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Featured artist: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Will they ever stop releasing records?

The infuriatingly prolific King Gizzard, and their Lizard Wizard, seem to be in a perpetual state of jamming and recording, offering up a new psyche rock album for every season. Infatuated with tightly wound guitar riffs, metal-tinged prog rock, bubblegum hum-alongs and renaissance fair folk music, this Australian unit will probably never run out of new ideas -- that, or they’ll never stop retooling old ones. If you like fast riffs and really good grooves, with the occasional bit of howling on top, dive in.

Unlike most psyche rock bands of our generation, you could never accuse King Gizzard of staying in their lane. An endless holding-down of the wah pedal is not for them; instead, they make the most of their tight release schedule, quickly trying out new genre exercises as if it were the King Gizzard mission statement. The fact that everyone's probably got a different favourite record in their canon speaks to their ability to appeal to the masses, to make ones for the sludgelords and the folksy daydreamers as if uniting them under one banner. As long as their minds are working in a million directions at once, long may the King Gizzard's Lizard Wizards reign.

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