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Featured artist: Interpol

Back in the early 2000s it wasn't exactly cool to sound like the heavy raincoated brigade of early 80's gothy post rock. With their debut Turn on the Bright Lights Interpol managed to make this once neglected sound cool again by taking the atmospheric sounds from the past and injecting some much needed New York hipness. It's not surprising then to learn that both singer Paul Banks and guitarist Daniel Kessler are English Americans both born in the UK and raised in America. The band has a definitive Englishness about it's sound despite being formed in New York. 

Turn On The Bright Lights is a classic of its or any other era. The band married superb dynamics, guitars that harked back to much loved players like John Mcgeoch and Robin Guthrie with a splendid set of songs on an album where you can definitively say there's no filler. It seemed to chime with the post 9/11 times and began a wave of soundalike bands each in thrall to the 80s murk of Echo & the Bunnymen and the Chameleons but none getting close to Interpol's blueprint. Though they struggled to retain this level of quality, subsequent albums Antics and Our Love to Admire were both excellent records and it wasn't until their forth self titled album where cracks started to appear particularly with the departure of charismatic bassist Carlos Dengler. The band wisely then took some time off only re-appearing with El Pintor in 2014  - the first album they recorded as a three piece. 

The band continue to be a heavy draw on the live scene particularly with shows celebrating Turn on the Bright Lights. A new album 'Marauder' is due August 2018.      

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