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Back in: 16th February 2018

COH Plays Everall

Super intensive producer COH presents a tribute to and posthumous collaboration with John Everall, developed from material Everall provided. The combination of his analogue sounds and COH’s super-digital manipulations makes for a hell of a ride, and the CD version even add...view item »

Nu-Sound II Crew / Magnus I
Spilt EP

Both a reissue and a split EP, this is one of the things we love most at Norman Records. Throw in the fact that we’re talking about oldskool experimental 90s synthesizer driven electro, and we might be tempted to keep all these beautiful vinyl 12”s, including the sweet postcard of the Nu Sounds crew djing....view item »

Dedekind Cut
The Expanding Domain

A full and complete sounding record from Dedekind Cut entitled The Expanding Domain. A mixture of droning electronic sounds contrasted with trance-like melodies and subtle piano notes, makes this record a piece of art on the blank slate of an artist. Created in New York, Seoul and Berlin and released on ‘Hallow Gr...view item »

Pye Corner Audio
Where Things Are Hollow

Here's another four tracker from the self styled 'Head Technician' Martin Jenkins. Here he diverts his dystopian vision towards emotive techno with soaring pads and slow pulsating beats. Reminiscent of works by John Carpenter and Delia Derbyshire, this is bound to be another one that flies straight off our shelv...view item »

C Duncan
For (Autumn Rebuild)

For is already one of Glaswegian C Duncan’s most popular songs, so why should he not rebuild it for the changing seasons? For (Autumn Rework) is more bombastic, with Steve Reich-like instrumentations creating a musical backdrop. A great antidote to November's rainy gloom. Limited to 500 copies on orange v...view item »

East Harlem/ Goshen

Everyone likes Beirut don't they? You all like a bit of Beirut. There, that's you told. Here comes Zach once again, ukelele at the ready, horns parping like a Salvation Army band in the background while drums thump away and a general good time is had by all. This is a ridiculously limited 7" on Zach's own label (they are all at it!). Both so...view item »

Nils Frahm

The Nilster is back with a brand new studio new album on Erased Tapes and it's the difficult 3rd album! From the off I can tell it's a much richer album than previous albums as there's more than just piano on it. The opener with its Tubular Bellsy xylophone is really rather splendid. There's a...view item »

Michael Kiwanuka
You've Got Nothing To Lose

He’s alright Michael Kiwanuka innee? A throwback to the soulful lads of the ‘70’s like Terry Callier and the like. You could never guess that this was made in the age of internet. He has a rich brown soulful voice and strums his acoustic guitar nicely. On the main track there’...view item »

Deaf Wish
Deaf Wish

The Australian noise rock scene has been erupting with bands lately, and Melbourne's Deaf Wish are yet another band who open the curtain with dissonant guitar chords, snarling vocals and a strong dedication to rhythm that keeps the whole thing from falling apart. Their only recording process is to "go to feedback", and these ten songs crackle wi...view item »

Run The Jewels
Run The Jewels 2

The first Run The Jewels record capped a victory lap of a year for producer EL-P and rapper Killer Mike, who respectively released the bombastic 'Cancer 4 Cure' and poignant 'R.A.P Music' -- they then went on to release their collaborative self-titled record, which showed off the affection and understanding they share for each other's work. They...view item »

Nils Frahm

Only Nils Frahm could, with complete sincerity, declare the 88th day of our year Piano Day, and have us all (some of us - Clint) enraptured in the idea. Launching right into celebrations of what is at least objectively the best inst...view item »

The Agent Intellect

Did I imagine it or did I really like Protomartyr’s previous record ‘ Under the Colour of Official Right‘? Because listening to this third album it just doesn’t sound like the sort of thing I’d ever champion.   Opener ‘The Devils in his Youth’ sounds like ...view item »

(The Microcosm): Visionary Music of Continental Europe, 1970-1986

Acting as a sequel to Light in the Attic’s I Am The Center, The Microcosm delves further into experimental new age electronic compositions from the 70s and 80s. Mapping a peaceful yet strange world between prog, psych and ambient electronica. With pieces from Vangelis, Roedelius, ...view item »

Aaron Dilloway
The Gag File

One day I received a text message from friend and former Norman Records employee Brian who was at the time at the great Tusk Festival in the North of England. It read “Aaron Fucking Dilloway! It’s like a fucking Francis Bacon painting coming to life”. Laughed my ass off. I’ve still not been...view item »

Pandit Pran Nath
The Raga Cycle, Palace Theatre, Paris 1972 Vol. 2

Pandit Pran Nath is a legend of the Indian classical vocal raga, who crossed over into the Western cultural consciousness in 1972, when he performed in Paris. This double LP release on Sri Moonshine Music takes recordings from that special occasion and puts them onto wax, ready for spiritual or just musical home consumption....view item »

Last of the Easy Riders
Unto The Earth

Trust me: this is a scam. Last of the Easy Riders sound chill, I know -- there’s Grateful Dead in the lilt of their vocals and Allman Bros’ in the twang of their geetars -- but they think you’re philistines. I opened up my jewel case of ‘Unto the Earth&...view item »

