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Shobaleader One

Virtuoso Tom Jenkinson heads up his Shobaleader One full band project, which includes players Strobe Nazard, Arg Nution and Company Laser. For their second full length Elektrac they have taken on a load of Squarepusher’s tracks an...view item »

Squarepusher x Z-Machines
Music for Robots

If you’ve seen the video for this on Youtube then you’ll know all about it but for those of you that don’t here’s a quick summary, Kenjiro Matsuo and a team of Japanese Roboticists invent a band consisting entirely of robots to play organic musical instruments ie. guitar, drums and keyboards, Z - Machines was born and the...view item »

Damogen Furies

Expect the unexpectedly expected from this new work from nightmare-inducing sound weirdo Squarepusher. On Warp on 21st April, Damogen Furies is the usual fare from this pioneering UK artist who blends analogue and digital to create monster-summoning tracks from the depths of his frankly terrifying psyche. On vinyl double LP or C...view item »

Shobaleader One : d' Demonstrator

I've a massive problem with this new Squarepusher album. If it was by the latest fashionista haircut clan i'd feel like throwing fresh dogturds at them (perhaps a little petulant, irrational & brutal...I know). Yet Jenkinson & his mates seem to have wormed their way into my soul & are sitting in there on oriental rugs, smoking dubiou...view item »


Tom Jenkinson a.k.a Squarepusher is back on the pure electronics tip. Now, I'll be the first to say that his output can be a bit patchy so - to some - this return to purest electronics will be welcomed with open arms. Personally...view item »

Just A Souvenir

I'll get this out of the way before we even start: I seem to be the only one in here who can tolerate the new Squarepusher record. Everyone else just keeps laughing in ways either embarrassed or bemused, although Brian does concede that parts of it are 'tremendous fun'. I'd have to agree with him there, at times it's like travelling from space on...view item »


This album is my favourite Squarepusher album along with Go Plastic. Ultra has that earthy and mesmerising vibe that I quite honestly have never heard before from this artist to this degree. Everything comes together here. No idea on how Tom feels about the record these days but I would be hard pressed to say he thought it was anything but stell...view item »

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