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Featured artist: LCD Soundsystem

You know, now that I think about it, I don't know that LCD Soundsystem have ever told us what the 'L' and 'C' and 'D' in their name stand for. There is exactly one (1) obvious choice, but ever since they reunited after exactly four (4) years of being broken up, as far as I'm concerned, all bets are off.

Whatever it stands for (my best bet is Lovely Cool Dudes), you probably first heard DFA founder James Murphy's self-aware yelps on 'Losing My Edge', a song in which Murphy best captured the anxiety that has driven the vast majority of his work, getting old. Along the way he references LCD Soundsystem influences like Public Image Limited, Joy Division, Daft Punk, and The Sonics, The Sonics, The Sonics, The Sonics. 

If those names haven't made it clear, LCD Soundsystem are dance-punks, and the best, or at least most successful, band the genre has ever seen. Part of this is no doubt down to the breadth they manage to eke out of the genre, from Sound of Silver's 'All My Friends', an eight minute monster built from a simple piano rhythm and a lifetime of regret, to This Is Happening's 'Dance Yrself Clean', a nine minute behemoth, built from a simple synth melody and a lifetime of... uh, you get the picture. 

Though it felt a bit odd that they got the band together after such a short amount of time, it's impossible to deny that American Dream met the band's high standards. So I'm not worried about their future, especially as the older Murphy gets, the more regrets he can sing about.

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