The Hanging Stars
Songs For Somewhere Else

I'm really getting frustrated by this album by Hanging Stars. When it's good it's particularly brilliant but they keep putting flies in my ointment preventing my full enjoyment of the album as a whole. There's certainly the sense that early on the band try too hard to be eclectic rather than maintain the exquisite moods they are capable of ...view item »

Konami Digital Entertainment
Silent Hill (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

The famously extremely-scary Playstation game Silent Hill still has tendrils of fearful memories left embedded in the minds of those who played it in when it first came out in 1999, and part of that power is down to the highly effective soundtrack, now released on vinyl for the first time! Double LP with new artwork on Mondo....view item »

Lucy Dacus
No Burden

Matador introduce Lucy Dacus, whose record No Burden gets a physical pressing and celebratory launch. Having played with artists such as Julien Baker and Car Seat Headrest, you should be able to point to her sound as one that's heart...view item »

Blade Runner

This is truly the greatest soundtrack ever created, the now legendary Vangelis-produced ‘Blade Runner’ OST has made a long awaited comeback to the world of vinyl and it is worth the wait. Interspersed with dialogue from the film itself which gives it an even more atmospheric quality, Greek compose...view item »

Tom Waits
Mule Variations

Mule Variations, whilst being typical of Tom Waits later work -- mixing experimental sounds, stomping percussion, jazz and beautiful songwriting, is also a high watermark in his career. Notable tracks include the mournful ballad "Georgia Lee", the creepy and original "What’s He Building In There?" and the gravel-edged blue...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Let Love In

More reissue goodness from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; this time it's the rather sweetly titled Let Love In, to which we ask Nick: what's the catch? The catch is of course that this is as ever a dark collection of cuts about loneliness and romantic insecurity (just look at those titles: "Do You Love Me?"; "...view item »

Iggy Pop
The Idiot

Iggy Pop made his official debut as a solo artist with this record and has struggled to scale the heights of this brilliant album since. Drugged up & boozed up after The Stooges broke up, Iggy was in the midst of a downward spiral when Bowie dragged him off to Berlin, got him sobered up (somewhat) and helped him write a couple of rockin' alb...view item »

Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes

Seemingly everyone's top pick for the album of the year was the eponymously titled debut by the band Fleet Foxes. And it's justifiably so, it is a master-piece that singer/song-writer Robin Pecknold has concocted. Indie-folk/baroque-pop/psychedelic whatever you need to label it as, Fleet Foxes is heavenly from beginning to end with warm instrume...view item »

Nights Out

Way before they became a curly-haired pop phenomena, Metronomy were a weird little electro band. This is the first album where they started to write 'proper' songs and have a man sing them. "Heartbreaker' particularly foreshadows their increasingly endearing rinky-dink pop. 10th anniversary re-issue 2LP on Because....view item »

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Clear Spot

Don Van Vliet’s reputation mostly rests on the mind-bending knottiness of Troutmaskreplica and similar work, but he could also dial down the weird and dial up the blues. 1972’s Clear Spot is his most successful attempt to nail a compromise between groove-driven blues rock and his inimitable creative eccentricities. T...view item »

Pink Floyd
The Dark Side Of The Moon

As literally one of the best-selling albums of all time (741 consecutive weeks in the charts!), you probably already have a copy of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon don’t you? But this new reissue has been remastered, and is pressed to 180g vinyl, and comes in a rather fetching package with a few extra bit...view item »

Pink Floyd
The Wall

Pink Floyd's legendary rock opera The Wall gets a gatefold 2xLP reissue that doubles as a wall. The album that gets hailed as the Floyd's 'punk record' actually features their most (un)comfortably 'prog' anthem, as well as, y'know, THAT one that you hear in every pub ever. So raise your finger to Thatcher and invest in some seriously epic wax....view item »

William Onyeabor
World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor?

Here’s the long-awaited collection on Luaka Bop from the mysterious William Onyeabor, a Nigerian who studied film in Russia, returned to set up a film and music studio in the ‘70s, produced a series of hits and has since retired from music to become a successful businessman and run his own flour mill...view item »

Sun Ra And His Arkestra
To Those Of Earth… And Other Worlds

To Those of Earth….and Other Worlds is a compilation of Sun Ra and his Arkestra chosen by DJ Giles Peterson. Sun Ra is a true original - a Jazz eccentric decked out in gold lame who apparently came from outer space. His commitment to music is not to be questioned...view item »

Fat Freddys Drop
Based On A True Story

Debut album from modern reggae favourites Fat Freddy’s Drop, first released in 2005 and since then apparently the best-selling record by a New Zealand artist ever! Just pipped The Dead C to the post I guess… Based On A True Story is a real favourite of hippies and non-hippies alike, availab...view item »

Kendrick Lamar
untitled unmastered.

