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Back in: Friday 27th November 2015


22 people love me. Be the 23rd...

9/10 according to our Brian

*This is a re-issue opf the CD only 2006 album. Read Brian's review from back those heady days when we were allowed to smoke in the office* Loscil next then. I like the sleeve. A red & white striped chimney spurting smoke that looks like it's fallen of the top of Willy Wonka's factory. Or a steam liner m…view full details.

  • Available on:
    CD, £10.49
    Double LP, £19.99

Yair Elazar Glotman

10 people love me. Be the 11th...

9/10 according to our Laurie

The double bass is an instrument that has struggled to escape from the world that created it - the ruthless traditionalist institution of Classical music. Jazz was its ray of hope, but that soon formalised into something not too far away from the Vienna schools. Yair Elazar Glotman is a child of this system who realised that you can actually do whatever you feel like doing, not just playing end…view full details.

Four Tet (Fourtet)
Morning / Evening

20 people love me. Be the 21st...

7/10 according to our Clinton

Kieron Hebden stretches himself past the average album/single/album format to create a record which comprises of two episodic tracks containing various shifts in mood. 'Morning' is most notable for a seemingly never ending sample of Bollywood star Lata Mangeshkar. It's a lovely sample but after its thousandth repeat you start to wonder whether Hebden is stretching an idea way past it's nat…view full details.

The Big Moon
Sucker / Eureka Moment

7 people love me. Be the 8th...

8/10 according to our Robin

Here is an indie rock quartet trying some things out with a whole 12” of songs. There are in fact just two songs, but they are rather good: on “Sucker”, the band giftwrap pretty melodies and then tear them apart with a heavy dosage of fuzz and a firm, overloud drumbeat. How rude of them. The Big Moon use leftfield tricks to maintain a conventional indie rock stomp, utilising p…view full details.

The Original Faces

13 people love me. Be the 14th...

9/10 according to our Robin

As time trundles slowly onward, so does my uneasy relationship with Liz Harris’ final Grouper album ‘Ruins’. Though it first felt like a different kind of drone pop discombobulation, I’ve come to see the record as a profound collection of accidental ballads, the type that sound as if Harris is mumbling personal truths from another room. As G…view full details.

Steve Hauschildt
Where All Is Fled

18 people love me. Be the 19th...

10/10 according to our Robin

Remember Pokemon Emerald? That was a good game. You play as Steve Hauschildt and your rival is called Mark McGuire; Professor Oak is also there, struggling to listen to drone. Since the dissolution of that band/video game, McGuire’s been making lofty beat music like a more reserved M83, while Hauschildt has Kranked it up a notch…view full details.


2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Bleach was the 1989 album where it all began for Nirvana. The group, later to become world-slaying, are on especially negative, raw and grungey form here. Bleach has been remastered, and is reissued to vinyl and also to cassette tape: probably an ideal format if you want to simulate the original experience.…view full details.

Public Strain

33 people love me. Be the 34th...

8/10 according to our Li'l Biz

I've been told by people that I should enjoy the new Women album so, as not to disappoint said folks, I'm gonna really go to town with this one... ENJOYMENT TOWN! Though their self-titled (and self-released) debut seemed to be loved by all who came into earshot of its sonic beauty it seemed to pass me by. Well, the same can't be said for 'Public Strain' because here I am, listening to it right …view full details.

Carter Tutti Void

8 people love me. Be the 9th...

9/10 according to our Brian

Four movements of prime exploratory proto-techno pulse and cyber-tropical headcleansing here from Factory Floor's young femme fatale and the less demented half of legendary musical game-changers Throbbing Gristle. Well, I don't know how much less demented. This is the creepier counterpart to those recent succulent Moritz Von Oswald trio…view full details.

An Awesome Wave

31 people love me. Be the 32nd...

8/10 according to our Clinton

It could be my age but I despair of the constant use of the word 'awesome'. They all use it here at Norman Towers - the young lads. Anyway let's see if there is anything awesome about this much heralded debut. I've read tonnes about this band in every publication from 'Metro' to 'Horse and Hound Monthly', and all pretty much in the last…view full details.

