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Featured artist: Oasis

Right, so, Oasis. They...uh...they were brothers. Plus a couple of other guys. Sweary (definitely) and sweaty (maybe), they formulated a cunning plan: they would be mean to each other, and occasionally Blur, for as long a time as it took for Twitter to exist.

Noel and Liam, known collectively as "The Gallaghers", have probably had more words spilled about them than any other British rock act, effectively serving through the '90s as the UK's greatest soap opera -- do you need me to say anything else? D'you know what I mean?

Say what you will about the world's most annoyingly iconic band, but they had hits for days. They had "Live Forever", the best Beatles song never written; they had "Champagne Supernova", a slice of nonsensical prog surrealism that suggested they were more than chord-churners. They had the entirety of Definitely Maybe, a sweet but often sardonic ride through every rock trope a bunch of young, noisy boys could think up. Listening back, it sounds gnarlier, sludgier, than I ever remembered; could it be that Oasis actually did bring a little grit to the charts?

They soon threw away their goodwill with the cocaine holiday that is Be Here Now, plus several below-par records that belong to the history pages of landfill Britpop, but, hey, Oasis: legends, right? As you were LGx.

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