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Please Don't Take Him Back

This single from Norwich five piece is a quirky mash up of goodness. When I say mash up I don't mean in the Jive Bunny way. I guess I mean that there is a lot of different strokes to their metaphorical musical paint brushes. It has moments of twee indie suss, then glitchy yet bittersweet electronics. All this and more can be found within the hal...view item »

When Will I Be Queen?

No chance love, particularly when Prince Charles employs an aide to squeeze his toothpaste. And anyway when the old dear shuffles off her mortal throne the obvious choice will be surely be Cheryl Cole. Bearsuit can but dream and they do so in a chirpy enough way. I thought I'd hate this but I don't. Ok, ok if I was in a ...view item »

Oh: i0

Bearsuit are a tremendous band. The more I hear them the more bonkers and crazed I think they are. They make some the wonkiest lunacy I've ever heard. Here's their new album 'Oh io' which is chocka full of crazed indie pop tunes that swirl and slide all around the place. There's something disturbing about this band. At times it can be sickly and sw...view item »

Cat Spectacular

Now what I wasn't expecting was Bearsuit to have stumbled into those very same ideas on the way to the planet speedthrashdeathwhimsy. And guess what? They stuffed 'em all in their cute furry backpacks, giggled & skipped all the way back home to Cutesville (tm) & chucked them into the enormous vat of madin...view item »

Foxy Boxer

Those cheeky Bearsuit scamps have a 7" out on Fantastic plastic amusingly titled 'Foxy Boxer'. You immediately get the idea that these folks have a real lust for life, such is the fun-ness emanating from the groove. The guy sounds a bit more somber than the girl who I imagine never sleeps. The bassline wobbles throughout like a big fat wobbly ...view item »

Team Ping Pong

The days of Sarah Records et al are long gone. Indie is such a commodity now. Thing is, it seems that now everyone is content embracing  this kind of post punk new wave mod garage that's being rehashed every week, only to reveal some spindly bunch of mullet sporting chancers badly ripping off The Only Chameleons & Psychedelic J...view item »

More Soul Than Wigan Casino

Bearsuit: 'More Soul Than Wigan Casino' (Fantastic Plastic) What the graying dancers would make of this title or the musical efforts I don't know... what you get is shouty Go Team-esque anthemic pop. Picture disc 7". (A punchier Research crossed with The Curtains - Mr Productino)...view item »

Stephen F***ing Spielberg

I quite like Bearsuit. I don't own anything by 'em but they embrace the whole spirit of indie so much it's untrue. Actually it's very true come to think of it. Their new single is called Steven F***ing Spielberg....have they not seen The Goonies?? This is total indie with a disturbed edge and a whole shedload of flutes. It comes with a f...view item »