The Bug

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

8/10 according to our Ant

'Freakshow' is an apt title for the opening cut on this double 10" set. When I first heard this tune I wasn't so sure about it, it sounded kinda chaotic and messy but Danny Brown is pretty intense so it took a couple listens to get my head round it. The Bug is in usual savage form dropping some thunderous bass and skittering snares …view full details.

Forest Swords

35 people love me. Be the 36th...

9/10 according to our ReviewBot300

I just listened to the execrable new album from Money, or at least as much of it as the office could bear before Phil insisted I switch it off some way into track four. My despair has been eased somewhat by the fact that I have this absolute corker of a new album by Forest Swords to follow it up with, though. I’ve been sa…view full details.

Tropic of Cancer
Restless Idylls

53 people love me. Be the 54th...

10/10 according to our Brian

I don't really know whether Henry Miller was an influence insofar as their elegantly alluring moniker goes but this increasingly renowned LA-based artist Camella Lobo somehow produces incredibly erotic and sensual music from the most spartan ingredients. Shame all her lyrics are about death, loss, depression and such cheery romance-slaying issues. Call it post-romantic if you will, a st…view full details.

Viet Cong
Viet Cong

22 people love me. Be the 23rd...

10/10 according to our Robin

If both of Women’s records feel like masterful accidents -- either because the band were having too much fun to give a shit about time constraints and song structures, or because they’d been preparing the downfall of their band in advance -- then Viet Cong flips the coin, offering a complete version of indie rock’s most revolutionary band. There&r…view full details.

Death And Vanilla
To Where the Wild Things Are

37 people love me. Be the 38th...

9/10 according to our Clinton

Death and Vanilla are pretty close to being the perfect band for those who worship the ‘60’s exotic electronica that so influenced the music of Broadcast. Opener ‘Necessary Distortion’ sets out it’s stall pretty clearly -a pulsating, kraut jam which sits perfectly in that sweet spot between Silver Appl…view full details.

The Mountain Goats
Beat The Champ

8 people love me. Be the 9th...

8/10 according to our Robin

It’s been a long while since chief mountain goat John Darnielle put out ‘Transcendental Youth’, a brass-assured treatise on loneliness and staying alive in a rigged world. Since then, he’s released his first novel, ‘Wolf In White Van’, which offered another arena for him to postulate grand ideas through sad words; he returns now for his fifteenth studio album…view full details.

Sonic Jesus
Neither Virtue Nor Anger

13 people love me. Be the 14th...

7/10 according to our Robin

Who’s up for some no hope psych rock? The latest entry into the New Testament of the Fuzz Club is Sonic Jesus, who recently inflicted some repetitive-strain kraut witchery on a split with the Black Angels. On ‘Neither Virtue Nor Anger’, they get a chance to stretch their devastated sound out. Sonic Jesus are just as psych but…view full details.

Annabel (lee)
If Music presents: By the sea... and other solitary places

9 people love me. Be the 10th...

10/10 according to Adrian Bloxham (customer) on

Annabel (lee)'s 'By The Sea... And Other Solitary Places,' influenced by Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, isn’t the most upbeat and positive record you’ve ever heard, but a rare treat it certainly is. The music brings to mind a dark, smoky club deep beneath the sea, the clients damned by their own actions, slouched and lost cigarettes burning down to their fingers and whiskey spilling across stained wooden tables. There’s a stage and a band sit, dark and hard, playing with a su…view full details.

Circuit Des Yeux
In Plain Speech

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

Haley Fohr a.k.a Circuit Des Yeux returns with In Plain Speech. Her evocative baritone vocals evoke the fine works of Anthony, whilst the emotive content proves no less alluring. Features a raft of Chicagoan collaborators from Cooper Crain (Cave, Bitchin Bajas) to Whitney Johnson (Verma). Out on CD and vinyl LP from Thrill Jockey.…view full details.

The Blue Quicksand is Going Now

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

9/10 according to our Laurie

This is a review of an album called the Blue Quicksand is going now. I don’t know what that means, maybe because I only got up an hour ago and can’t think straight. It must be verbal music to your alert ears/eyes, and actual music to your ears. Out on the new, anonymous Loopy imprint. FIS is a man from New Zealand who is apparently emerging as an artist, but this so…view full details.

