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Featured artist: Death And Vanilla

An absolute cult band around these parts, Death and Vanilla are weirdos with an arsenal of vintage instruments. An amazing combination, I think you'll agree, and it makes them automatic pop stars.

Listening back to a record like To Where the Wild Things Are, you can hear the band absorbing each and every one of their favourite genres into a shiny new playground. The krautrock jamming of Broadcast is implemented alongside the psych folk of The Beach Boys; another band, the beloved Beach House, are worth a comparison, considering how effortlessly Death and Vanilla can throw off these soft, seamless songs.

On Death and Vanilla records, melodies are like time travel vessels. They're master of them all, switching between '60s inflections and modern day indie pop with not a care in the world. They can make hauntology happen on their synths, surf pop appear out of thin air and aren't afraid to sink into an ambient segue. We've compared them to everything and anything, as long as it has a bit of sunshine in its heart. It'd be fair to say they're one of recent pop music's finest chameleon acts, never staying in one place while retaining a singular vision around multi-layered and multi-coloured melody.

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