing. All Night Radio I've not even heard of so you'll have to excuse my ignorance here.. On the evidence of this 'Bab'lone Nights' 7" he's into 70's-inspired indie with a mighty dose of piano-heavy country boogaloo and little droplets ...view item »

JBE/ Bill Dolan

This is a nice surprise. Two acoustic tracks from master guitarist Bill Dolan of 5ive Style/Heroic Doses/Das Boton fame. This guy is triple nifty on the old six string and even when stripped down to a solo acoustic performance ...view item »

Former Utopia/Michael L. Clamp/The Philanthropists

The split 7inch from Former Utopia/Michael L. Clamp/The Philanthropists is a corker and is well worth a listen. MJC offers a rendition of the classic Cole Porter song Don't Fence Me In. It's an earnest enough version, just a voice and guitar... both sound great, The Philanthropists song is called I Love Mickey and lasts about 2 seconds. It's an ode...view item »

Sean Baxter
Metal/ Flesh

This is pretty sweet. Sean Baxter is an Australian avant-garde percussionist and he makes a right old percussive racket. 'Metal' is what it sounds like... freestyle jazz drumming with loots of rattly bits of metal all over the shop. Or it sounds like someone falling down a long flight of stairs whilst playing the...view item »

Air Cav
Embers / Picking At The Bones

Air Cav come to give me some Mancunian slaver with their 2nd waxing 'Embers' / 'Picking at the Bones' & they sure sound well Manc. The guitars chime & ching in a stern yet melodic fashion, the drums are solid & motorik & the vocals are cut of that Northern yelp/wail cloth. Oh, and they've got a wonderful folk violinist called Sophie...view item »

Donald Fraser

Now this is a strange relic - an old electroacoustic railway experiment from 1975, performed by folk bedrock Steeleye Span and decimated via a tape machine or synth or two. “Station Master” Donald Fraser definitely has ambition and an adoration of trains, and/or the noises they make. He’s got...view item »

Liam Hayes

Liam Hayes' brings the occasional and infrequent rain of Chicago (get back to me, city natives) to our shores with Slurrup, his eccentrically titled new record, which delivers more of the same cheeky folk-affected pop rock. With his voice of delighted gravel, Hayes offers up another surprisingly good...view item »

The Leisure Society
The Fine Art Of Hanging On

The Leisure Society’s debut ‘The Sleeper’ was a fantastic album of folky lullabies that made me get a speck in my eye on several occasions.  Since then they’ve rather strayed too far into the Mumfords folk festival territory for me at times but still remain a worthy entity. The ...view item »

The Tamborines
Camera & Tremor

These guys stick safely to a kind of fuzzed-out psych/shoegaze shimmer on their debut album. And although i've heard plenty of Primal Scream or BJM records in my life, The Tamborines still successfully kick out a worthy racket. They often emulate the sound of the classic Creation bands - the opener reminds me of mid-period Telescopes - but you c...view item »


I've got to do summat "beard" says he, the man over there, rapidly sliding down the slippy chute into the terrifying realm that is 40-dom. 'Beard' was the term we used to employ to describe anything that may get musical academics & sound-art buffs frothing with excitement but would undoubtedly clear 99.9% of the public houses in Britain. Als...view item »

Hyperdub 10.4

Hyperdub's big birthday bash comes to a hungover end with 'Hyperdub 10.4', the final release in a series that has celebrated and examined the triumphs of one of the most prominent experimental electronic labels. This one goes back and forth, another double disc compilation with old classics and new prospects. Cooly G, Kode9, DVA, Ikonika, a...view item »

Girls In Hawaii
Hello Strange

Belgian indie pop act Girls In Hawaii do the opposite of Bob Dylan at Newport, ditching the electric jangle pop for something purer and more acoustic. Revising their work here with new arrangements that are equal parts sparse and delicate, 'Hello Strange' is a surprisingly versatile release from a band who's sound has been well worn....view item »

Bernard Herrmann
The Wrong Man

Here's some tasty delights from Bernard Hermann. The Wrong Man is the score of Herman's from the 1965 Hitchcock film. For this feature Hermann created a melancholic and subtle score which is full of soft orchestral textures, sparse instrumentation and enough suspense to keep you on the edge...view item »

Breast Massage
Heavy Metal

Must we? Breast Massage are a band, because all words are bands now, including Twin Peaks, but that’s a complaint for another day. The band brings together Jake Orall, as well as members of Diarrhea Planet, who are also a band with a name. Their new 7” sees them attempt a premature, gritty and toiletified type of doom metal t...view item »

The Dough Rollers
Gone Baby Gone

The days get dark on the road, and while the music of the Dough Rollers may have started with the most simple of intentions -- tribute the great traditions of American folk, rock and soul -- their sound slowly became warped by experience, turning into something more intricate that subtly wove together each of thei...view item »

Automat & Schneider TM

In a world where unique sound sources are steadily getting harder and harder to find, audio wizards Automat & Schneider (trademarked, so beware, name pirates) come up with an ingenious plan, detailed in a brilliant and hilarious blurb on the back of the sleeve. They’ve only gone and got a dancing crowd to tread all over blank records m...view item »

