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Stewart Home
Proletarian Post-Modernism

Sometimes the only way to expose is to surpass. A spoken word LP might seem like a thing from the past, but in this case, it really is -- half. On the A-side, recordings from 2012 - on the b-side, a reading of Cunt Lickers Anonymous, a critique of modern art. This piece of artful spoken word is limited to 300 LPs....view item »

High Wolf/ Annapurna Illusion

Yikes, here's some heady hits from the respective drone-noise bongs of High Wolf and Annapurna Illusion. Ant tells me they're both the same guy. Mysterious. I've put the Annapurna Illusion side on first. This is very deep, dark stuff. The first track kind of reminds me of Robedoor for the first few minutes, with heavy textures and harsh meta...view item »


Here's another release on the ever prolific Mexican Summer label. A record which immediately is a reviewers dream as it's very quickly comparable to two bands we know and love at the towers, namely Warpaint and Vivian Girls. The music has the laid back West Coast vibe that pervades the fo...view item »

Pete Um
The New Album

There’s not many British eccentrics as wonderful and awe-inspiringly mad as our Pete Um. His scattershot irreverent prose, weirdo-raps and surrealist sound-sculptures are pretty distinctive, I feel, and have a place in the...view item »

The Golden Filter

Electronic music with very cinematic atmosphere, interesting arrangements. A lot of the nostalgic trappings, like 80s New Wave, Synth Pop, and Cosmic Disco, that were perceptible on their previous release are a bit muted. It is not until track five, when that very wicked arpeggiated synth line kicks in, that some of the Golden Filter's New Wave ...view item »

Cocoanut Groove
How To Build A Maze

We have long been fans of Cocoanut Groove here at the towers so its to our utter delight that they have now signed to Fortuna Pop and dropped the big one so to speak. Its a good job their music is terrific as the photo’s of lead Groover Olov Antonsson could be enough to put you off on first glance. He’s now ditched the stripey jumper...view item »

Concrete (Andy Stott Remix)

It's a new Andy Stott record so I was bound to listen to it and like it, but I was blown away by the sheer mood of this track. Unlike anything Stott has released previously the Concrete remix takes only the darkest elements from his production repertoire, which coupled with the shifted metal vocals of Batillus ma...view item »

El Fog
Rebuilding Vibes

I reckon analogue synths are probably my favourite musical sound but a close contender would be the mighty vibraphone. From Lionel Hampton to Tortoise/Mice Parade there are many fine examples of this instrument at work. El Fog a.k.a Berlin-based Japanese artist Masayoshi Fujita seems pretty keen on the instrument too as he's dedicated an entire pro...view item »

Cremation Lily
Fires Frame the Silhouette

Despite the fact that I seem to devote most of my existence to the pursuit, consumption and very occasional creation of sound; not just as a profession but as a way of life, Cremation Lily has until this point managed to completely evade my radar. I try and be on the ball but the “noise” undergr...view item »

Kitchens Of Distinction

The arrival of the long awaited new album (about 20 years to be exact!) from Kitchens Of Distinction sparked a debate here at Norms over which was their best album, Chris and Phil say 'Love Is Hell' but I say definitely 'Death Of Cool'. After such a long absence though, this is a bit of an odd comeba...view item »

Electric Wurms
Musik, Die Schwer zu Twerk

Hahaha I knew this would happen. As soon as The Flaming Lips do a side project I'm on board. I'm not much of a fan of the hairy panto-freaks these days but I've always admired their outlandish sense of humour and multi-faceted dynamics, not to mention their insane videos and mad stage antics. This vehicle must be their equivalent of The Cosmic J...view item »

The Art of Remix

Nonclassical imposes its strict remix policy -- you can only remix with sounds that already exists in the track -- on a roster of famous electronic artists, from Hot Chip having a go at the music of Gabriel Prokofiev to Thom Yorke using his DJ skills to do things with 'Cortical Songs'. This record takes revered classical pieces and con...view item »


I really hope that the artwork for APRON15 is giving us an accurate portrayal of Brassfoot’s working methods. Shades indoors, having a smoke, using a foot spa, Macbook off to one side tweaking his beats. Either way, the stuff sounds good, as casually thrown together as the image suggests, but with a real mastery....view item »

Itinerant Dubs
Itinerant Club (DJ Stingray / Mr G Remixes)

Itinerant Dub is a label somewhat shrouded in mystery, supposedly nobody knows exactly who is making their tracks… We can say, however, that the producers on remix duty here are DJ Stingray, who brings his twisted Detroit electro styles along to play, and Mr G, who takes a techno approach. Two great sound...view item »

Body Betrayal
Soft Cage

Queer punx Body Betrayal are about again with the hardcore classic: a one-sided 12”. Originally released back in 2014, ‘Soft Cage’ is a chaotic, slow-burning record offering what you would probably consider sprawls for this genre: two minute tunes belting out furious breakdowns and proper growled skramz, all brought back down t...view item »

Select Sex
Select Sex

Now whether Select Sex is intended as a descriptive name (using ‘Select’ as an adjective) or as a command (select it!) isn’t quite clear to me. But given that we are dealing with hardcore pro-queer punk, maybe it is the latter? This is the debut release from Select Sex, a 7” on white viny...view item »

The Morning Benders
Big Echo

The Morning Benders' Big Echo is both accessible and elusive. I love their old school 50's sound. Much of the songwriting is simple: beautifully and thoughtfully crafted melodies sung beautifully, seamless transitions, etc. Every song is extremely layered, offering the listener a chance to discover something new even after multiple listenings. U...view item »

