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Back in: 23rd February 2018

The Pattern Forms
Other Voices 03

Jon Brooks certainly gets about what with his Advisory Circle project, solo work and recent collab with the High Llamas Sean O’Hagan. Here he is again with a couple of Eds in tow -- intriguingly both of them play in the very un-Gh...view item »

The Pattern Forms
Peel Away The Ivy

Much to Phil's utter horror the latest release on Ghostbox comes hurtling out of the soft warm glow of 70s kids programmes straight into the cold, hard decade we knew as the 1980s. This is a collaboration between the Advisory Circle's Jon Brooks and a couple of the ...view item »

Guided By Voices
Bee Thousand

Not only is Bee Thousand widely regarded as one of the best Guided By Voices albums, but it is also widely regarded as one of the best indie rock albums ever made. Reissued for its 20th anniversary, the album has been remastered, is housed in a hefty gatefold sleeve and is pressed on high-quality vinyl. This album ...view item »

Frank Turner
England Keep My Bones

A real mix of tunes and emotions. Although the style of music swings through the emotions, the main theme of this punk-folk album is the artist's love of England. This is not however, a sentimental cowboy-esque idealistic view that one might find in US country, nor is it a right-wing 'send the buggers back' diatribe, rather a genuine love of Albion...view item »

Ilyas Ahmed
With Endless Fire

Super tasteful psychedelic gatefold sleeve on this one, and some mystical loveliness on the wax, too! Ilyas Ahmed is back to weave more of his slow-burning spirituals with rock and drone and psych-folk elements, but always beautifully measured and hypnotic. This is music that really takes...view item »

Jeff Keen
Noise Art

Hats off to the good people at Trunk for unearthing these archive recordings from maverick avant-garde UK film-maker Jeff Keen as they really deserve to reach a wider audience. Interest in Keens work peaked recently following a collection of films lovingly reissued by the BFI. Until now none of Keen's audio work has...view item »

Arthur Russell
Another Thought

Here’s the first ever vinyl pressing of Arthur Russell’s ‘Another Thought’, a posthumous collection compiled from 800 tape reels recorded between 1982 and ‘90. What’s immediately surprising is how coherent it sounds as an album. The performances often hushed, sparse and sou...view item »

Tetrahymena EP

Leisure System Records bring you the latest 12” from Detroit techno heads Dopplereffekt, A side ‘Tetrahymena’ is a dark bass stonker with ethereal keys and voices, springy synths bounce around a twitchy beat that make for a pretty scary listen. Side B open...view item »

Belbury Poly and Spacedog
The Study Series 10: Message and Method

Phil just told me this is the last of the Ghost Box ‘Study Series’ 7”s. What will they do now? They’ll be at a loose end. “They’ll just have to bring some other records out I guess,” proffers Phil, “maybe start another series.” Then again he did say that this single was by ...view item »

Brooks and O'Hagan
Other Voices 01

This single is a gem. I enjoyed many instalments in the last series of collectible GB sevens but on none of them did the two idiosyncratic aural worlds of any of the collaborators gel in such a perfectly balanced fashion than on this two-faced dinky treat. This really is Advisory Circle meets ...view item »

The Agent Intellect

Did I imagine it or did I really like Protomartyr’s previous record ‘ Under the Colour of Official Right‘? Because listening to this third album it just doesn’t sound like the sort of thing I’d ever champion.   Opener ‘The Devils in his Youth’ sounds like ...view item »

The Apple Tree

Jon Brooks (the Advisory Circle) and Tim from Broadcast/Seeland - aka Hintermass - have released their first actual LP. It has apparently been over four years since their single came out on lovely, timewarpy-designy/retro-futurey /evocative-of-memories-we-never-really-had Ghost Box....view item »

