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Aidan Baker
Triptychs: Variations On A Melody

Gently disturbing the sonic atmosphere is Aidan Baker. Triptychs: Variations On A Melody are a series of recordings from various instrumentalists, which are all based around the ideas of Triptychs. They being as single melody lines and slowly add harmonies throughout each composition which build to a subt...view item »

SteXis / Jonnie Common

Fence Records have sent us another of these split 10”s on their ‘De-Fence’ offshoot imprint. These have tended to have pretty illustrious artists doing something a bit different on them so it’s always interesting to give them a listen. This ti...view item »

Georgio 'The Dove' Valentino
The Sorrows of Young Georgio

Georgio 'The Dove' Valentino is back. People try to pigeonhole 'The Dove', they try to diss 'The Dove', but the 'The Dove' always bounces back. 'The Dove' always gets his way. Evidently not a happy bunny, 'The Dove' returns with a bleak work which disturbs. The first track sounds a bit like an I Like Trains who have moved to Lithuania and go...view item »

Foot Village
Lovers With Iraqis

This 4 drummer, mad as a bag of hedgehogs combo peddle a shouty style of agit rock in the vein of Coughs or some other obscure noisy fucks. The drums are kind of tribal and not at all drum workshop which you thought might happen. There are no interlocking grooves or ghost notes or any of that bulldink. Its all pummeling pedal to the metal t...view item »

Patrik Torsson
At The Line of The Border

Yawn..........from the press release comes this little gem, "vocals were laid down while sitting half-folded in an armchair". God does it sound like it. Music doesn't come more stupified than this. Come on lad, get up out of the chair! Not half way out of the chair, all the way out of the chair! Sing like you mean it, not like you're mut...view item »

Far Corners
Ruling The Roost/ Gold Choice

Far Corners is a new outfit from the lads that bought you the uncompromising, no bullshit garage rock of the Turpentine Brothers. There's not much info to go on but basically Far Corners are Turpentine Brothers but for some reason they now run things under this new moniker. 'Ruling The Roost' does not disappoint on the scuzzy-as-fuck, mad-a...view item »

DJ Mistakes

This is nuts. First of all the artwork of the copy I'm reviewing has a load of random crap thrown in - a circle of foil and one of coloured acetate...a computer printout with a single strand of tinsel sellotaped to it, that sort of thing. The sleeve itself is a total thing of beauty, too, screenprinted onto spar...view item »

Band Activity
Traditional Reels

Band Activity is a collaboration between Liverpool based artists Flowers and Templeton who's curiosity for free-form improvisation and sound collage led them to producing 'Traditional Reels'. Here the duo merge original studio recordings with a plethora of found audio of traditional indig...view item »

Celer & Machinefabriek
Greetings From

Two drone geniuses get together and improvise their way through a bunch of live performances, then set their exemplary work down for Greetings From. Celer and Machinefabriek used their improvised, free form approach to playing together as a way of producing the strangest results poss...view item »

Verda Hugo

I'm so glad these guys spelt colours right. It would annoy me if they didn't. As ever it's a debut (I think most of these Too Pure ones are these days) and it's a right old jumble of styles. Firstly it's fast and frenetic and more unusually unpredictable...I'm listening to it and I've no ...view item »

The Louche FC

Following on from the sold out Money 7" on Manchester's hip and most possibly suave Sways label is a single by The Louche FC called 'Romantic'. This w...view item »

Philippe Petit

Dark lord of weirdness Philippe Petit’s got a new one again. I’m sure he only just did a new one but that’s how these outsider types work sometimes isn’t it? Anyway, on the first side of these ten inch...view item »

Fugenn & The White Elephants
Archetype Zero

I keep listening to this over and over again, not just because I like it but because I'm so easily distracted I'm considering going for ADD therapy. Then the Ethernet cable broke, this after I laughed and pointed at Phil struggling with a couple at work this week -karma you say? Thank the...view item »

And So I Place You In The Setting Sun

This band MayMay are the brainchild of Laurel Simmons and Heather Broderick’s doing some cello on here and it was mastered by Nils Frahm so I think you get the idea - they’re part of “that lot”, stars with...view item »

Bwani Junction
Two Bridges

OK, this is one of those UK bands biting on the afro style and ‘injecting’ it into their stale indie-pop formula. Never been a big fan of this co-opting style but it seems to have settled in with the kids so I shouldn’t dis’, right? ‘Two ...view item »

Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight

Short review for our time on this earth being short so i have to be quick. This record moves everywhere. Some dark places and then a slight piece of light goes through the dark area and turns everything around but then back we are left alone. we fall out of the womb and sing a song. this piece of music (both sides) could be for all people that s...view item »

Crushed Beaks

What’s this then? Some kind of tropical ‘60s pop number is what’s going on here, with somewhat Razorlighty vocals that I shall gloss over in favour of talking about the hazy summer atmosphere conjured up and the bouncy, kind of ...view item »