Julia Holter
Have You In My Wilderness

23 people love me. Be the 24th...

9/10 according to our Robin

Firstly: 10/10 for Julia Holter’s dog. What a long, strange press release it’s been for the mutt with no name, no titles and no accolades. Having put the music video to “Feel You” in quite heavy rotation since its release, I’ve come to think of Holter’s dog as integral to the themes of ‘Have You In My Wilderness’. Long story short: that…view full details.

Michael Chapman

11 people love me. Be the 12th...

9/10 according to our Clinton

When stuck I like to think of Michael Chapman as a direct cross between John Fahey and Jim Bowen. Both masters in their particular field but Chapman is more than just a wise cracking guitar man, he has made straightforward singer songwriters, he's gone to the moon and back with Thurston Moore but his best work is when he gets…view full details.

Espen Eriksen Trio
Never Ending January

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

Espen Eriksen Trio are a modern jazz group who are neither fire-spitting free jazz or dull nothing-new dinner party fare. Instead, this piano trio approach rich melodic themes with a tightly-poised minimalism. Never Ending January is their third record, released on the Norwegian label Rune Grammofon.…view full details.


3 people love me. Be the 4th...

Brooding electro-acoustics from L A N D here, shifting and shuffling along with a myriad of percussions, guitars, shakuhachis… Anoxia is a curious thing, generating a landscape that sounds chilly and hostile, yet remarkably tempting. Mixed crystal clearly by Ben Frost, the album is released by Important Records.…view full details.

Ensemble Economique
Blossoms In Red

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

8/10 according to our Robin

Hey, quick PSA: if you listen to the first track on ‘Blossoms In Red’ for too long you will actually sink into it and become part of the record sleeve. Listening to Ensemble Economique’s new record for the first time might conjure up that thing called ‘deep listening’, echoing the sublime, near non-existent sounds conjured by artists like …view full details.

Nuno Cananvarro
Plux Quba

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Plux Quba was first issued in 1988, to little attention. But over the years (following a reissue courtesy of Jim O’Rourke in 1998), people have recognised the value of Portugal’s Nuno Cananvarro and this, his masterpiece of sampletastic abstracted electronics. Reissued in a replica of the original enticing sleeve on Drag City.…view full details.

TV Set

Nobody loves me. Be the 1st...

Released exclusively for Record Store Day Black Friday, TV Set finds US indie-rockers Spoon covering The Cramps! A treat for fans of both bands. The other half of this 10” is a ‘Nighttime Version’ of Spoon’s ‘Let Me Be Mine’. Pressed to coloured vinyl, and available only in limited quantities. On Loma Vista.…view full details.

Scott Walker
The Drift

7 people love me. Be the 8th...

6/10 according to our Maggie

The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore sang Scott Walker in the 60's... and this times he REALLY means it. Tackling such cheery topics as Elvis's dead twin, the execution of Mussolini and Milosevic this is a sober and brooding affair. Its theatrical doom. Sometimes a bit Jeff Buckley sometimes pretentious.. (thespian ipod music says Ant) but theatr…view full details.

The National

6 people love me. Be the 7th...

7/10 according to Alastair (customer) on

The Boxer LP (released on beggars Banquet) from The National finds the Ohio quartet, well on the way to perfecting their now trademark dour sound, on this their fourth studio release. Although released in 2007 the LP more than hints at the sensationally, sombre, sound they would perfect by the time last years “Trouble Will Find Me’ came out. Despite the enjoyable,competent, musical, tones that flood this LP its the beautifully harrowing lyrics that make it …view full details.


12 people love me. Be the 13th...

10/10 according to Jack (customer) on

After two very eclectic albums filled with experiments in sound and vocals, Bjork bounced back with this perfect gem, `Homogenic'. The saying `third times the charm' is entirely true; this is the first Bjork album with a definitive musical style, which carries throughout. Gone are the upbeat techno beats of `Debut' and the flair of `Post'. `Homogenic' is very dark, raw, powerful and completely timeless. Touching on universal issues of life, love, revelations and hurt, Bjork delves deeper than…view full details.

