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Featured artist: Yo La Tengo

They love us and we love them.

Veterans of indie rock who’ve seen it go through thirty years of change, Yo La Tengo have changed pretty much nothing about themselves, continuing to make long, yawning records of lovely twee pop, amped-up shoegaze and good old college rock. At this point, they kind of feel like parents, guarding us from the world’s woes with the same old melodic home cooking. Once students of it, they’re now professors of the rock canon, and seem able to turn any half-baked lyric or emerging musical idea into a fully realised, humbly delivered song.

Their recent work, There's A Riot Goin On, is like a game of Yo La Tengo top trumps: every quality in their storied history plays out over a dozen plus songs, the band taking their time, as if both working from refinement and intuition. This has always been how their best records sound: like an indie playlist on shuffle, I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One offered a band raucous and tender, curious and hibernating. They've made some great mood pieces, too, with And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out serving as one of the best nighttime records out there; a yawning, folksy and jazz-brushed record, it proved Yo La Tengo architects of indie rock. Beyond that, there's an endless list of records for you to dip into, and they'll all have you holding your breath.

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