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Stafraenn Hakon

Stafrœnn Hakon is the band of Ólafur Josephsson. New album Hausi sprung forth out of some improvised harp melodies played by L&...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon
Eternal Horse

Stafraenn Hakon are an Icelandic band, trading in one of their country’s prime exports: ambient-tinged post-rock. Eternal Horse is their ninth album, and took them four years: needless to say, they know precisely what they are about by now, and the record is produced just right. Out on the Darla label....view item »

Stafraenn Hakon

I'm not sure if I've heard Stafraenn Hakon before. Stafraenn Hakon isn't a man's name but he is a man and I'm going to describe what he sounds like for other people to read and hopefully feel empowered by. It's kind of a weird mix of post-rock epicness applied to a lo-fi bedroom singer-songwriter and topped off with a Sigur Ros-y 'ambient indie'...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon

The latest from the Norman Records where-are-they-now files is this brand new offering from Icelandic post-rock survivor Stafraenn Hakon (real name Olafur Josephsson), a man I remember fondly for his downbeat twinkly slow-burners, tasteful slid...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon
Ventill/ Poki

Stafraenn Hakon I struggle with. Not the music but the name. It's so hard to spell for us English types. My keyboard doesn't even do that funny ae thing. Anyhoo their new album (their third I believe) sounds rather like Sigur Ros to me. Floaty drifty instrumental soundscapes of floaty driftyness. It makes me feel sleepy which can ...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon/ Emery Reel

And sister label Awkward Silence (who possess a small yappy type dog with big friendly lick) has a brand new split 7" between Stafraenn Hakon & Emery Reel. T'Reel you may remember had a super CD on First Flight that we raved about last year & guess what? It shat out at the rate you wouldn't believe. And the tra...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon
Glussi Christmas

Arrived far too late for Christmas is Stafraenn Hakon doing a take on 'Do they know its Christmas'? The problem is now that its after Christmas you'll never want to hear this song for a long while. But I'll review it on its merits anyway. Its a slow take on what is, lets face it, a great song but you really have to wonder what the point ...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon
Apron EP

There are three ltd tour CDr's available this week from Ólafur Josephsson's nome de plume. Currently piping out of the speakers is the Apron EP and it's a pleasant and fairly uplifting listen. The chasp effortlessly fuses emotional electronics and acoustic guitar along with drums from Lárus Sigurðsson with whom he collaborates wit...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon
Eignast Jeppa

I'm sorry. It's not ignorance right, perhaps it could be stupidity or maybe I just haven't been taught correctly..... maybe there's a part of my brain missing? There's many potential reasons but I just can't spell Stafraenn Hakon right. I do too many of this letter, miss them out, not enough of another letter.... . So he...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon
Skvettir Edik A ref

I think my other favourite thing of the week is the Stafraenn Hakon CD on Resonant which is just 100% beauty on a stick. Think of yr favourite things and times 'em by 10 (if that's possible) and you'll get an idea of how lovely this is. Electronics and acoustics with an Icelandic flavour. Drifty, pretty, sl...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon

Stafraenn Hakon A.K.A Olafur Josephsson has his fourth long player out on Resonant. 'Gummi' is more of that trademark Icelandic warmth that melts the snow. Acoustic elements fuse with gentle vocals and atmospheric electronics to create a cinematic album that will appeal to fans of Sigur Ros. CD only. (this is a total twinklefest!!- P x) ...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon
I Astandi Rjupunnar

Stafraenn Hakon release an album last year which everyone loved. He's got a new one out right now. Its nice floaty pretty ambient stuff all the way from Iceland. You know the kind of thing Sigur Ros, Mogwai,  Ulrich Schnauss, shoegazing. Very easy on the ear. On Resonant....view item »

Stafraenn Hakon, Future Pilot, Various

Two damn fine CD compilations/mixes warrant a serious mention this week. 'Gdansk' is a various artists comp Ft. the likes of Two Lone Swordsmen, Stafrann Hakon, Alan Vega & Cannon amongst others & is pretty interesting & varied....view item »