Beautify Junkyards
Other Voices 08

Syd Barrett is alive and he has recorded with Broadcast! Oh wait no, it’s the new 45 from Ghost Box. Their latest in their ‘Other Voices’ series of singles features Lisbon six-piece -- SIX: Count ‘em, 3 x Joao, Rita, Antonio and Sergue! Making up the harmon...view item »

Anderson .Paak

Off the back of six tracks on Dr. Dre's 2015 record and a single with the wonderful Kaytranada, there's now an album in store for Anderson .paak. Following up a couple of 2014 releases, Malibu originally came out back in January and earned its hype with collabs ...view item »

The Hardy Tree
Through Passages of Time

You know that big important work conference where they announced that the hauntology department and the violin department would have to share offices from now on? Yeah, I know. Clay Pipe are really doubling down. The label of a myriad vintages here shares us a gorgeous record under the name of the Hardy Tree, a wo...view item »

Pye Corner Audio
Half-Light (Prowler Remixed)

Pye Corner Audio’s 2015 album was lorded over, and quite rightly so, and now it’s been ripped apart and issued as a remix package. With contributions from Clesse (Jon Brooks of Hintermass), Cloudface, Silent Servant of S...view item »

Belbury Poly & Moon Wiring Club
Other Voices 09

Two of Ghostbox's best and brightest collaborate on the latest in this ongoing series of limited 7"s. Moon Wiring Club is graphic designer Ian Hodgson who specialises in creepy soundtracks, Belbury Poly is Ghostbox founder the magnificently named Jim Jupp who is interested in 70's library recordings and TV sound...view item »

1992 - 2001

Despite being asked to tour with the likes of Oasis, Mazzy Star, The Verve, and Spiritualized, Acetone never quite made it and tragically singer Richie Lee committed suicide in 2001. It's easy to see why they didn't hit pay dirt though. Their music is quiet, intimate and swings in a jazzy manner but lacks the emotional power of a ...view item »

The Belbury Circle
Outward Journeys

The past was really comfortable wasn't it? Tomorrow's World on a Thursday night followed by Top of the Pops. Ted Rogers and 3-2-1 on a Saturday night.  Maybe this is why we are all looking back to these safe squishy times rather than address what is happening right now? I tell you another thing that is comfortable - synths. They are bi...view item »

Alela Diane

Cusp is The 5th solo album by singer/songwriter Alela Diane and follows on from her 2013 album, About Farewell, written and recorded after her marriage to musical partner Tom Bevitori ended. Accidentally inspired by breaking a thumbnail and writing on the piano instead of finger picking her way on...view item »

Thirty Years Of Shouting Quietly

Literally the worst thing that could happen to a band in the 80's was to get the 'new Smiths' tag....and even worse was to be given the Morrissey seal of approval. Bradford had both and so it's no surprise that they pretty soon called it a day and were never seen again..... ......view item »

Karen O feat. Michael Kiwanuka
Yo! My Saint

Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs wrote Yo! My Saint for fashion brand Kenzo. The French/Japanese clothing company asked Karen O to collaborate in what has been a surge of artistic creativity leading to the release of the spring/summer clothing collection. Michael Kiwanuka provides additional vocals. L...view item »

Southern Mind

Australian shoegaze outfit Lowtide return with their second full-length album, titled Southern Mind. We know the game with shoegaze of course, but Lowtide are bosses at constructing a good guitar swirl, and they cut in enough other pleasing flavours to keep it all lively. Released by Opposite Number....view item »

Spacemen 3

Dreamweapon by Spacemen 3 documents the time they played live in the foyer of Watermans Art Centre in Brentford at a screening of the Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire. The audience didn’t care for it too much but the 45 minute set of droning guitars will sure please fans of the band. This reissue includes outtakes from 198...view item »

Stranger Things: Music from the Netflix Original Series

Netflicks Original Series Stranger Things perfectly combined the aesthetic of 80s horror and teen buddy films into one addictive ride. This CD/double LP relives the soundtrack that helped do this, with evocative hits from The Clash, Joy Division, Toto, Duran Duran and more alongside dialogue from series one and two....view item »

