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Featured artist: Helena Hauff

A sound scientist and gloomy music DJ, Helena Hauff is one of Germany's finest working electronic musicians, an artist who helped bring about the ominous renaissance of noisy techno. In 2015, and after a good time spent DJing dirge at Hamburg clubs, she released her first record of original material, gracing Ninja Tune's shores with Discreet Desires. That record catalysed the Hauff sound: stark and industrial-strength, her production is like no other, favouring tunes housed in gritty rooms with peeling paint.

Hauff continues to infuse her dance tunes with the darker recesses, utilising EBM, acid house and dark ambient on her way. Her 4-track EP Have You Been There, Have You Seen It showcased her ability to improvise on 808s and somehow come out the other end with squelchy dance magic, while her new LP Qualm furthers her unique aesthetic and perhaps perfects it. These new tunes offer raw and delinquent rave gear, but behind the sound is an incredibly versatile style that can be as trippy as it is brutally realist, that can contain string swells and drone segues, that can, at points, dehumidify the room so that all the damp goes away. And do check out one of her mixes; she's a phenomenal DJ and you should hear her as one.

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