Despite there having been two songs played since, we still all have the Adele song in our heads. It has to be said that this won’t shift it. Actually first up, lets talk Club AC30 - what a funny label. Having released ...view item »

Bored Spies

From Bored Spies, a Canadian-Korean-Singaporean trio made up of singer/guitarist Cherie Ko of Obedient Wives Club and Pastelpower, Orestes Morfin from Bitch Magnet on drums and Seam’s Sooyoung Park on bass. From psychedelic rock influenced by Jefferson Airplane to 90s style alt rock. On 7” vinyl....view item »

Cass McCombs / White Magic
LAMC No. 6

Okay, fourth of these Famous Class splits up for review today is from Cass McCombs and White Magic. On McCombs’s side, the prolific and consistently decent singer-songwriter doles out a slow-burner called ‘If Y...view item »

Four Songs for Fifty States

Kuroma are led by Hank Sullivant, ex-MGMT touring guitarist, and can often be seen on tour with the psychedelic pop group.  This EP, creatively titled Four Songs features, you guessed it, four songs which show off the raw, unpolished and yet strangely tight tracks from the band. Clear vinyl 10" on Bigger Splash Records...view item »

Department M
The Second Prize

This isn’t Department S of ‘Is Vic There?’ fame, instead its a different department, the M department who have belatedly taken their cue from the ‘S’ lot and  and launched a pop career for themselves. In fact, this is the new project from ex Grammatics man Owen Brinley wh...view item »

I Get Lonely

Fun, light-hearted soulful track from Saskwatch - belting voice and a garage rock vibe. Loud guitars, crashing drums and just a little tease of brass to make this a great little number. A nine piece band help to create the tight yet many-layered sound which gives these guys their charm. On vinyl from Northside Records....view item »

Sandro Perri
Spaced Out

Sandro Perri’s ‘Impossible Spaces’ was an absolute revelation, a stunning mix of Jeff Buckley-meets-Arthur Russell indie-soul and loungey jazz arrangements with a silky languorous feel which has since withstood many, many plays on the home stereo. On this 12” three of his tracks are give...view item »

Yellow Dash / Kukulcan

Yellow Dash by Italian glam-rockers Giuda is taken from their second album Let’s Do It Again. The limited edition 7” is backed with  Kukulcan, an instrumental about the Maya snake deity, a track which is exclusive this single. Yellow Dash/Kukulcan is availabl...view item »

The Mispers

London hopefuls The Mispers release their second single this week. The debut passed me by entirely so this is my first exposure to this lot. A side 'Brother' is an epic bit of indie pop with windswept violin and some cool little palm muted guitar melodies, led by a plangent vocal bleat that's somewhere between Brigh...view item »

All We Are
I Wear You / Honey

All We Are came together under unlikely circumstances, bringing together people it would cost a lot of postage to get here and there: comprised of artists from Norway, Ireland and Brazil, the band met in Liverpool an started making indispensable music with a lot of harmonizing and communal affection. The 'I Wear You / Honey' 7" teases their fort...view item »

The Gamecock
All Right, Hen?

Formed in 2010, Gamecock are a two piece comprised of Stuart Arnot (Smear Campaign/Total Vermin Tapes) and Nick Mitchell (Chalaque/Golden Lab Records). ‘All Right, Hen?’ is a reissue put out by Golden Lab because neither of them had a copy of either the original cassette release on Gary War’s Fixed Identity or the subsequent Be...view item »

Staple Singers
Swing Low

The Staple Sisters were an American gospel/ soul group who released a bunch of albums a long long time ago. I've never heard these folks before but listening to them I'm struck with a weirdly morbid feeling that these people are all dead now. Sad times..... This album was first released in 1962 and here's an identical replica from ...view item »

Sebastien Tellier
L'Incroyable Verite

Several reissues of smooth electro-soul-pop singer Sebastien Tellier’s music are upon us. L’Incroyable Verite (‘The Incredible Truth’) is his debut album, dating from 2001, and it contains a sweet suite of different styles, all of them pretty sleek. So much so that Tellier demand...view item »

John Davis
Spare Parts

This is the first album from singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist John Davis in over 15 years, apparently. As a spring chicken of only 30 years myself, I suppose that gives me a good excuse to never have heard his music before, so if this review seems unresearched please forgive me. I’m quit...view item »

Amps For Christ / Woods
Amps For Christ / Woods

Shrimper! I remember you. The label that in the mid 90's brought you lo fidelity efforts from Lou Barlow, Mountain Goats, Refridgerator, is still going strong and busying itself marrying hot pro...view item »

Willie Burns
I Wanna Love You EP

Electronic polymath Willie Burns recently released 'Land Vs Air', a collection that shows off his work under his many different aliases that tinker with wildly different sounds. On this new EP, though, he goes by his human name, and releases four romantic house tunes with hooking beats, sweet synth lines and welcoming vocals. The mood goes from ...view item »

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