Sonic Youth
Bad Moon Rising

5 people love me. Be the 6th...

8/10 according to Jack (customer) on

After the claustrophobic nightmare (I mean that as a compliment) of Confusion is Sex came Bad Moon Rising. And yes it does seem quite a bipolar album. Not as scary as Confusion but then not as entirely mellow as their recent releases. Obviously the most accessible track here is Death Valley 69 with additional vocals from Lydia Lunch. It's good but what makes this album really good is it's sense of flow - there's no sense of upstaging the other one or the other track. Sure it has it's highligh…view full details.

The National
High Violet

30 people love me. Be the 31st...

8/10 according to our Brian

Who the National are is anybody's guess, they've swooped over my radar and nestled in the international "mature" indie higher echelons with ease. They look like a bunch of old acid head dudes largely, if the unflinchingly stark portraits of them inside the sleeve are owt to go by. Musically, they play heavy-hearted anthemic American rock with some cracking understated wistful melodies & bri…view full details.

The North Borders

5 people love me. Be the 6th...

8/10 according to our Clinton

Bonobo is the master of sunny, warm, chilled out, slightly jazzy instrumental electronica so it comes as a surprise to find some slightly bland vocals adorning the opening track. It’s very nice in a kind of sad Postal Service way but also has the electronics ‘n’ mope feel of some of the underwhelm…view full details.


2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

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Repress 12" on Numbers in SOPHIE logo screen printed black inner, housed in clear PVC sleeve

Sufjan Stevens
Carrie & Lowell

32 people love me. Be the 33rd...

9/10 according to our Robin

Sufjan Stevens has always been a solo artist, but he has never made a solo album. With American states as his muse and orchestras of the Danielson Famile as his sidekicks, he has never had a musical private life. In a recent interview with Pitchfork, he addressed the juxtaposition: “some people have observed [that] about my work and my manic con…view full details.


30 people love me. Be the 31st...

10/10 according to our Robin

‘Vulnicura’ is so unconditionally painful. It is above and beyond the call of duty of any sad singer-songwriter album. It is a full consumption of heartbreak; an analysis of how to struggle with it, a treatise in feeling it, and an exhibition of the physical sound it makes. That’s a lot for one record to cover, but here it all is: with her direct gaze fixed, Björ…view full details.

Shedding Skin

10 people love me. Be the 11th...

9/10 according to our Clinton

Ghostpoet certainly starts like an express train on his third album. Opener ‘Off Peak Dreams’ is a skittering, soulful effort driven by pounding drums, sparse piano notes and a funk ladled synth. It’s like he’s woken up and realised that he’s spent two albums making underground hip hop with esoteric appeal but has now decided to really go for it. Thing is - nothing…view full details.

Ryley Walker
Primrose Green

27 people love me. Be the 28th...

10/10 according to our Clinton

An absolutely breathtaking album from start to finish. Many singer-songwriters are currently mining that 1970’s folk/jazz influenced type territory for inspiration but no-one has nailed this sound better than Ryley Walker. The album is the perfect concoction of Tim Buckley, Nick Drake and …view full details.

Sun Coming Down

15 people love me. Be the 16th...

9/10 according to our Robin

There are some lyricists so good that come review time I just want to splurge their words, plus additional exclamation marks, onto the page. Ought’s Tim Darcy is one of them -- an orator much as a singer, tunneling out of a spoken word night and breaking into a punk gig. To that end, reiterating his words sucks -- to quote him takes the performance out his poetry. “Doesn’t it …view full details.

Oneohtrix Point Never
Garden of Delete

8 people love me. Be the 9th...

9/10 according to our Laurie

Welcome to Daniel Lopatin’s garden. To your left, you will see discarded cigarettes, and to your right, audio detritus. If you would be so kind as to look up, you’ll find some selfies that Mr. Lopatin wanted to put into a press release. Warp were not game. This garden is actually a digital garden, the Recycle Bin that resides on OPN’s laptop, into which pours various ridiculou…view full details.


