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Fingertip Springs

Ooh I like the sleeve on this one. It's all fingery and springy.... very exciting though I'm not sure what the whole point of having springs on your fingers is but give me some springs, a bottle of wine and 2 hours and I'll upload some fun stuff to youtube. In the meantime you can make do with the CD I'm listening to which is some nice clicky or...view item »


my favorite all-time band that I was in. Mark P. and myself would hole up in his bedroom armed with libations and other stimuli and let  the good times roll. this particular CD-R was recorded one Saturday afternoon and is barely edited from the original tape. every second was improvised and LSD-soaked...cheers to you Leeds people ...view item »

The Capitol Years
You Can Stay There

Apparently Philadelphia's The Capitol Years have done a bit of musical overtime performing as Daniel Johnston's backing band recently, which is a bit of an honour I guess. On 'You Can Stay Here' they pump out an woozy, effortless sort of FM radio rock that I can imagine fans of bands like Semisonic being into. The cool dudes, in other words. CD...view item »

Joe Evans and Craig Burston
Systems out of Chance

This two disc set is super nice with its mix of classical piano, ambience and field recordings that recall the likes of Nils Frahm, Alva Noto and Ryuchi Sakamoto and William Basinski's excellent 'Variations For Piano And Tape'. Joe Evans also records as Runningonair and contributes all of the audio production here while Craig Burston has created...view item »

Boy Is Fiction
Boy Is Fiction

my butt is firmly parked on my seat checking a self titled CD from Boy Is Fiction. This is ultra chilled and making me wish I was back in bed. Not the best music to motivate you in the morning. Still it does sound very nice indeed. It's that sweet melancholic electronica that evokes distant memories and fuels the imagination. Perfectly executed mel...view item »

Mark Bradley

What better way to energise yourself for the week's reviews than with a bit of droney ambience? I don't know about you but something about beatless, moody soundscapes seriously gets my blood pumping! I'm off for a quick few laps of the car park, see you in a min... Phew.. OK, this one's by Mark Bradley and snideyness aside it's actually really...view item »


This Blanket self titled album on Try Harder is a bit useful. It's very gentle delicate sounding female fronted folk music with twinkles and general pretty in. Delightful stuff in fact.... The 2 guys in the band have had releases out before on Woodland Recordings as The Diamond Family Archive and The Great Park. Also one of them has the most tremen...view item »

Black Flag
What The...

This is Black Flag's first release since '85 and one of the saddest albums of all time. Forget early 90's emo or 00's lo-fi bedroom acoustic recordings, nothing brings me to tears faster than this album. The emotional rollercoaster begins with the front cover of the record, which physically hurts to look ...view item »

Bjerga/ Iversen/ ThrouRoof
Unsettling Starbursts

THROUROOF , BJERGA/IVERSEN  split cdr ( Striate Cortex )   Bjerga & Iversen, main stays of the Striate Cortex imperium with Throuroof (or ThrouRoof as it is spelled on the cover). They (he? she?) open up here with a twenty minute piece of bird calls and drones. The latter are a bit distorted which f...view item »

Baylis/ Howard/ McCallum

Jazz. Jazz. Jazz. I've totally got to be in the mood for Jazz. I ain't no natural born hep-cat. I don't have much of a be-bop bone in my body. I've never got smacked up on brown or used my girl as a punch bag either. I'm just not, what's the word, SMOKIN' enough. If I listen to jazz I kind of like it smoky, cerebral & sensual or just plain d...view item »

Climb Up

Reviews of this album are fairly luke-warm to be honest. As music is completely subjective and some other person's opinion, which is what reviews are, rarely equates to your own, one must listen to the music themselves, without prejudice. If you do this, you will find that many of the reviews for Climb Up that you find, are way off the mark....view item »

Tigers That Talked
23 Fears

Leeds' Bad Sneakers latest offering is by Tigers That Talked who on '23 Fears' do that whole epic impassioned indie pop/rock thing with yearning lyrics and dramatic post rock guitars building & diving, those trademark pretty underlying twinkles merging with Go Team!/Los Campesinos chanting/handclaps. It's a nice tune, if somewhat unmemorable. S...view item »

Southern Skyline
Candy Love

Really great to get to hear those never before heard Jim Ford songs. Swedish band Southern Skyline do a good job in getting the Southern feeling that Jim Ford´s music always showed. Get this limited edition single, if you are a Jim Ford fan, and if you´re not, it will be a good addition to your collection....view item »

Son (Christopher Schiel)
Alphabet Series 'O'

Now on the Alphabet Tomlab Singles series we're up to O and taking the baton this time here we have a split from  THE ENVIRONS and  SON. First up the Environs sounding like indie electro Craig David. Really like the song by SON which is an electro pop ...view item »

Rozi Plain
See My Boat

We've got a delightful little single here from dreamy folk-popper Rozi Plain, who's put together a delicate little twee number called 'See My Boat' on the A side which bursts unexpectedly into lo-fi party weirdness in the middle that recalls the Mae-Shi. Really quite an unusual and charmi...view item »

Mynx/ Alice & The Enemies

Fem power has never appeared to be in such apparent evidence than at the moment with the current new wave indie-punka fashionista explosion meaning 500 new bands arrive on the scene spouting snotty attitudes & desperate generic blends of all that's in vogue & NOW! Yippee. That Filthy Little Angels 7" singles club partn...view item »

The Moths
Games / Wild Birds/ Valentine

THE MOTHS: "Games" is a new 7" single on Label Fandango. I once went out with a girl who had a very real fear of moths, she just didn't like the idea of them or the look of them. I don't know what she'd make of these Moths. Nagging incessant vocals driven by spiky guitars and an insistent beat. Reminds moi of something from 70's, a b...view item »

Master Solo
Dancehall Music

"Dancehall Music", oh erm..They mean dancehall in the traditional sense, not Jamaican rude boys. This is more like the sort of music they have on for fight scenes in comedy westerns of yesteryear, you know, the type of bar room brawl where the barman has to duck as a chair goes crashing towards a mirror. What do you call it? Knees up,...view item »

Scotch Broom Collective
Various Past Moments

Ten years after its rumoured release on Thurston Moore and Byron Coley’s Ecstatic Yod Actuel Ass Run series, here is Various Past Moments by Scotch Broom Collective. Bob Fay, also known as the drummer in Sebadoh worked with bandmate Jason Lowenstein (Sebadoh), Conrad Capistran (TARP),and Mark Perretta (Deluxx/Deluxx Folk Implosion), or ...view item »

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