The Chemistry Experiment
Gongs Played By Voice

Coming to my ears through the headphone wire is a warm swirl of organs and acoustic guitars bringing to mind the smoky whisky-clad folk of Tindersticks. The voice is as low as the human voice gets. This will be inaudible to dogs but luckily us people can get our ears soothed with the musics gentle refrains. &n...view item »

Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby - Volume 2

Jack Ruby were one of the missing links between Fun House era Stooges and the eventual No Wave of the late 70s. They basically sound like what would happen if J.G Ballard started a proto-punk band; electronic noise throughout with dirty rock n' roll. This is the 2nd volume of LP reissues which is the more noisy and experimental side of the band,...view item »


Single the second from 18+’s Trust album. Dry is a slinky beast, trapped up percussion production poured over a sexy core. 18+ turns out to be an appropriate name for the duo: this is suggestive stuff, highly stylised and monochrome. Pretty compelling aesthetic all round. This 7” si...view item »

Variety Lights
Silent Too Long

On this 10” original Mercury Rev singer David Baker and his synthy friend Will MacLean bust out a couple of tracks of their weird synthetic minimal pop...view item »

Bad History Month / Dust From 1000 Years
Famous Cigarettes

Two sad slabs of music come sprawling out of this 12” split, which has been generously titled ‘Famously Cigarettes’ -- if I may ask, when do cigs ever hit the big time? They’re all one of twenty (contingent on how heavy their smoker is), and you can’t make it to Hollywood in packs. Regardless, the gloomily melodic p...view item »

Terror & Healing

Ritualistic and erratic, Terror & Healing is the sort of album that your clean-cut friend would worriedly overhear you blaring, branding you a nutter in the process. Such is the dilemma of living in a shared house. But Marja Johansson doesn’t care, she’s still releasing crazy records, blissfully ignorant of external pres...view item »

Fawn Spots
New Sense

Fawn Spots think that punk music is built on a rock steady foundation of unhappy guitars and vocals that require a lot of spitting and saliva. They can be right, for all I care: what is punk good for if it doesn’t belong to everyone? Their gruff punk single “New Sense” sounds like a more pissed off (and strangely more jubi...view item »

Jenny Wilson
Demand The Impossible!

I have a feeling our Brian would like this. Alas he’s sat at home in his dressing gown hiding from the greyness of the sky. Jenny Wilson is a Swedish artist and style icon who has collaborated with The Knife and has written and recorded this album whilst recovering from cancer. She sounds like a lady in a hurry...certainly opener ‘Op...view item »

Bold Ambler

Liking this CD album by Gyppos. It seems to be the work of four chaps from the Sheffield region and is comprised of lo-fi indie pop, skewed bluegrass, quirky skiffle & schizoid folk-rock. There's a small bit of them that initially reminds me of old Chicago band 5ive Style but also (musically) Half Man Half Biscuit, fellow Steel City-ers Champio...view item »

Feeding The Transmitter

Here's a compilation CD of electronicy folks called Feeding The Transmitter. When this was played earlier there were a few tracks which raised heads and folks would ask 'what's this'. Normally that means something's pretty good... 3 of us independently asked 'what's this' so it it must be pretty decent! It's on the Amp Bit Rif Go label and it featu...view item »

Fast Lady
We Ate Rock

People who've been reading these updates for longer than they should have been will possibly remember the name Fast Lady. They released a CD on V/Vm's Test Records years ago and now he's all serious and ambienty these guys are going it alone and here's their new album of rock for your general amusement. Their schtick hasn't really changed from f...view item »

Cold War Kids
Behave Yourself

I can think of no other way to describe this EP other than to say that it contains the most 'grown up' songs CWK has released. I am very impressed with these four songs. As the band says in the liner notes, these songs didn't belong on Loyalty to Loyalty because they did not quite fit the sound of the entire album. Cold War Kids are not a super ...view item »


Fans of sweet alternative folk should really give this a whirl as it's such a lovely and charming listen. Lindsey West has a beautiful voice which is given ample space amongst's the guitars, banjo, ukelele, accordian and harmonium. The songs are magical and it's an enchanting listen throughout. If you like Serafina Steer and that type of stuff then...view item »

Drug Train
Drug Train

Is there ever a shortage of pretty girls with singing with melancholy faces? We don’t think so, and neither should you. Drug Train’s self-titled 7” single, featuring gentle postpunkchillwavey tracks Ambition in You and Soulmate has got all that. It is the future stopping briefly at your d...view item »

Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy

‘Ecstasy, Crashing Beats and Fantasy’ is the second record on Diagonal from Cleveland, Ohio’s James Donadio following the ‘Shatter and Lose’ 10” and stuff for Opal Tapes, Digitalis, Mir...view item »

Definitely Maybe

"Definitely Maybe" is not an album of subtle orchestration or complex conception, but then that was never the point. In the mid-90s, as in the mid-70s, rock had begun to take itself too seriously as a genre, and had consequently rendered itself an overblown parody. Oasis is to grunge what the Sex Pistols (and punk in general) were to '70s rock -...view item »

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