The Bluetones
Expecting To Fly

It’s been 2 full decades since the release of The Bluetones’ debut full-length, Expecting To Fly. Landing square in the middle of the 90’s, the time was right for the Tones’ melodic britpop sound, merging Stone Roses longing with Oasis attitude. ...view item »

The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

Clint here with the reviews. First up on Bugs Bunny's Warner Brothers label is Flaming Lips 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots' and its most excellent - what else did you expect? Full to the brim with sparkling lop sided pop tunes and odd arrangements it pours out of the speakers. Uncut magazine gave thi...view item »

Talking Heads
Speaking in Tongues

If Fear of Music showed Talking Heads consolidating and perfecting the quirky, innovative sound of their initial phase, Speaking in Tongues is where they completely incorporated the world beat and funk explorations of Remain in Light and made them their own. This was the group's warmest and most exuberant disc since More Songs about Buildings an...view item »

William Onyeabor
World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor?

Here’s the long-awaited collection on Luaka Bop from the mysterious William Onyeabor, a Nigerian who studied film in Russia, returned to set up a film and music studio in the ‘70s, produced a series of hits and has since retired from music to become a successful businessman and run his own flour mill...view item »

Fat Freddys Drop
Based On A True Story

Debut album from modern reggae favourites Fat Freddy’s Drop, first released in 2005 and since then apparently the best-selling record by a New Zealand artist ever! Just pipped The Dead C to the post I guess… Based On A True Story is a real favourite of hippies and non-hippies alike, availab...view item »

Expo 1

A compilation of some of the greatest works from some of the greatest composors in the neo- classical genre. With tracks from Philip Glass, Ólafur Arnalds, Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Ludovico Einaudi (CD only) and many more. A showcase ...view item »

J-Jazz – Deep Modern Jazz from Japan 1969-1984

BBE have done it again! This time the fruits of their labours -- digging in the crates with (long-term jazz record collectors) Tony Higgins and Mike Peden -- has seen the unearthing of these gems from the post-war period in modern Japanese jazz history. The tracks take in spiritual jazz, post-modal impressionism and fusion for the dancefloors. H...view item »

The Strokes
Room On Fire

Here's a little band out of somewhere called New York who go by the name of The Strokes. I read somewhere that wouldn't it have been great if they'd called this album 'Is This It'. Ha ha! But its not its called 'Room On Fire' and for all the pressure heaped on them it seems to be a sure-fire winner. Plenty ...view item »

Spacemen 3

Spacemen 3's first live album, reissued here by Fire Records. A good document of the noisier side of Spacemen 3, this was recorded in Februrary 1988 in Amsterdam on the 'Perfect Prescription' tour. Now reissued on 180g orange vinyl and on CD with new packaging.  ...view item »

Explosions In The Sky
All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY are a new grime act from Cleethorpes I believe. Thier use of sinister B-boy stylings over grumbling quarter-step sludge beats is sick maaaan. Razor sharp social comentary over screaming bass shards, prolapsing seagull yelps & cement mixer distortion make this compelling listening. They even have a voice over on 2 tracks fr...view item »

Kindred EP

The internet almost collapsed when Hyperdub announced this new Burial 12". The arrival of a new release from this guy is always anticipated with excitement akin to a 4 year old on Christmas eve. Yet again he's delivered the goods. Opening with The title track 'Kindred' beginning with trademark crackle and those clanking metallic beats he does so...view item »

The Clientele
Suburban Light

Merge reissue The Clientele’s debut LP on 180g LP complete with a bonus discs worth of covers, b-sides and demos. I’m new to the album but it’s a Clinton favourite and on first spin I really enjoyed it. Sits somewhere between The Velvet Underground stuck in ‘Candy Says’...view item »

