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Featured artist: Radiohead

You ever heard of this band called Radiohead? They’re pretty good; I think you might like them.

They made good, hooking post-Britpop before they forever maybe changed the world with the futurist schematics of OK Computer. Wounded deeply by the brilliance of ‘90s electronic music, frontman Thom Yorke single-handedly retooled the band for IDM and ambient with Kid A and Amnesiac, and they’ve spent the subsequent years playing a game of table tennis with genre and texture, not knowing whether to be a really great rock band or a truly weird one. Judging by A Moon Shaped Pool, they've got plenty of songs left in hiding, waiting for us to weep over.

Radiohead's influence leaks out in pretty much everything, now, and if comparing Muse to them wasn't enough of a stickler back in the day, it's worth noting that people will now make full-on orchestral reworks of their records. The iterations of Radiohead that exist make for a long-lasting legacy -- they may vehemently reject the teen-boy grunge of "Creep", but it remains immensely popular, and it's just as likely someone will have started a landfill indie band after listening to The Bends as it is that some techno nerd booted up Ableton to one-up "Idioteque". 

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