1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Sophie, aka London-based electro producer Samuel Long has released a compilation called Product. The first four tracks of which have previously appeared as two separate 12” singles. The album contains four more tracks however and MSMSMSM is one of them. It is backed Vyzee which also appears on Product. …view full details.


1 person loves me. Be the 2nd...

Taken from the end of SOPHIE’s recent singles collection PRODUCT, Just Like We Never Said Goodbye is a full-on electronic pop tune, with chirrupy vocals and lurching synth-lines. The whole business feels slightly off-kilter though, as if something about this isn’t quite right… That’s a good thing by the way! 12” on Numbers with the SOPHIE logo screen-printed on the inner.…view full details.

Colin Stetson And Sarah Neufeld
Never Were The Way She Was

21 people love me. Be the 22nd...

10/10 according to our Robin

“No overdubs” is the phrase to watch with Colin Stetson, an artist who intones on saxophone to create sounds vocal and percussive, melodic and destructive. The reason we claim to be so impressed with his tectonic shifts is because they’ve all been conjured in one take, the result something like a one-man apocalypse on ‘Judges’ and a solitary glance at American natu…view full details.

Kamasi Washington
The Epic

16 people love me. Be the 17th...

9/10 according to George (customer) on

Following in the traditions established by the likes of Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler and John Coltrane, 34-year-old Jazz tenor saxophonist, composer and band leader Kamasi Washington releases his debut LP, entitled 'The Epic'. Clocking in at nearly three hours in length, the title of this triple CD is as apt as it is ambitious. Born in Los Angeles to musical parents, Washington was ra…view full details.

Back in: Thursday 26th November 2015

Oneohtrix Point Never

21 people love me. Be the 22nd...

9/10 according to our Brian

I really really love OPN but I tried and tried with his last album 'Returnal' and found hardly anything on there that affected me in the same way his astonishing career overview 'Rifts' did. I realise I'm probably in a minority with that one, but who cares as after the comforting, languid new-age introduction to 'Replica' (probably …view full details.

Timber Timbre
Hot Dreams

25 people love me. Be the 26th...

9/10 according to our Mike

Canuck Kirk “Timber Timbre” Taylor (“Soldier Spy”) returns with a new album this week, and no sooner do I start writing about it than Kim comes over saying it’s like Nat King Cole and Roy Orbison and Leonard Cohen. “It’s like a big hotchpotch of things that are really good all channeling into something that sounds alr…view full details.

Viet Cong

9 people love me. Be the 10th...

9/10 according to our Robin

We owe Chad VanGaalen our lives, our legs and a lot of money. The Calgary producer and gruesome fairytale songwriter is responsible for mastering Women’s snowstorm masterpiece ‘Public Strain’, and now his backing band -- which includes, by the by, half of Women -- have decided to unite…view full details.

Jacco Gardner

13 people love me. Be the 14th...

8/10 according to our Robin

Jacco Gardner measures psych with a ruler. Unlike a lot of artists crafting tunes after their ‘60s heart and never worrying about the ramifications -- or acts like Foxygen, who make woefully sloppy concept albums twenty songs strong -- Gardner is a precise master of the silly pop music. With an abiding affection for immaculate instrumentation, he’s made…view full details.

Why Choose

8 people love me. Be the 9th...

8/10 according to our Robin

Before he starts please note that one lucky blighter will win a *limited edition screen print*. Just buy the record to be put in the hat. If you've already bought the record then you are in the hat..... A new Shopping album: wherein I put my feet up on the table, showing complete disregard for our office’s distinct lack of clean, and bop my head like …view full details.

Answer Code Request / Marcelus / Steffi
Blue Hour Remixed 1

3 people love me. Be the 4th...

Bristol / Berlin producer Blue Hour has been making a big name for himself with a series of heavy productions on his own self-titled imprint. Now he collects three remixes of his material together, from heavyweights like Tresor’s Marcelus and Ostgut Ton’s Steffi and Answer Code Request. Weighty techno set in a printed disco sleeve.…view full details.

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