Tales From Late Night Remixes

I've used my my powers of deduction and search engining to come to the conclusion that Tales From Late Night Remixes is a remix album based on Monoceros's Tales For Silent Nights remixes CD which came out a year or so back. I've never heard that so I'm fully equipped to offer scintillating and insightful comparisons with the originals. Here we go.....view item »

Piece of Cake! An Indiepop Compilation

Bloody hell. This begins with Vic Goddard, ex-Subway Sect honcho & a true English gent if ever I've heard one. His ditty about Blackpool is quite wonderful and warms the cockles it does. His reedy, wavering Lahndan tones are always a comfort. I've heard of a few of the other acts and they all bring something reassuringly old-skool & trad...view item »

Paul White
Rapping With Paul White

I discovered Mr White's previous record "Paul White & The Purple Brain", a psychedelic groove with some hip hop style beats, recently and fell for its repetitive, party psych. Tunes such as 'Pride' from that album are clearly psychedelic but are refreshingly driven by the beat. On this album, White is hitting more of the hip hop notes...view item »

Warmer Milks
Let Your Friends In

I almost jumped out of my skin when I hit play on 'Let Your Friends In' by Warmer Milks. Immediately I assume this is gonna be a noise album but that's not the case. A few minutes into the first tune and the band enter heavy rock terrain with fairly lo-fi production values and black metal vox. Not the cacophony of blistering chaos implied by the op...view item »

The View
Bread and Circuses

After kicking the indie brit rock scene in the butt with 2006's Hat's off to the Buskers, The View went in a bit of a different direction (a much more unsuccessful direction) with their 2nd album Which Bitch? in 2009. Thankfully, they're a bit more grounded with their 3'rd record. Even on the first spin, I really couldn't identify a bad song on ...view item »

The Universe
The Outer Void Intrepid Sailor

The Universe then.... Nope not the big ole thing we're all sat in existing but the new CD on Microindie by said massive thing called The Outer Void Intrepid Sailor. This is a side project of some dude from Architecture In Helsinki and someone else who I'm too lazy to check on. Think of Grandaddy and ELO ...view item »

Twiggy And The K*Mesons
We Are The Boredom

Twiggy And The K*Mesons- We Are The Boredom CD (Warm Circuit)Q. What is this then?A. A 2 track CD single you lemonQ. Crazy name for a band right?A. Yes but don't ask me what it means cos I don't know. Just cos I'm here answering questions doesn't mean I know everything. I'm not some sort of fucking guru man. Get a grip...view item »

The Troubadours
(I'M NOT) Superstitious / Rome

The Troubadours had single of the week a while back with their cracking debut. Here's their new single '(I'M NOT) Superstitious' on hip happening Loog label and I have to say it's another great pop smash. Very merseybeat and I have to say I'm reminded a little of the pop sensation that was Cast. 'I'm Not Superstitious' is on limited edition 7"...view item »

Tokyo Bloodworm

This is the final release on The Remote Viewer's Moteer imprint, and it's a collection of dusty semi-ambient downbeat workouts from Arizonan duo Tokyo Bloodworm, limited copies of which come with a bonus CD of remixes from the likes of Remote Viewer, Sun Hammer and Manyfingers. Pretty hard work in places, to be honest, and the first half of ...view item »

12 Desperate Straight Lines

Michael Benjamin Lerner is a one man band otherwise know as Telekenesis. I really enjoyed the self-titled mid-fi debut from Telekinesis, particularly the single "Coast Of Carolina". "12 Desperate Straight Lines" is the follow-up. It has higher production values making the songs a bit punchier, and probably sound more like other bands such as The...view item »

Surfer Blood
Astro Coast

Putting this record on led to Business Lady mis-hearing the band name for Superchunk. The opening track indeed does recall the sturdy guitar sylings of the 90's favorites. Track two pricked my ears up by sounding very much like Journey or Boston. Power chord- tastic. Track three is the most impressive so far sitting in somewhere between a toughe...view item »

Oppenheimer and Woodstock

This album isn't easy to get into, you have to give it your time to be rewarded. It contains a lot of undercurrent darkness about society and humanity of today, but I have to say I get uplifted by it, perhaps a paradox. The arrangements are first class and bands like Keane and Coldplay should take a look at this to make better substantial record...view item »

Super Adventure Club
Avoid Zombies

Rocking a classic power trio line-up and hailing from Glasgow, Super Adventure Club serve up a mixed bag of takes on classic stylistic approaches. Over eight songs they cover classic indie pop, rock, swing and jazz infusing each with enough quirky good times to keep even the most restless listener happy. Sighting Devo, Soul Coughi...view item »


Moshi Moshi have put out Sukpatch's album following on from the single the other week which pretty much gives you an idea of what to expect from the album. Mid-tempo guitar pop with nods to Money Mark with some of the beats and synth bits. Infact the vocal is not unlike him either. Hip-Hop laced in...view item »

Snow White

New single from Snow White which has been compared to My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr. Yeah I suppose you could compare it to 'Feed Me with your Kiss' as performed by The Stooges. The previous sentence makes this sound great but actually it's not. It's just immediately obvious what they've been listening to. It d...view item »

Signalform + Tachikoma
Understanding Media

We got a bunch of stuff in on Love The Chaos. Currently playing is Signalform + Tachikoma's 'Understanding Media' CD. This is a competent blend of digital beats, glitches and drifting melodies. This is similar to the Merck / Machine Drum / Schematic/ Push Button Objects school of abstract electronics and stuttering beats with hints of early Skam an...view item »

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