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Featured artist: John Carpenter

Ol' horrorhands is the reason your nightmares got funnier. John Carpenter has one of cinema's enduring legacies, fondly celebrated for his campy b-movie expertise. Making a whole bunch of horror films and a few great action bangers, he's served up some of the business' best absurdity and silliness. He made those Halloween movies and ruled everyone's life with Escape From New York (and its tryhard younger brother Escape from LA). Binding his movies together are the vintage soundtracks, made on early synths -- there's a reason they took off, and a reason they've being revived, all of your favourite hauntology records and Stranger Things episodes citing a heavy Carpenter influence.

Since being recognised for the iconic and melodic spook tunes of Escape From New York and its ilk, Carpenter has been a sought after artist, invited in to the fold of goths at Sacred Bones for two records of stand-alone compositions. The first Lost Themes compilation gave him the chance to create new, self-serving material that kept the aesthetic of his films without belonging to it. His continued commitment to his dusty antique electronics gives him a singular sound few can replicate: the goofiness he wrings from disaster and danger is his and his alone.

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