Kendrick Lamar throws out a surprise companion set to his much-loved To Pimp A Butterfly album from last year. untitled unmastered is a set of 8 outtakes from that record’s sessions, many of them carrying an especially jazzy vibe. Not ...view item »

Christine and The Queens
Chaleur Humaine (UK Edition)

Christine, with the support of her Queens, is making big splashes in France: she’s scarcely left their top 40 charts for years. What’s well cool is that she’s managed this great success without compromising the more unusual parts of her sound and sty...view item »

Pink Floyd
Atom Heart Mother

Pink Floyd’s fifth album, Atom Heart Mother - the one with the cow on the cover - carries on the concept that began on Ummagumma with the full band featuring on side one and individual band members basically playing solo stuff on side two. It was Pink Floyd’s first album to make No....view item »

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Hell Or High Water - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The mighty creative partnership that is Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (The Bad Seeds, Grinderman) has been firing on all cylinders for more than a decade now: remarkable stuff. Now they have produced a soundtrack to David Mackenzie’s film Hell Or High Wat...view item »

Christian Löffler

Hello. Meet Christian. Christian makes beautifully light electronica: organic sounding and feathery at the edges. And soft and fluffy in the middle. He made his second album whilst under the influence of the shadows of willow trees on the wooden interior of his log cabin on the Baltic (seriously, check out the press release. Even if that’s...view item »

Pink Floyd
The Final Cut

The Pink Floyd vinyl reissuing machine rolls around to two of the group’s latter day albums, thus completing the roster. The Final Cut is their 1983 twelfth album, and their last one with Roger Waters. It features lots of Waters’ Falklands-related anti-war anger, giving a bi...view item »

Max Richter
Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works

Busy old Max Richter’s latest musical project is the accompaniment to a ballet production that adapts and re-contextualises various works of Virginia Woolf. Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works is the first opportu...view item »

The Cure
Acoustic Hits

Released for record store day 2017, here we have the second cd from The Cure’s greatest hit compilation released in 2001 getting it's own vinyl release for the first time. Acoustic versions of all the tracks that featured on the main compilation. Features versions of Lullaby, Friday I’m In Love, ...view item »

Liam Gallagher
As You Were

It's really hard to figure out who is the worst.. Noel or Liam Gallagher. Musically both seem firmly stuck in the world of latte period Oasis with no hopes of getting out. But I assume this is fine amongst their fan base of feather cuts. No Damon Albarn style working with Malawi musi...view item »

Maalem Mahmoud Gania
Colours Of The Night

This remaster is from the sadly now deceased Maalem Mahmoud Gania, a pillar of the Gnawa music of Morocco and is his first solo vinyl release. Gnawa, originally from sub-saharan Africa, survives today as a subculture of Morocco, and its main plucked instrument (the guimbri) was mastered by Gania. Here, Hive Mind curate the last Gnawa recordings ...view item »

Con Todo El Mundo

Pioneers of vibe, a lot of your enjoyment of Khruangbin will hinge on your own atmospheric contingencies: have you got the ambiance the way you, specific and dear reader, like it? Good. Following up on their beloved ‘The Universe Smiles at You’ release, the group continue their hodgepodge sound, which is akin to tangled fairy lights ...view item »

Vision Songs Vol. 1

Reissue culture is a headache. Oversaturation begets discontent and within a few months your favourite and most fantastical artist starts to feel more like another commodity. It’s a fine line, but I’m glad we’re not done with the Laraaji retrospective yet: each new release is dragging up a new shade of his existence, offering u...view item »

The Strife Of Love In A Dream

Here we are with more sci-fi synth heavy beat work, though this time pitting arpeggiated synths against distant chants and odd ritualistic darkness. This collaboration between Steve Moore and Daniel O'Sullivan also has ties to metallic genres, and so finds itself quite at home on the legendary Relapse Records....view item »

Shannon & The Clams

Quickly recorded with caution out in the wind, Onion is the fifth and most savoury of Shannon & the Clams releases. They cite a quick and impulsive recording environment, as studio man Dan Auerbach just had his instruments ready to go at all times. Expect the usual and avid throwback pop majesty ...view item »

Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet

Substantial collaboration between musician and spoken word storyteller Laurie Anderson and San Francisco’s Kronos Quartet. Landfall, a multimedia project inspired by Anderson’s experience of Hurricane Sandy, blends skillful instrumentation with her powerful spoken word descriptions of the storm. On N...view item »

Marc Riley Session

Following on from the vinyl issues of all of the Wedding Present Mark Riley sessions, Dave Gedge's 'other' band get their Riley session re-issued too. They only did one so it's on a 10" this time.  Expect more laid back sounds than the Weddo's bark and strum. Features the 'classic' 'Cat Girl Tights' (ahem) ...view item »

Ernesto Chahoud presents TAITU – Soul-fuelled Stompers from 1960s – 1970s Ethiopia

Yet another Ethio-Jazz compilation here, this time courtesy of Lebanese crate-digger Ernesto Chahoud and Barely Breaking Even records. It would be easier to lament the slew of reissues of music from Ethiopia’s 60s/70s golden age if the music wasn’t so damn good. Mulatu Astatke featur...view item »


The new Tortoise LP is excellent. Got some cracking beats on and all together I felt it had quite a downbeat and dirty sound. Dead good anyway and much much better than TNT. Standards is deinitely one of my faves of the week........view item »

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