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

The sounds Kaitlyn has produced for "Ears", her second album, are an intriguing and compelling synthesis of electronics, woodwind and her own shimmering voice. Smith recorded and studied bird calls prior to the composition of these pieces; this shows in her music's sense of lightness and momentum, layers of looped woodwind frequently popping up ...view item »

The Other People Place
Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café

Finally re-pressed after its original release back in 2001, there’s gonna be a lot of very happy folks out there -- now that they don’t have to auction off a semi-vital organ in order to purchase an original copy. ‘Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café’ is of course, one of Drexciya’s &...view item »

Lee Gamble
Mnestic Pressure

Here is the UIQ label head and champion of cracked electronic sounds Lee Gamble, making that sweet music for the Hyperdub family. He recently premiered acoustic music in a cave with the great Eliane Radigue, an occasion that I will forever regret not going to. I half expected this to be sonically related to that, but don’t you worry yourse...view item »

Dedekind Cut
The Expanding Domain

A full and complete sounding record from Dedekind Cut entitled The Expanding Domain. A mixture of droning electronic sounds contrasted with trance-like melodies and subtle piano notes, makes this record a piece of art on the blank slate of an artist. Created in New York, Seoul and Berlin and released on ‘Hallow Gr...view item »

Hinds / Los Nastys
Holograma / Castigadas En El Granero

Here's a split 7" by two of Madrid's most lively punk and garage rock bands. In time worn style Hinds and Los Nastys have a go at playing each others songs and as a result have created a document of the much overlooked Madrid rock scene of which these two lots are major players. Brought to you on vinyl as red as...view item »

Carla dal Forno
The Garden

Following on from her excellent LP of sonic gothic architecture for Blackest Ever Black, Carla dal Forno returns with a 12" of dubby introspections. Haunted hallways and sonorous drone pop are to be expected on this You Know What It's Like sequel, with a song tributing the great industrial weirdings ...view item »

Baxter Dury
Prince of Tears

So he's heard Sleaford Mods then....and his own dad.  'Prince of Tears' is like a grimy gritty take on his last (rather good) album 'It's a Pleasure' except he swears (a lot). Opener 'Miami' is the sort of track a knobbly knee'd teenager plays to his elders to try to show how grown up he is. He's ...view item »

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Wrong Creatures

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club remain firmly committed to the leather-clad rock’n’roll sonic lifestyle, standing up for their chosen ways. They have a new album, titled Wrong Creatures, that is positive...view item »

The Hands

What is this rumpus? I would have to say that rumpus is Fire, with an exclamation mark, whose newest record takes a mini left turn in embracing rock music as you knew it. Or, perhaps I should say, as you once knew it; as my dad likes to know it, in definitions that focus it around Hendrix and ...view item »

Jon Brion
Lady Bird

This is the first time this soundtrack has come on the music market as a full release. A collection of rather mellow and easy-listening music, Jon Brion's Lady Bird is available on three different formats: CD, LP and a limited edition white vinyl LP. This original motion picture soundtrack has been released by Fire Soundtracks.&...view item »

Brigid Mae Power
The Two Worlds

Hell yeah. I can remember fragments of older Brigid Mae Power records, but this one takes what they tend to call ‘the cake’. Assured in her slow, growing songs, and better than ever at stretching a melody over a slow motion country rock time lapse, she offers her best record to date, offering both the merest of brushes and the most s...view item »

Marlon Williams
Make Way For Love

Who like rich voices, bobbing basslines and an appropriate amount of string swells? I do. For you see, melancholic music is good. Marlon Williams makes it and few understand it better -- obsessed with a tradition of country and blues crooners, he asks you to ‘Make Way For Love’ while actually spending his time lamenting being in prox...view item »

The Lovely Eggs
Wiggy Giggy

Wiggy Giggy is the first single to be taken from This Is Eggland, the forthcoming album by Lancaster’s very own DIY psych-punk duo The Lovely Eggs. Wiggy Giggy was inspired by a children’s book the married couple read to their son that philosophised on the idea that no matter where you go, your home is the best place...view item »

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